Avoid Contaminating Clean Rooms with Contamination Control Mats

Contamination control matsMany industries use clean rooms to prevent contamination from dust, debris and particles that could cause serious problems. Contaminates can seriously damaged certain types of equipment and it can interfere with lab tests, which is why clean rooms are necessary. However, if your company is not using contamination control mats then you’re still taking unnecessary risks.

Did you know that the most common way for contamination to enter your clean room is from the bottom of shoes and on carts and other equipment that is rolled into the room? This is why you need contamination control mats. They will stop most of these contaminates at the door and greatly reduce the risk of your sensitive equipment from being damaged or whatever problems it can cause your company.

Here’s how they work and how to use them correctly.

How Contamination Control Mats Work

These mats are designed with several sheets of ultra-thin film that is coated with a quality adhesive. Many companies use a very low non-skid frame that is anchored to the floor to hold the contamination control mats in place. Once the mats are in position, peel off the first layer and a sheet of non-transferring adhesive is exposed. When someone walks across it or when you roll any equipment over it, the sticky adhesive will latch onto the dirt, dust, particles and other debris and pull it off the shoes or wheels preventing it from being tracked into the clean room.

How to Use the Mats Correctly

Contamination control mats should be placed at every entrance into the clean room. This will act as your first line of defense against contaminates. Be sure to place the side of the mat with the tab on it next to the doorway so when the sheets are removed, you’ll be pulling away from inside the room and this will help to reduce contamination. For extra protection, you can use two floor mats outside the entrance to pick up more dust and debris or place one on the outside and one on the inside of the doorway.

When the top sheet is no longer effective, peel it off and dispose of it. This will leave a fresh, clean sheet ready to continue protecting your clean room. Most mats contain 30 peel-off sheets per mat and it’s important to keep an eye on the sheets so you can remove the top layer once it becomes dirty. It is important to remove the sheet before it’s completely filled to avoid contamination. If you wait too long, it will not do its job efficiently and you’re running the risk of contaminating your clean room.

Choosing the Right Contamination Control Mats

In order for the contamination control mat to work correctly, it needs to be the right size. It should completely cover the entrance area or contaminates could slip past the door. White is the main color used in these mats because it makes it easier to see the dirt and debris so you know when to peel off the top layer. However, blue is also a common color, so choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Using contamination control mats can help keep your clean room free of contaminates that could interfere with your work. They’re a great investment that could save your company money and time.

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