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  • Extend the Life of Your Office Chair Mats with These Tips

    chair matsChair mats are an essential part of any office and they serve multiple purposes. Desk chairs tend to get stuck in the grooves on tiled and even hardwood floors and they are a pain to move around on carpet. Pulling and pushing the chairs around can cause leg and back strain but using chair mats takes care of this problem by allowing the chairs to move around easily.

    Chair mats help to protect your flooring from scrapes and scratches caused from moving the chairs around and they can help create a neat and clean appearance that keeps your office looking professional, making them a good investment. Here are a few tips that can help you take care of your mats, so they will look nice and last longer.

    Cleaning Tips for Chair Mats

    It’s important to keep your chair mats clean because the material they’re made from can turn a yellowish, dirty color if they’re not taken care of properly. The good news is they’re very easy to clean. Just mix some mild soap with warm water and use a damp cloth to wash both sides of the mats.

    You can use a small brush to clean off stubborn dirt and stains or to clean the spikes on the underside of the carpet chair mats. Be careful not to rub too hard with the brush or you might damage the cleats. Rinse all the soap off the mats and allow them to dry completely before you replace them. Clean the legs of the chairs and the floor underneath the mats as well to help keep the dust and debris from building up.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight and Moisture

    The ideal temperature for chair mats is between 60 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit so don’t use them in areas that are colder or hotter for the best results. If your office is near a window where direct sunlight shines in, use blinds or curtains to keep the sun from damaging the mats. It’s also recommended that you don’t use chair mats in areas where moisture is present to reduce the risk of mold and mildew from forming that can cause serious health problems.

    Use the Right Mats for the Job

    There are different types of chair mats available, so using the right one for the type of flooring you have is very important. Using a chair mats designed for carpet on hard wood flooring can cause damage to the floor instead of protecting it.

    The cleats can dig into the surface leaving indentions and scratches that are costly to fix and using these on non-carpeted floors can also damage the cleats. Using a mat designed for hard wood flooring or tile on carpet can lead to slip and fall accidents. The flat bottom has no way to grip the carpet so it can easily slide around.

    Since appearances are very important for any business, taking care of your investment is important. You can extend the life of your office chair mats using the simple tips so they can continue to provide you with great service for a very long time.

  • Enhance the Customer Experience with These Tips

    indoor outdoor floor matsIt doesn’t matter what type of business you have, the opinion of your customers is a big factor in the success of your company. Bad reviews can do a lot of damage that takes years to overcome and that’s why you want to make a good impression as soon as someone enters your establishment. Creating a welcoming environment that provides the customer with a positive experience, requires a combination of things such as having quality products at affordable prices.

    Customers want and expect quality but they want the best prices, too. When you provide them with both, they will come back the next time they’re in need of your products or services. However, there are a few things that will send customers running to the competition even if you do have the best prices in town. For example, poor customer service and a cold, indifferent facility will make them think twice about doing business with you in the future but these are things you can take care of.

    Always Provide Excellent Customer Service

    How you treat your customers when they’re doing business with you does matter. They expect friendly, professional service and that is more than just a quick hi and rushing them through the check out. Customers want to feel like you care about them. One way to do this is by giving each of your customers your undivided attention while you are serving of them. This lets them know that you care about the individual not just the sale.

    Providing knowledgeable and professional service is also a big part of providing good service that encourages customer loyalty. While customer service, quality and affordability are all very important things to consider when enhancing the customers experience, it’s important to remember that the small things make a big difference, too.

    Little Things Do Matter

    One mistake that some companies make is not realizing that what may seem like a minor thing to you, may mean more to the customers than you realize. Take commercial floor mats for example. This may seem like a little thing that wouldn’t affect the way customers view you but when it comes to perception, it does matter.

    Entrance mats are the first thing the customer sees when they enter your facility and choosing high quality mats can help you create a presentable, clean and friendly setting. First impressions do matter, so your goal is to create an environment that gives off a positive image and this will help to put the customers at ease while enhancing the overall shopping experience.

    Entrance mats and other types of floor mats help to provide a safer environment for your customers and they help to create a warm and friendly feeling by giving your facility a more personal touch. This shows that you care about your facility and your customers.

    When consumers have a pleasant shopping experience, no matter what type of business you have, they will return to shop again and depending on what you sell, they may even come back just to look around. Little things do matter when it comes to building good relationships between your company and its customers and commercial floor mats help to enhance the customer’s experience.

  • What You Should Know Before Buying Commercial Floor Mats

    entry floor matsWhen you’re in the market for commercial floor mats, one of the first things you’ll learn is that there are many different options to choose from. Knowing the terms associated with floor mats and what the different types are used for will help you determine which type or combination of mats are best suited for your business.

    All floor mats are designed to provide a safer environment for your staff and visitors but they do have different purposes, so you want to choose the right one for the job. The most common types of floor mats are grouped in categories and discussed below.

    Entrance Mats

    The two most common types of entrance mats are called the scraper and wiper mats. The scraper mats are used outside the entranceway to scrape the majority of the dirt and debris from the shoes and to absorb most of the moisture before the person walks inside. These are tough and durable enough to hold up to this rough environment and they’re your first line of protection for your visitors. The wiper mats are usually placed inside the entranceway to absorb any moisture and to pick up any debris the scraper mats leave behind.

    Mats Designed to Protect Your Employees

    Some floor mats are designed specifically to protect your employees. The anti-fatigue and the ergonomic mats are good examples of these. Both are created to provide support and comfort for the worker by reducing some of the stress on the body caused from standing for long periods. These mats give a little with movement so they help to reduce fatigue, pain and injuries.

    Anti-static mats help reduce static electricity that builds up in the body, which protects the worker from static shock and it helps prevent this static electricity from damaging sensitive equipment. The non-conductive floor mats provide insulation for the employee that protects them from serious shocks when working with high voltage equipment.

    Restaurant kitchen mats are designed to help prevent slip and fall accidents in restaurants, cafeterias and anywhere else food is prepared. These mats are usually made from rubber and they’re designed with grease resistant capabilities. They help reduce the risk of accidents that occur in these areas and some of them also have anti-fatigue properties for more comfort.

    Specialty Mats

    Chair mats, gym mats, locker room mats and even custom made logo mats are some of the commercial floor mats that fall into the specialty category. Other specialty mats could include message floor mats, contamination control mats and eco-friendly mats. You even have a variety of choices to pick from in each of these categories. For example, when you look at gym mats some are heavy duty for weight rooms and others are anti-fatigue mats for clients performing high-impact aerobics.

    Years ago commercial floor mats were all basically made the same way and quality was the only thing you really needed to be concerned with but that is not true today. With so many options available, it’s important that you learn about the different types before you buy, so you’ll know which ones will benefit you the most. Choosing the right type of mat for your specific needs will ensure you’re getting the most from your investment.

  • Protect Your Patrons and Business with Gym Mats

    Gym MatsFitness centers have an obligation to their clients to ensure they provide a friendly and safe environment. People use gyms to work out, stay in shape or to try and get in shape and the exercises they perform can take a toll on the body if the person is not careful. For this reason, most gyms offer their patrons the opportunity to sign up with a personal fitness trainer to help create a routine suited just for them.

    Another way that fitness centers can help to protect their patrons and their business is with gym mats. These help to keep the facility cleaner and there are many styles to choose from that will help dress up the area but these floor mats also play a major role in helping to keep your facility safe. They also help to build up your reputation because it shows that you care about the health and well being of your visitors.

    How Gym Mats Protect Your Patrons

    Exercising puts a lot of strain on the body and injuries are common but you can help reduce these risks when you use the right commercial gym mats for the job. For example, the anti-fatigue floor mats provide a cushion by absorbing the impact and taking some of the stress and pressure off the joints, legs, back and spine when your clients exercise. These mats are especially important for anyone performing high-impact aerobics.

    Using heavy-duty mats in the weight room gives weight lifters more traction. This helps to reduce the risk of slipping and sliding while exercising, which can cause serious injuries. The heavy duty mats also support large pieces of equipment better because the ends won’t curl up under the weight and the equipment won’t slide around.

    How Gym Mats Protect Your Business

    As the owner of a fitness center, you’re responsible for the safety of your patrons, so you have to do everything possible to ensure you’re creating a safe environment for them to workout. Providing enough room for the visitors to move around the equipment without running into something and keeping the floors free of debris is only the beginning.

    You’re also responsible for providing good, quality equipment for your visitors to use, sanitizing the equipment and for making sure your facility does everything possible to prevent injuries. If someone has an accident or is injured in your fitness center and it’s discovered that you could have prevented the injury, then you’ll be held liable for that person. They could sue you for negligence and that could be devastating to your business.

    For this reason, you need to take every precaution you can to ensure the safety and well-being of your patrons. Using gym mats can help to prevent some of the most common gym injuries from ever happening so by using them, you are taking steps to protect your clients by creating a safer environment. Protecting your patrons ultimately protects your business by reducing the risk of being held liable for accidents and injuries that sometimes occur in this type of environment.

    Gym mats can add color and style to your fitness center but more importantly, they help to create a safer environment for your clients to exercise and that makes good business sense. However, you do want to choose the right type of commercial floor mat for each area of your facility to ensure the best performance.

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