Tips for Choosing Chair Floor Mats

Chair Floor MatsAre you using chair floor mats in your office? If not, you may want to consider making the investment. If you have carpet in your office, these floor mats can help make moving your chairs in and out a lot easier. The wheels on these chairs just won’t roll very easily in any type of carpet but if it’s thick, it’s even harder. There’s no need for your staff to strain and pull on the chairs to get them in place when there is such an easy fix.

If you have hardwood, laminate or even bamboo flooring, you may think you don’t need mats since the chairs roll easily on these types of floors, but they’re still a good investment for a variety of reasons. Using mats will help protect the flooring and help to keep it looking like new.

Here are a few tips for choosing chair floor mats that will help ensure you pick the best one based on the type of flooring you have.

Picking the Right, Size Shape and Thickness

When choosing chair mats, you need to consider size, shape and thickness. Look at the roll area and measure how far back and forward you roll when working and when getting in and out of the chair. Next, choose a size that covers this entire area. If the mat is too small, the wheels will fall off the edges, which can be very annoying and cause your workers to strain when pulling the chair back up onto the mat.

If it’s too large, it won’t fit in the roll space without having to go under the desk and this is something that you want to avoid. The excess weight of the desk can cause chair mats to crack and they’ll have to be replaced. The thickness is another thing to consider because the thicker mats provide more support and protection than the thinner ones.

Choose the Right Backing for the Floor Type

Chair floor mats are designed for different floor types and it’s important to choose the right type for your flooring. The back of the chair mats designed for carpet have cleats to hold Chair Floor Matthe mat in place as you move around, while the mats for other types of flooring have a smooth backing.

If you use a mat with a smooth backing on carpet, it can slide as you move around. On the other hand, if you use a mat with cleats on other types of flooring it can do a lot of damage to the surface. This is especially true for hardwood and bamboo floors because these are soft woods and the sharp cleats designed to dig into carpet, will dig into these and leave holes.

Custom Chair Mats

Do you have an odd shaped worked space where tradition sizes and shapes just don’t fit right? Don’t worry! You also have the option of buying custom chair mats made to fit your needs perfectly. Just take your measurements to a company that offers this service and enjoy the benefits that custom made chair floor mats have to offer.

Visit for a wide variety of quality chair floor mats that will help to dress up your office and make it more comfortable and easier for employees to move around at their desks. Our service also includes custom chair mats.

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