Anti Static Floor Mats

Non-Conductive Floor MatsDrag your feet across a carpeted floor and you can expect sparks to fly when you touch a door handle or even someone else? Most everyone can relate to this type of static electricity and it can be very annoying but it’s also a big problem in the work place, which is why all companies should invest in anti static floor mats.

These floor mats are designed to pull the static from the worker, eliminating the charge. It can also help to prevent more static electricity from building up as the person moves around, so they don’t have to worry about getting shocked when they touch something. Static electricity can be very strong and cause many problems for your company and your employees.

Problems Caused By Static Electricity

No one enjoys getting shocked by static electricity and when it happens repeatedly, it goes from being irritating to frustrating and it can even hurt when you get shocked. Workers become hesitant to touch the equipment because they know they will probably get shocked when they do and this interferes with production. They’re wasting time worrying about whether or not they will feel that shock instead of concentrating on getting the work done.

Nobody wants to work with equipment when you know it's probably going to shock you every time you touch it but that’s what you’re asking your employees to do if you’re not using anti static floor mats. When you think about it that way, you can see how it slows down production.

If your company works with sensitive equipment such as motherboards and computer components, static electricity can cause damage that leaves these items useless. This could result in a huge amount of lost revenue for the company but it’s a problem easily solved.

Many chemicals and gases used in certain types of industries are flammable and the sparks caused from static electricity is enough to ignite them, causing fires to break out randomly such as the one CBS reported on at Barton Solvents Des Moines facility in Iowa. If this happens, your employees could be harmed or the fire could spread causing massive damage but anti static floor mats can help prevent this from happening.

Types of Anti Static Floor Mats

There are different types of floor mats available designed to eliminate static electricity. Many of these mats have anti fatigue properties that help to take some of the strain off the legs, hips and ankles of the workers. This makes standing for long periods more comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries.

The non-conductive switchboard matting is another type designed to prevent electrical shock when working with high-voltage. The stat-guard surface matting was created for desks and similar work areas and they help to protect sensitive components from being damaged by a simple shock.

Anti-static floor mats are designed to absorb the static electricity and prevent the worker from transferring the charge from his body to the equipment he is working on. Anti static floor mats are a good investment that will help to keep your employees safer, increase production and save your company money.

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