Accident Prevention Tips for Rainy Days

Eco Friendly Entrance MatsWhen the weather takes a turn for the worse and the rain just keeps coming down, business owners need to think about keeping their customers safe. Slip and fall accidents are a serious problem for any business that has a physical location and rainy days contribute to this problem. As soon as someone walks through your doors, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to ensure their safety.

For this reason, you need a plan to help you maintain a safe environment for your customers and your employees. Below are a few accident prevention tips to help reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents in your place of business, especially on rainy days.

Accident Prevention Begins with Awareness

Hold meetings to make your employees aware of the problems associated with rainy weather. In many cases, workers don’t think about someone slipping and falling until an accident occurs. Making them aware of the dangers in advance will help ensure they take the proper steps when needed. Assign someone every shift to inspect the floors and mop up any excess water tracked in due to heavy traffic. Be sure to keep your wet floor signs out for several hours after the rain has stopped while you’re waiting for everything outside to dry out.

Use Entrance Mats and Runners

Using commercial entrance mats and runners will help to keep the moisture out of your facility. The entrance mats will catch the bulk of the water and trap the moisture before it’s tracked inside. The runners will catch anything that the entrance mats don’t pick up. This double layer of protection will go a long ways in keeping your customers safe on rainy days when the risk of having a slip and fall accident increases. We have a nice selection of all weather commercial floor mats to choose from suited for any type of business. Feel free browse around our site and check out some of your options.

Use the Right Floor Cleaners

Did you know that certain types of floor cleaners could make your floor slicker than it should be? It’s for this reason that certain types of floor cleaners are recommended for different types of flooring. Using the wrong type of cleaners can greatly increase your risks of slip and fall accidents anytime but the risks are even greater when it’s wet outside. It’s imperative that your employees know what to use on the floor and why it matters. This is the best way to avoid mistakes that could result in accidents.

Provide Umbrella Stands for Your Customers

When it’s raining, many people like to use umbrellas but carrying a wet umbrella around your facility can create a problem. There is no way to prevent the water from dripping onto the floor and if you’re busy, it may not get cleaned up in time to prevent an accident. Having a couple of umbrella stands with bags is a great way to prevent this problem and your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When it comes to accident prevention, sometimes the little things make the most difference such as keeping your floors clean and using proper floor cleaners. Simply providing customers with umbrella stands and investing in entrance mats and runners are also excellent ways to prevent slip and fall accidents, especially on rainy days when the risks are higher.

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