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  • Floor Runners are a Great Choice for Many Businesses

    floor runnersBusiness owners have a lot of responsibilities, which includes taking steps to keep their employees and visitors as safe as possible. Since slip and fall accidents are a big concern, finding ways to reduce the risks of falls will go a long ways in accomplishing this goal. Entrance mats are the first line of defense because they reduce the amount of moisture tracked into the facility but once inside, floor runners help to create a safe, slip free environment.

    The purpose of floor runners is the same as regular floor mats. They help to protect everyone in the facility by providing traction so your visitors won’t slip and slide around on slick flooring. Commercial flooring tends to be very slippery, especially when it’s wet outside and runners provide you with a stylish and modern way to create a safe path for everyone to follow.

    Benefits of Floor Runners

    Runners are very similar to floor mats but they’re designed to cover larger areas and to fit into those odd places that regular floor mats won’t cover. They help to protect your flooring, especially in high traffic areas in the same way as regular mats by protecting it from nicks and scratches. This reduces maintenance cost and the need to replace the flooring more often than you should have to.

    One of the reasons why runners are so popular is because they come in large rolls as much as 150 feet long. All you have to do is roll out the mat to the desired length and then cut it the size you need to fit the area. This flexibility makes it easy for business owners to protect all areas within the facility. However, here at, we will custom cut the floor runners for you if you prefer. You simply provide us with the measurements and we will pre-cut the runners to match.

    Another excellent benefit these mats offer is the variety of materials you have to select from such as rubber, vinyl mesh and carpet. They also come in several different depths so you can choose the thickness that suits your facility the best. Runners also enhance your decor and they can even help reduce your utility bill by holding heat in during the cooler months and preventing cool air from escaping in the summer.

    Where to Use Runners

    You can use floor runners in all types of businesses from restaurants to office buildings. Since they’re long and narrow they work great anywhere you need to cover a large area such as in hallways, reception areas, landings, aisles, warehouses or any other area that needs protected. You can also choose indoor/outdoor floor runners to use in entryways if you have a large area to protect.

    Runners are ideal for covering large areas, they look as good as they work and they come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs. You can choose a plain runner to match your companies designated colors or choose colorful patterns to brighten up your facility making them a great investment. We also sell custom runners so you can even create a design to display your brand’s logo if you choose.

  • Choosing Floor Mats for Luxury Rental Property

    Commercial Entrance MatsWhen you own luxury rental property, you want to do all you can to protect your investment. You are the one responsible for repairing or replacing anything that gets damaged, so thinking ahead and using preventative measures will save you money in the end. One of the biggest expenses you’ll have is maintaining your flooring, especially if you’re renting to vacationers. This much foot traffic running in and out of the home on a daily basis can do a lot of damage to your floors but using floor mats will help protect them and keep your renters safer.

    Using floor mats are a great way to reduce the cost of maintaining your floors so you can keep them in good condition but you can’t use just any type of mats. You go to great lengths to create a beautiful and relaxing environment for your renters and they will expect the very best from a luxury home even when it comes to the floor mats you use. Thanks to modern technology, you can protect your flooring in style.

    Many Floor Mats for Luxury Rental Property Options Are Available

    You need to be very selective about the type of floor mats you choose for your luxury rental property. You need something that is both durable and effective but at the same time, they also need to enhance your decor, not take away from it. Here at, we have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor floor mats to choose from and you can also order custom designs.

    Our welcome floor mats are a good choice for entranceways. These are not your old fashion rubber mats. They’re beautifully designed with dye-injected technology to create very clean, detailed patterns that help bring out the beauty of your decor. These welcome mats come in a variety of colors that include blue, green, gold, brown, red and silver combinations, so they’re both sophisticated and durable enough to hold up to heavy traffic.

    How Floor Mats Protect Your Renters

    In addition to protecting your flooring, you also have an obligation to protect your renters and help keep them as safe as possible. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injuries within the home and using floor mats throughout your rental property is a great way to reduce these accidents. Both the designer decorative mats and the message floor mats with motivational sayings are great for kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. They look beautiful, will enhance your decor and help keep your renters safer.

    Floor mats give you a great way to protect your flooring and reduce the risks of accidents so you can maintain a safe and beautiful environment for your renters. It will also save you money by reducing your maintenance cost. In addition, all of our floor mats are easy to clean with non-skid rubber backings so they won’t slip and slide around on the floor. With so many exciting designs available, it’s easy to find the perfect mats for your luxury rental home.

  • Your Guide to Buying Floor Mats

    Logo Floor Mat

    Floor mats are used extensively across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. There are a wide range of mats available in different materials, designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Most mats are available in standard sizes but some mats can be cut to customize and fit the required size.

    Buying floor mats is not that difficult if you know what type of mat is best suitable for your requirement. Use of right mat increases safety. In commercial and industrial setting, installation of the right mat helps improve productivity. The wear and tear from high level of traffic is absorbed by mats. It protects the flooring material and increases its life.

    Different Types of Mats

    Before buying floor mats it is important to know the requirement. A mat needed for home is different from the mat used in a commercial establishment. You can choose a fancy mat for your home but the same is not recommended for a commercial or industrial place. In commercial and industrial places there are lots of heavy activities so a durable mat is needed for such places. Special mats are needed for places where there are dangers of slipping and falling. Mats used in homes, shops and offices require regular cleaning. That is not the case with the likes of rubber mats used in industrial setting where there is less traffic. The purpose of using mat in such a place is to avoid slipping and falling.

    Mats for Protection

    Rubber mats improves safety standards and help reduce maintenance costs of flooring. It keeps dust and dirt out of home. The floor carpet remains well maintained when there is less dust and dirt coming inside the house. Mats used in kitchen help avoid people working there falling due to greasy floor. There are special grease resistant floor mats specially made for cooking area.

    Mats for Vehicles

    Buying floor mats for vehicles is not that difficult. If you are buying a fixed ready to install design then you should know your car model. You can also find customizable floor mats for your car. Usually rubber mat is recommended for cars because this type of mat helps avoid slipping and falling. A rubber mat is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for high traffic areas and places where it is difficult to reach for cleaning. There are special mats that help reduce fatigue. Such mats are used by cooks, cashiers and others professionals who have to stand at the same place for long hours.

    Buying floor mats is not a difficult task because there are a wide range of varieties available from different manufacturers. You are assured to find a mat that matches your specific requirements. You can customize the mat so that it fits your specific size requirement. Mats that are made to last longer are made with highly durable materials. Such mats are expensive compared to mats that are not as durable. You should decide beforehand the purpose of buying floor mats. Do you want to protect floor, avoid fatigue or avoid slippage? Some mats offer multiple benefits. Choose a mat that not only provides functionality but also looks good if it is needed for a residential or customer area.

  • Are You Making a Good Impression on Your Customers?

    Commercial Entrance MatsIf you’re a business owner, then you already know that competition is tough. You have to find ways to stand out in your industry and get the attention of consumers to encourage them to choose you over your competitors. There are many things that you can do such as offer special discounts on your products or services but nothing stands out more than that first impression you make.

    When consumers walk into your place of business, they form an opinion of you right away. If you make a good impression, they will be more open-minded about doing business with your company. If you make a bad impression, most consumers will leave as quickly as possible and never bother to return. There are too many other companies available for consumers to do business with one that doesn’t meet their standards.

    As you can see, making a good impression on your customers is very important. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can accomplish that goal starting with providing good customer service.

    Always Provide Good Customer Service

    When consumers visit your place of business, they begin judging you from the moment they pull into the parking lot. When they walk inside and your representatives greet them with a sincere smile and a friendly good morning, it automatically makes them feel good.

    When your staff shows an interest in helping customers, even if they have a problem or complaint and they show genuine concern, it makes that customer want to continue to do business with your company.

    Providing good customer service is a big part of running a successful business. It helps your company make a good impression and it encourages repeat business. So smile and show your customers that you really do appreciate them.

    Maintain a Clean and Safe Facility

    Maintaining a clean and safe facility will make your business more inviting for both your staff and your clients. Your visitors will notice when your facility is clean and organized and it helps to build confidence in your company. If the floors are dirty and everything appears unorganized, they usually won’t return even though they may not say anything.

    Using entrance mats and runners will also help keep your facility clean and create a warm and welcoming environment. They’ll also help you maintain a safer environment by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents, so they serve two major purposes. Here at, we have a wide variety of floor mats to choose from to enhance any business decor.

    Take Pride in Your Company

    When you take pride in your company, you make a point to provide excellent service or quality products no matter what type of business you have. This is what consumers are looking for in a company. They want to know that you’ll do all you can to take care of their needs and that you’ll provide the very best service possible. It builds trust, consumer confidence and it definitely makes a good impression on your clients. So take pride in your company and consumers will notice.

    Making a good impression on your customers is crucial for any business and these tips can help you stand out from the competition in a good way.

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