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  • 5 Things You Don’t Know about Commercial Entrance Mats

    commercial entrance matCommercial Entrance Mats are not just pretty floor mats that sit in your lobby. They play an important role in the overall effectiveness of your building and business.

    Listed below are five things you may not know about commercial entrance mats. Continue reading

  • The Best Mats to Buy for a Deli

    deli floor matsDelis commonly use floor mats to keep their customers and employees comfortable. One’s definition of what a deli is may vary, so allow us to clarify. In some areas, delis are places you go to get specialized meats, and in other locations, delis are where you go to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. Maybe it is a bit of both. But no matter what type of deli you own, deli floor mats are essential for employee and customer safety and comfort. Continue reading

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