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  • Subtle Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

    Computer Print Logo MatsAre you searching for subtle ways to increase brand awareness? There are times when you need to aggressively advertise and market your business but other times, a more subtle approach works better. Fortunately, several effective and tactful ways for you to accomplish this are available and you’ll find some of them to be very affordable.

    For those times when you want to promote your brand in a less aggressive manner, you still need ways to send a strong, powerful message without being too obvious. There are several good ways for you to do that such as the ones mentioned below.

    Every Brand Needs a Website

    If you want to increase brand awareness, you need a website. Many consumers use the Internet to look for companies that offer the products they’re interested in buying. They also look for information concerning these items such as where to buy them and how much they cost. People connect to the Internet from their Smartphones and other mobile devices to look for local restaurants, gas stations, hotels and more when traveling.

    It’s so easy for consumers to connect to the web to find what they want. As a result, the companies that take advantage of this technology will normally get more business than those who do not. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get your brand name out there for the world to see.

    Use Custom Logo Floor Mats

    When customers visit your physical location you have many opportunities to increase brand awareness but one excellent and subtle way for you to do this is by using custom logo floor mats. You need floor mats at your entranceways and throughout your establishment to help provide a cleaner, safer environment for your visitors, so why not get the most from them.

    When you use custom logo entrance mats, your brand is the first and last thing visitors see when entering and leaving your establishment so they make a lasting impression. On top of that, they are just as strong and durable as other types of floor mats. When you buy from a reputable company, the colors will stay bright and vibrant for many years so they look great even when they’re located in heavy traffic areas, which makes them a good investment.

    Use Promotional Items

    Consumers love to receive promotional items and they don’t have to be extravagant gifts to make them happy. Key chains is one of the most popular promotional items companies use to promote brand awareness but there are many other options to choose from.

    For example, some great promotional items include calendars, T-shirts, stuffed animals, coffee mugs, ink pens, bottle openers, ball caps and tote bags. Consumers love these items and they don’t mind that they’re advertising your brand everywhere they go because it was a free gift they can use.

    If you don’t already have a website, think about getting one set up. It will make a difference. Using promotional items and custom logo floor mats are also great ways to increase brand awareness and help your business grow.

  • Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Green

    Energy EfficiencyGoing green is something that many businesses are taking very seriously but major changes can be expensive especially for small businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make small changes that show you’re taking steps to help the environment. When you make simple changes to go green, you can let consumers know that you do care about the environment and that you’re willing to look for ways to make a difference wherever you can.

    Consumers demand more from the companies they do business with than ever before. Many people search for businesses that take a stand and do what they can to help the environment because they prefer to do business with these companies. Finding ways to conserve natural resources will continue to be a priority for everyone. Now is a great time to get started and below are a few simple ways your business can go green and make a difference.

    Reduce Waste

    One great way to go green with your business is to cut back on waste. You can start by reducing the amount of paper that your company uses on a daily basis. For example, you can send out emails instead of letters and keep documents on your computer instead of paper files. Give customers the option to view and pay their bills online instead of sending out an invoice every month. It’s secure, you’re saving trees and it helps to reduce waste.

    You can start a recycling program and make sure your employees know that it’s company policy. You can also make it easy for your visitors to do the same when applicable. All of this will help them see that you are doing all you can to make a difference.

    Purchase Recycled Eco Friendly Floor Mats

    Another great way for your business to go green is by purchasing recycled eco friendly floor mats. They are just as durable and perform all the same functions as traditional floor mats with the added benefit of being made from recycled materials. If you think recycled means dull and boring, think again.

    These floor mats come in many different styles and designs. You can also purchase a variety of sizes or have your eco-friendly mats custom made, so you can find something that suits your business perfectly. Consumers notice the little things as much as they do big changes and floor mats are one of the first things consumers see when they walk in and out of your facility.

    Lower Your Energy Consumption

    Conserving energy is big way for companies to go green and you do have many different options to choose from. While using an alternative power source such as solar panels or windmills is an excellent way to conserve energy, it’s not the only way. Switching to energy efficient lighting and turning off lights, computer systems and any other source of power when not in use, will help make a difference.

    Making changes that show consumers you’re serious about helping the environment will help you cater to a wider audience and you don’t have to spend a small fortune to go green. Reducing waste, using recycled eco-friendly floor mats and lowering your energy consumption are all great ways to make a difference.

  • Enhance Your Office Space with Chair Floor Mats

    chairmathfNo office is complete without chair floor mats. It may seem like a simple, insignificant thing but these mats serve several functions that make them a valuable asset to any business. Chair mats will enhance the look of the office helping to create a professional environment that is more comfortable for your employees and that make a good impression on your visitors.

    However, their usefulness goes beyond enhancing the look of the office. They also have several benefits that can greatly improve your office space and create a more productive environment.

    Benefits of Chair Floor Mats

    The most obvious benefit of chair floor mats is the protection they provide for your flooring. Constantly rolling your office chairs over the same area will wear out the flooring very quickly. It can leave scratches and wear down the finish, leaving these areas looking old and worn out. Chair mats protect the flooring underneath and help to keep it looking like new for a very long time. This reduces the cost of maintenance and the need to replace the flooring as often, so they help to save your company money.

    If you have a carpeted office, it’s almost impossible for the chair to roll freely unless you have chair mats. The chair’s wheels will bury down into the carpet and prevent it from moving without straining even if you have low pile carpet. This puts a strain on the employee trying to maneuver around the desk to work. It can lead to strained muscles in the back, legs, arms and neck, which adds to the health risk of sitting at a desk for long periods.

    It will also wear out the chairs and flooring much faster than it should. Using chair mats will allow the chairs to move freely taking the strain off the worker, the chairs and the flooring. As a result, these mats help to make everyday activities go smoother creating a more productive workspace.

    Choosing the Right Chair Mats

    To get the most from your investment, you need to choose the right type of floor mat for the job. Carpet chair mats have spikes on the underside that grips the carpet and holds the mat in place, so it won’t slide around creating the potential for an accident. The mats designed for non-carped flooring are smooth but they have non-slip backing that holds them in place.

    Using a mat designed for carpets on other types of flooring can cause damage to the floors and they won’t perform as well. On the other hand, mats with smooth bottoms can slide around when placed on carpet.

    Chair floor mats come in a variety of sizes, shapes and thickness, so choosing the right mats for your office is important. The thicker mats usually hold up longer and are less likely to crack or bow. You can even buy custom chair mats to fit in odd shaped work areas where traditional sizes won’t fit properly.

    Investing in good quality chair floor mats will help you create a stylish work environment and they help to protect your flooring. It also makes it easier for employees to navigate the workstation without straining, which helps to reduce fatigue and injuries while creating a more productive workstation.

  • Decorative Floor Mats for Commercial Property

    commercial floor matsAll businesses can benefit from using commercial floor mats throughout their facility. They absorb excess moisture and help to keep visitors from tracking dirt and debris throughout your facility. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, so it helps to create a safer environment for your visitors and staff. There’s no denying that this type of mat has many benefits but sometimes the regular rubber floor mats just won’t do.

    For some businesses, traditional floor mats are just too plain and simple to look right inside their facility but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the benefits these commercial mats have to offer. Instead, you can use designer or decorative commercial floor mats to brighten up your facility and provide the protection you need.

    Benefits of Decorative Floor Mats

    Decorative floor mats offer the same benefits that you’ll get with rubber mats. They have the textured rubber backing just like the traditional floor mats do so they still provide excellent traction. In other words, they won’t slip and slide around when stepped on the way rugs can. They also help to keep your facility safer and cleaner by absorbing the dirt, debris and moisture as people enter your business, which prevents it from being tracked throughout your facility.

    Decorative commercial floor mats are just as durable as the regular rubber floor mats so they last just as long and they offer the same great protection for your floors. This means that they will protect your flooring from scratches and scuffs that occur in heavy traffic areas but they have other benefits, too. For example, they add style and sophistication to your business in addition to the protection they provide. You can find a great selection of indoor floor mats for commercial use as well.

    This makes decorative floor mats perfect for businesses like hair salons, spas and similar companies. Of course, they’re durable enough to work in most any type of business. They help you to create a warm and welcoming environment for your visitors and a more pleasant workplace.

    What Makes Them So Special

    When you love the look of an area rug but need the protection of a rubber mat, decorative commercial floor mats is the answer. You can have both style and functionality because these mats come in many beautiful designs such as the Deco Diamond, the Arizona and the Venetian designs.

    The color palettes are very rich with deep reds, blues and greens that really stand out. They can enhance your décor and pull everything together for a unified look that creates an organized but stylish environment. You have several sizes to choose from so you can find the perfect size for inside your entranceways and throughout your facility.

    Decorative floor mats are durable and easy to keep clean so they last for a very long time. The assortment of beautiful patterns make it easy to find a style that’ll match most any décor and they do help to create a warm, friendly environment for your staff and visitors. When you need the protection of commercial floor mats but you want the style and sophistication of an area rug, choose the commercial decorative floor mats for your business.

  • Three Benefits of Appearing More Professional

    floor mattingEntry floor mats are good for more than just preventing accidents. A business can convey a strong sense of professionalism to customers the second they walk in the door with clean entrance mats that bear large company logos proudly. The high level of professionalism that the right floor matting can convey goes a longer way than you'd think. Here are a few reasons to consider an investment in top-quality, branded floor matting.

    1. Make a Good First Impression. 
    You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and you've got to make it count. While most think a smile, a friendly greeting, and a firm handshake are enough, there are other factors that a business owner can easily control that set them up for a successful first impression. Business owners can control every aspect of their customers' experience from the moment they first show up. Having clean, branded floor matting can impress the customer, making it easier to create a good first impression.

    2. Be More Persuasive. 
    Once your floor matting's conveyed just how professional your company is, the customers will be more likely to hear your employees out. After all, professionalism equates to authority. Once they get the idea that your business is an industry leader, customers will allow themselves to be persuaded more easily. Essentially, being professional lends credibility to your business.

    3. Generate More Brand Awareness. 
    Marketers agree that it takes about eight to 10 exposures to a business's brand before a customer will consider purchasing goods or services there. This sounds like quite a lot, but all it takes to expose a potential customer to your brand is to simply get your company's logo in front of them. Just because someone is in your store doesn't necessarily mean they'll buy, either. Use that as an opportunity to generate more brand awareness, which will help get them to make purchases.

    With professional, high-quality floor matting, your business can make a good first impression, be more persuasive, and generate more brand awareness, all of which leads directly to more sales. And who would've thought that you could do all that with your floor matting? If you have any questions about logo mats, feel free to ask in the comments.

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