Carpet Floor Mats are Safe to Use

baroque1Carpet floor mats can help give your business a fresh, clean look that really brightens up your facility. These colorful mats have the ability to create a warm, inviting environment for both your visitors and your employees and that’s good for business.

With so many styles, sizes and colors to choose from, you can easily match any decor or company theme to enhance the overall look of your facility. You even have the option of purchasing custom-made mats if you prefer. However, some businesses avoid using carpet mats due to a common misunderstanding.

Why Do Some Businesses Avoid Carpet Floor Mats

Many people believe that having carpet mats in their facility can create a health risk for their employees and visitors. The reason for this belief is that dust, debris and other allergens settle into the carpet fibers. Walking across the mats can stir up these allergens causing asthma and other respiratory conditions, especially for people who already have respiratory problems.

Another problem is mold and mildew that can form when these mats get wet and that is a leading cause of poor air quality. Not only does this causes allergies to flare up but it can also cause a variety of serious health conditions that can make your employees and visitors sick.

These are real concerns but they are true for any type of floor mat or carpet. If you do not clean these mats properly, they will collect this type of debris. It’ll build up and everytime someone walks across them it will stir up these allergens. As a result, they’ll start floating through the air and that is what causes the problems. However, there is a simple solution to this very common problem that will allow you to use carpet mats safely.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

As long as you follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep your carpet floor mats clean, they are as safe to use as the all rubber/vinyl floor mats are. You just need to keep them properly maintained.

Tips for cleaning your carpet floor mats:

  • Vacuum regularly, at least two or three times a day depending on how much foot traffic you have
  • Wash your mats off with a hose every few days as needed and hang out to dry
  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent them from soaking into the fibers
  • Always allow the mats to completely dry before putting back in place to prevent mold and mildew from forming

Following the tips above will keep your mats clean and free of the mold, mildew and allergens that can cause upper respiratory problems and other medical conditions. You don’t have to worry about them making your employees or visitors sick when you keep them clean and properly maintained.

Floor mats can help keep your facility safer for your visitors and your employees by helping to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents. This alone makes them a valuable investment but carpet floor mats can also help create a warm, welcoming environment that helps build a positive image for your company.

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