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  • Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Make a Difference

    Anti Fatigue Floor MatsUsing anti fatigue floor mats in your establishment will make a huge difference for you and your employees. Standing in one spot for any length of time is very hard for anyone but when your job requires you to stay in the same spot for hours, it can result in a wide array of health issues. It won’t take long before the employee begins experiencing fatigue and their feet and legs will start to ache and swell due to the restricted blood flow. Standing can also cause lower back pain.

    Over time, employees can begin suffering from a wide variety of health issues such as knee problems, plantar fasciitis, stiffness in the shoulder and neck, bunions and varicose veins. However, using commercial mats designed to help reduce the impact of standing all day in the same spot can help to reduce many of these problems.

    Here’s How They Work

    Anti fatigue floor mats help to cushion the areas around employee workstations and this particular type of mat also encourages subtle movement. The subtle movement helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the lower half of the body, which prevents the blood from pooling in the lower regions.

    This subtle movement also relieves some of the stress on the body created by standing still for long periods. As a result, workers don’t ache and hurt as much and it reduces the risk of employees developing some of the health problems mentioned above.


    There are many benefits associated with anti fatigue floor matting. The main benefit is that they help to reduce the stress on the feet, legs and body of employees whose job requires them to stand for long periods. As a result, it reduces the number of injuries workers suffers from that can result in lose time from work.

    They can also help to reduce your company’s absentees and it helps to keep employees happier because they are more comfortable. Usually, when workers are happy, they are more productive and that will certainly benefit your company.

    Quality Matters

    Anti fatigue floor mats come in a variety of styles and quality. It’s important to choose good Anti Fatigue Floor Matsquality mats for several reasons. They will last longer, so you get your money’s worth when you invest in good quality mats but more importantly, they work better. Good quality commercial floor mats will provide more protection for your employees, which means they are more likely to help reduce the health problems associated with standing for long periods.

    Keeping your insurance rates from rising is another benefit that your company can enjoy. These floor mats help to reduce back injuries, foot problems, accidents and a variety of other health issues. By reducing some of these problems, your insurance company won’t have to pay out as much and this helps to keep your rates down.

    We have a variety of anti fatigue floor mats for you to choose from and we will be happy to help you find the right style for your business. Give us a call today!

  • Benefits of Custom Logo Floor Mats

    Custom Floor MatsCustom logo floor mats offer businesses many benefits. First, they look great and they welcome your guests into your establishment before they even see the staff. They help to create a friendly and welcoming environment that people will remember and this helps your business make a great first impression, which is always beneficial.

    Secondly, the main function of floor mats is to keep your floors cleaner by collecting the dirt and debris from the shoes of everyone that enters, which helps to keep it off your floors. This makes it easier to keep your business cleaner, which is much more inviting to your guests than a dirty floor but these are just two of the benefits they have to offer. Here are some more great benefits that custom logo floor mats have to offer your business.

    They Help Keep Your Customers Safer

    Custom logo floor mats will help to keep your customers safer by reducing the amount of water tracked in when it’s raining. The mats will soak up some of the water and keep it off your floors, which can become very slippery when wet. Customer safety is the number one concern of any business, so anything that you can do to make your establishment safer will automatically benefit your company.

    You Choose the Design

    One of the first things that you’ll notice when you invest in floor mats for your business is that there are many styles to choose from. This makes it easy to pick something that is well suited for your business but when you invest in custom logo floor mats, you get to choose what goes on your mats in addition to the style you like best. You can choose a color that represents your business and have your company name and logo printed on the mats so that it’s the first thing everyone sees when they enter your establishment.

    Brand Reinforcement

    Did you know that logo mats are a great way to reinforce your brand name? Since they are one of the first things that customers see when they enter your business, your brand name and logo gets their attention right from the start. It’s also the last thing they’ll see when they leave your building, so it leaves a lasting impression that your customers will Logo Floor Matremember everytime they think about the products or services you offer. This is how using custom logo floor mats reinforce your brand name and logo.

    It’s Free Advertisement

    Custom logo floor mats is a great way to advertise your business because they are eye-catching and make a lasting impression. However, one thing that many business owners don’t think about is that they are also free advertisement. Once the initial cost of the mats is paid, you continue to receive free advertisement for as long as you use the mats.


    When you order high quality logo mats, you can rest assured that they will last for a very long time, which makes them a great investment. When you think about the longevity of floor mats, you can see how they are a very cost effective way to promote your business while serving a practical purpose. They will continue to keep your floors clean and safer while reinforcing your brand name and logo for many years.

    When you order custom logo floor mats from Floor Mat Systems, we guarantee that you’ll receive excellent quality mats that hold up to the wear and tear they must endure on a daily basis. We have a reputation of always providing excellent service and we only use the best commercial-grade materials in our products. Give us a call today to discuss details.

  • Non Slip Floor Mats Create a Safe Environment

    Non slip floor matsNon slip floor mats are more than just another item to check off your business' OSHA safety requirements, they genuinely help create a hazard-free and welcoming environment for your employees and customers. Slippery areas account for 19-percent of all workplace injuries, including same level falls and slips or trips without falling. So it just makes sense to bolster safety precautions with non slip floor mats where shoes may not gain as much traction as they need to firmly grip flooring.

    Here is a rundown of some areas and situations where your business will want to consider adding non slip floor mats to ensure customers and employees alike are moving around your business safely:

    A Safe Entry is a Welcoming Entry

    Ever come in out of the pouring rain only to step onto tile or some other slippery surface? You may have had to quickly right yourself after sliding a bit – or worse sustained a fall – but it was enough to encourage you to enter businesses with care during foul weather. So when you walk into an establishment that has ensured you can come in safely, there is a bit a relief and appreciation. You feel welcomed by their caring enough to make sure you don't fall while in their care.

    That sense of safety isn't just for customers coming in the front, but also extends to employees arriving through back or service entrances. Non-slip floor mats at necessary entry points will ensure employees can come into work without falling before they can even clock in.

    Businesses can also place heavy-duty rubber or vinyl outdoor mats on any outside slick surfaces or ones that may become so in rain or snow.

    Keeping Play Fun with Non Slip Pool Mats

    There's nothing worse than the cries of an injured child when they've slipped and fallen after getting out of the swimming pool. It's not so much fun when it happens to an adult either. A lot of these injuries can be prevented by specially made non slip pool mats.

    The extruded vinyl and looped construction of quality outdoor pool mats ensure that fun time remains happy. And let's face it, very few people are going to return to a community pool, hotel or spa where they have to be cautious or worry about injury. However, if those same places provide a safe, care-free environment for them to experience, they will likely become returning customers.

    Pool and gym showers are other locations where non slip floor mats come in handy. In these areas you'll want a non slip mat that elevates customers away from dangerously slick surfaces by allowing water to drain away from their feet. At the same time, you will also want a vinyl design that will also be comfortably cushy on bare feet.

    Working in Water, Oil and Grease with Confidence

    Wet kitchen workstations, such as dishwashers or kitchen sinks, are obvious places for non slip flooring. But just upping the safety in these areas won't necessarily be enough to make kitchens a safe working environment. Grill and fryer area floors are notoriously oily, which can cause accidents. Especially for workers who have been in wet areas or are coming in from outside and may still have moisture on the soles of their shoes. Non-slip kitchen floor mats will reduce accidents and company liability.

    Kitchens aren't the only work locations that have slippery floors. Bars and factories can also get dangerously slick. Especially for machines that operate with grease or need to be hosed out with water or coolant. Slip-resistant, durable and anti-fatigue floor mats help create a safe work environment in these types of situations.

    Do you have potentially dangerous slick area in your business? No matter what type no slip floor mats you need for your business, we can help. Call us and allow us to help you determine the perfect mats to fit you and your specific needs.

  • Kitchen Floor Mats For Commercial Use

    Kitchen Floor MatsProper flooring ensures that wear and tear on your underlying materials will remain in good condition with minimal damage. Hard wood floors and delicate tile will be protected in high traffic with our kitchen floor mats. If you are in need of kitchen floor mats today, allow us to help serve you.

    Good commercial mats & flooring can be expensive and is truly an investment in your business. Traffic that comes and goes from outdoors to the inside can carry dirt and debris that can do more than just make your floors dirty. Such traffic can damage floors by tracking in small rocks and dirt particles that can cause wear and tear on your floor. A commercial kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic and there can be a lot of spills and messes, particular during busy times, so it’s good to have the security of floor mats that are durable and safe.

    Kitchens See Heavy Traffic

    Commercial kitchens will experience a great deal of wear and tear. With a kitchen floor, traffic can be especially heavy and destructive. It can really add up in expenses if you have to redo the commercial kitchen flooring. It will also cost you if employees slip or fall due to unsafe kitchen floor conditions. Kitchen floor mats that are strategically placed at entryways and along traffic routes can save your expensive and handsome floors, prevent slippage and more.

    You can choose from a variety of kitchen floor mats to find the perfect type to meet your needs.

    We offer our Deluxe Rib indoor/outdoor entryway mats that are designed to hold up under extreme traffic. This mat is both durable and stylish and features a polypropylene surface with a heavy vinyl backing that makes this mat perfect for hard surface floors.

    Different Types of Entrance Mats

    Our Waterhog indoor/outdoor entrance mats are a great choice for either hard or carpeted floors. This style of floor mat offers protection from both extreme weather and heavy traffic.

    Are you looking for a style of floor mat that is perhaps a bit more elegant or upscale? In that case, our Duramat indoor floor mat is just what you need. Featuring a clean, fresh appearance in a mat that is durable as well as beautiful, the Duramat performs great to trap moisture and dirt while keeping your hard surface or carpeted floors clean.

    Perhaps you need a floor mat that will help eliminate dirt and debris before traffic gets into your kitchen. That's where our Scrapemat outdoor floor mat comes in. The Scrapemat is a durable and
    tough mat made of 100% Nitrile rubber. This top performer has a safety cleat skid-resistant surface for better safety.

    No matter what type of kitchen floor mats you need for your commercial kitchen space, we can help. Call us and allow us to help you determine the perfect mats for you and your needs.

  • Logo Floor Mats for Business and Branding

    logo floor matsLogo floor mats are perfect for commercial use because they serve both form and function. There is the practicality of using it for people to wipe their feet, prevent slips and falls and protect the flooring. But branded logo floor mats also allow you to represent your company right from the start.

    Floor mats can say more about your business than you might think. In today’s business world, it’s the little things that go a long way and branded logo mats are little things that can have a big impact.

    Floor mats can be the image you project to clients and anyone who walks through your doors. From business logos, designs and other details what you choose to use for a floor mat can say a lot about you and your business. But how do you know what to say on your mats, or how to brand your business?

    Choosing Your Mats

    From large and industrial floor mats, to small and simple, the options are endless when it comes to your business and personal needs. Logo mats use the same industrial strength material as a regular mat you can find at any shopping center, but with the difference being you have the final say in what your mat tells the world.

    Your business can also use floor mats to its advantage. The first thing people see when they approach your office door is a floor mat. This projects an image of trust with current and potential clients when you add a logo or message to your customized floor mat. A floor mat also provides safety in all weather conditions and provides a place for your customers to wipe their feet before entering helping to keep the entryway of your business clean. This tells customers that you take their safety and the cleanliness of your business seriously.

    Use Customized Floor Mats

    Another way customized floor mats can be of an advantage to your business is to provide a visual cue that brands your business with potential customers. This can be a productive way of making you stand out among the competition.

    Businesses just starting out can also use customized floor mats to show potential customers why they stand out among the competition. Your brand or logo can show them why your business can be trusted for their needs. Potential clients will take notice of a design or logo that jumps out at them over a typical welcome mat or a plain mat without anything to tell them who you are and what you can offer them.

    Logo mats are also a great way to individualize a marketing campaign or draw attention to your business while trying to promote to the public. Whether it is with a trade show, demonstration on the street or in front of your business, custom floor mats are a low-cost way of branding yourself. A visual design helps prospective dealers and customers identify what your business offers and allows them to decide if they want to work with you.

    How might you use floor mats for your business?

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