Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Reduce Warehouse Accidents with These Tips

    Floor matsWarehouse safety is something that all companies need to focus on. There are many hazards found in warehouses that contribute to accidents resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities. There are however, steps you can take to ensure the safety of your employees such as making sure all equipment is up to code and in good working order. Faulty or outdated machinery is a leading cause of accidents in the workplace.

    Carelessness and goofing around can also lead to accidents. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have strict policies in place to prevent horseplay and to make workers aware of their responsibilities.

    Below are a few general tips for warehouse safety that will help protect your employees:

    • Provide all the necessary safety equipment needed to perform the job such as earplugs, safety glasses and gloves
    • Properly store all hazard materials and clearly label everything to avoid confusion
    • Inspect all equipment regularly and make repairs as needed
    • Enforce the lockout-tagout procedures used when making repairs
    • Keep your warehouse well lit at all times
    • Stack merchandise evenly and don’t exceed height recommendations
    • Store heavy loads on the bottom of the stacks
    • Provide enough workspace to perform the job at hand
    • Make sure the building is well ventilated to avoid inhaling excessive amounts of carbon monoxide from the forklift’s exhaust system
    • Use brightly colored signage to inform workers of potential dangers
    • Don’t overwork your employees

    When people are rushing to meet tight deadlines or when fatigue sets in, they get careless. A well-rested employee is happier and more productive, so schedule breaks and limit overtime when possible.

    Reduce Warehouse Accidents with Floor Mats

    Slip and fall accidents are another leading cause of warehouse injuries. These can be greatly reduced by simply keeping your floors clean. Keep hoses, power cords and other debris out of the aisles. Clean up spills immediately, use signs to indicate a wet floor and use entrance mats to reduce the amount of moisture and debris tracked into the building.

    Industrial floor mats are durable, anti-slip resistant and many are designed with anti-fatigue properties. Using these mats throughout your facility will help to reduce the risks of injuries cause from standing for long periods and they will also reduce fatigue. Non-conductive mats are necessary in any area where high voltage equipment is used and welding mats repel sparks and reduce the risks of hot metal debris starting a fire.

    Educate Your Employees

    Many injuries are caused by chemical exposure, lifting incorrectly and forklift accidents. By educating your employees on the proper way to do their jobs, you can reduce the amount of injuries that occur each year. Train your workers on how to handle chemicals and how to dispose of hazard materials properly. Teach them how to lift correctly and make sure they understand how to perform their duties correctly before leaving them alone.

    Do not allow anyone to drive the forklifts without proper training. Enforce speed limits, weight capacity and caution drivers to look for other employees that might not be paying attention. Following these tips can help you create a safer environment for your employees and reduce the number of warehouse accidents that occur each year.

  • Do Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Really Make A Difference?

    Anti Fatigue Floor MatsAs a business owner, you have an obligation to take care of your employees. After all, they are the ones that keep your business running smoothly. However, they can’t do their job properly when they suffer from excessive pain and fatigue caused from standing in one place for long periods. This is very hard on the body and it can cause a lot of problems for your employees and your company.

    You may have heard that anti-fatigue floor mats is a great solution to this very common problem but are they really effective? Do these floor mats really make a difference? The answer is yes they do. They’re designed to make standing easier and more comfortable for employees whose jobs require them to stay in one place for long periods. Therefore, they can help create a more favorable work environment for your employees and it’s all due to their unique design.

    How Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Work

    Standing on a hard surface all day puts pressure on your body that causes your back, legs and joints to ache and hurt. Standing for long periods restricts blood flow to the lower exterminates causing your feet, ankles and legs to swell. It also strains and causes the muscles to tense up, all of which results in fatigue and limits production. Over time, it can cause a variety of medical conditions that result in lost time from work.

    Anti-fatigue mats have a unique design that acts as a cushion between the person and the floor to relieve some of the pressure. This makes standing more comfortable and easier to do for long periods. These mats also allow the body to move slightly, which helps to increase blood flow. As a result, it helps to reduce the pain and many of other problems caused from standing for long periods.

    It is important to choose the right type of anti-fatigue floor mat for your particular business. Here at we have a good selection to choose from that includes everything from the Weldsafe floor mats to the heavy-duty drainage floor mats, which are great for kitchen areas. If you’re not sure which style you need, our representatives will help you find the styles best suited for your facility.

    How Your Company Benefits from Providing Anti-Fatigue Mats

    The health of your employees is very important to your business. When they are happy and pain free, they do a better job and that benefits your company as much as it does the employees. They will be more productive since they won’t be suffering from excessive back and joint pain. It can also reduce loss time from work and that benefits everyone.

    Since these mats also reduce fatigue, they help to create a friendlier and more positive work environment that will portray your company as a well-organized and prosperous business. Taking care of your employees by creating a safe and healthy workplace will also encourage loyalty. It shows that you really do appreciate your employees and they will be thankful for your efforts. All in all, anti-fatigue mats help to create a better work environment for everyone.

  • Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Help Your Health

    Anti Fatigue Floor MatsYou often hear how standing is good for you and how it can help keep you healthy. While this is true, standing for long hours at a time can actually be bad for you. For many people, standing is a big part of their job but standing for long periods is physically demanding and it won’t take long before it begins to take a toll on the body.

    Employees will begin suffering from fatigue along with aches and pain in the joints, legs, shoulders and back. Standing for long periods restricts blood flow in the lower extremities and causes swelling in the feet, legs and ankles. Over time, it can get worse and even lead to serious problems that can affect your quality of work, reduce production and increase absentees.

    Employees can suffer from conditions such as varicose veins, knee pain and plantar fasciitis. This is a condition that causes inflammation and pain in the plantar fascia area, which is the thick tissue that connects the toes to the heel. Fortunately, anti-fatigue floor mats can help.

    Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Can Make a Difference

    Jobs that require employees to stand for long periods also require anti-fatigue floor mats. These mats have many benefits that will help reduce the aches and pains along with many of the medical conditions caused by standing all day. They provide a cushion between the employee and the floor, which takes some of the pressure off of the joints.

    They encourage subtle movement, which increases blood flow and decreases swelling in the lower part of the body. They also reduce fatigue that can interfere with production and increase the risk of having an accident. Anti-fatigue mats can also reduce the risk of employees suffering from serious medical conditions that result in lost time from work.

    As a result of these benefits, you’ll notice happier employees and an increase in production. There’s a good possibility that you’ll also see a decrease in your insurance premiums since these mats do help to reduce certain types of injuries caused by standing and the risk of accidents caused by fatigue.

    Invest In Quality Mats

    To ensure you’re doing all you can to make the job easier and safer for your employees, invest in good quality floor mats. Here at, we have a variety of anti-fatigue floor mats for you to choose from depending on your specific needs. For example, the comfort-flow drainage floor mat is designed specifically for kitchen areas where grease and water makes the floor slick.

    Whichever type of anti-fatigue mat you choose, you can depend on it to be durable. All of our mats are made from quality material that will hold up to everyday use and last for years. The non-skid backing holds the mats in place for safety and they’re easy to keep clean.

    No matter what type of business you have, if you have employees that stand for long periods, make sure their standing on quality anti-fatigue floor mats. Not only will they feel better but it will also create a safe and comfortable environment, increase production and reduce lost time from work so everyone benefits.

  • Reduce Nursing Home Accidents with These Tips

    Carer Helping Elderly Senior Woman Using Walking FrameNursing homes play an important role in the health care industry. The workers in these facilities take their jobs very seriously. They perform many physical and strenuous activities throughout the day to take care of the residents to make them as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay.

    In order for these workers to provide the best of care, nursing homes need to take steps to protect their employees from accidents that hinder their performance or that results in lost time from work.

    Nursing home workers have demanding jobs that can take its toll on the body very quickly. This is why they often suffer from aches and pains daily and many of these workers sustain serious injuries that prevent them from doing their job. Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injuries in nursing homes.

    Reduce Nursing Home Accidents with Floor Mats

    Slip and fall accidents account for a large number of the injuries affecting nursing home workers. The floors in these facilities are naturally slick and when they become damp or wet, they become more dangerous. Keeping the floors clean and free of debris will help to reduce slip and fall accidents but floor mats can also make a huge difference.

    You can reduce the amount of dirt, debris and moisture that enters the facility by using commercial entrance floor mats. The rubber scraper mats work very well for keeping these entranceways clean and dry. You can also use floor mats throughout your facility in high traffic areas and in kitchens and cafeterias to help reduce nursing home accidents.

    How to Reduce the Risk of Back Injuries

    In addition to the slip and fall accidents, many nursing home workers suffer from back injuries caused from the heavy lifting and from standing for long periods. Back pain can be a real problem and not only does it hinder performance but it’s responsible for a large percentage of the missed time from work.

    Educating workers on the proper way to lift and having them work in teams when lifting heavy objects or moving patients will help to reduce the risk of back injuries. Using anti-fatigue floor mats in areas where workers stand for long periods will also help to reduce sore muscles and back pain.

    Nursing home workers also perform many of their duties in awkward positions and this puts a strain on all the muscles within the body. Working in these odd positions can cause a condition called musculoskeletal disorder or MSD. This condition is described as injuries affecting the muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and ligaments supporting the neck, back and limbs.

    The jobs nursing home workers perform are extremely important. They take care of those who can no longer care for themselves but this job is very demanding. For this reason, management should do everything they can to help protect their workers from these common injuries. Using floor mats and teaching workers the proper way to perform their jobs will go a long ways in reducing back pain, MSD and the risk of being involved in a slip and fall accident.

  • Kitchen Floor Mats Help Prevent Industrial Accidents

    Food Service Kitchen MatsThe kitchen in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other industries are at high risks for slip and fall accidents. Anytime someone falls, there is a risk of serious injury that can put the employee out of work for an undetermined amount of time. Along with the discomfort and other problems the person hurt must deal with, the lost time from work can interfere with daily operations and hinder business. However, there are ways to reduce the risks of accidents and make your kitchen a safer place for all employees.

    The information below discusses some of the potential kitchen hazards employees face associated with slip and fall accidents. It also offers some tips for reducing accidents and information on how industrial floor mats can make your kitchen safer.

    Potential Kitchen Hazards

    Many things contribute to accidents in the kitchen but the main culprit is usually grease, food and water that end up on the floor during rushes. No matter how careful workers are, dropping food particles, splashing water and dripping grease on the floor is inevitable. The kitchen area is always busy with everyone running around trying to keep up with the orders. Moreover, anywhere there are fryers, you’re going to have grease dripping on the floor from time to time.

    All of these things contribute to kitchen accidents, so you need to take steps to help protect employees from falls as much as possible. The following tips can help.

    Tips for Reducing Kitchen Accidents

    Requiring employees to wear non-slip, waterproof shoes, cleaning up spills as quickly as possible and keeping clutter to a minimum are all great ways to help reduce the risk of accidents. Making sure the kitchen has adequate drainage, using convex mirrors for blind corners and maintaining proper lighting will also make a big difference in how safe the kitchen is.

    In addition to these ideas, following proper cleaning procedures and using industrial kitchen floor mats will also reduce the risk of an accident from occurring. These tips will also help your business comply with OSHA regulations for restaurants and other businesses that deal with food.

    How Kitchen Floor Mats Can Help

    Kitchen floor mats are made from strong rubber with grease resistant capabilities and they have non-slip backing that prevents them from sliding around. There are different styles available but the most common type used in restaurants and similar kitchens have drainage holes. This traps the liquids and food substances below the surface of the mats until you can clean them. It also prevents spills from spreading out onto the surrounding areas.

    As an added bonus, you can also choose kitchen floor mats with anti-fatigue properties. This creates a more comfortable work environment for employees by reducing the stress on the back, hips and legs caused by standing in one place for long periods.

    It’s your responsibility as the owner of a business to make sure the kitchen area is as safe as possible for employees. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but you can reduce the risks by following the tips above and using quality industrial kitchen floor mats.

  • Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Make a Difference

    Anti Fatigue Floor MatsUsing anti fatigue floor mats in your establishment will make a huge difference for you and your employees. Standing in one spot for any length of time is very hard for anyone but when your job requires you to stay in the same spot for hours, it can result in a wide array of health issues. It won’t take long before the employee begins experiencing fatigue and their feet and legs will start to ache and swell due to the restricted blood flow. Standing can also cause lower back pain.

    Over time, employees can begin suffering from a wide variety of health issues such as knee problems, plantar fasciitis, stiffness in the shoulder and neck, bunions and varicose veins. However, using commercial mats designed to help reduce the impact of standing all day in the same spot can help to reduce many of these problems.

    Here’s How They Work

    Anti fatigue floor mats help to cushion the areas around employee workstations and this particular type of mat also encourages subtle movement. The subtle movement helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the lower half of the body, which prevents the blood from pooling in the lower regions.

    This subtle movement also relieves some of the stress on the body created by standing still for long periods. As a result, workers don’t ache and hurt as much and it reduces the risk of employees developing some of the health problems mentioned above.


    There are many benefits associated with anti fatigue floor matting. The main benefit is that they help to reduce the stress on the feet, legs and body of employees whose job requires them to stand for long periods. As a result, it reduces the number of injuries workers suffers from that can result in lose time from work.

    They can also help to reduce your company’s absentees and it helps to keep employees happier because they are more comfortable. Usually, when workers are happy, they are more productive and that will certainly benefit your company.

    Quality Matters

    Anti fatigue floor mats come in a variety of styles and quality. It’s important to choose good Anti Fatigue Floor Matsquality mats for several reasons. They will last longer, so you get your money’s worth when you invest in good quality mats but more importantly, they work better. Good quality commercial floor mats will provide more protection for your employees, which means they are more likely to help reduce the health problems associated with standing for long periods.

    Keeping your insurance rates from rising is another benefit that your company can enjoy. These floor mats help to reduce back injuries, foot problems, accidents and a variety of other health issues. By reducing some of these problems, your insurance company won’t have to pay out as much and this helps to keep your rates down.

    We have a variety of anti fatigue floor mats for you to choose from and we will be happy to help you find the right style for your business. Give us a call today!

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