Commercial Entrance Mats Make Your Business Safer

Commercial Entrance MatsCommercial entrance mats do more than making your facility look good, they make your business safer for all your customers and your staff. The floors in most buildings are very slippery when wet, or even when they get a little damp. The same is true for the soles of most shoes, with the exception of the non-slip shoes. This combination creates the potential for slips and falls that can result in serious accidents.

However, you can greatly reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling in your facility from a wet floor simply by using entrance mats. It’s a simple, easy solution that can make a huge difference in the number of accidents that occur each year. Considering that most accidents do occur from falls, it’s important to take steps to reduce these accidents as much as possible.

Entrance mats help to control the amount of moisture and dust that enters your facility, which cuts down on the chances of the floor becoming wet or damp. As a result, the chance of someone slipping and falling is greatly reduced. Most professionals will recommend that you use both the outdoor and indoor entrance mats for the best results. Here’s why.

Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor mats are made from vinyl or rubber and they are usually very strong and durable. They are designed to hold up to the rough outdoor environment while maintaining shape and effectiveness. These mats provide a safer surface to walk on, even when wet.

There are several different types to choose from but if you live in an area that’s prone to lots of rain, snow or ice, the heavy-duty mats are the best choice. It’s also a good idea to choose the entrance mats with the drainage type design. These allow the excess water to drain from the mat instead of collecting on top of it. This type of mat will hold up to heavy traffic and still get the job done.

Indoor Entrance Mats

Commercial Entrance MatsOnce inside the facility, there will still be a little water left on the soles of the shoes of anyone entering. The outdoor mats can’t pick it all up and that is why it’s a good idea to have indoor entrance mats, too. These are designed to soak up the excess water left on the shoes of everyone entering your business, leaving the soles dry. As a result, the area around the doorway will remain dry reducing the risk of anyone slipping and falling.

You certainly don’t want anyone getting hurt in your facility especially when a simple entrance mat can reduce the risks and help prevent accidents. Commercial entrance mats not only keep your customers safer but they can also dress up your business. They come in many styles, sizes and colors. You can even get your company logo on the floor mats if you want to promote your business while making your facility safer.

Indoor entrance mats show customers that you care about their safety. It may seem like a very simple thing but providing these mats can make a huge difference in the number of slips and falls that your company deals with every year. Investing in commercial entrance mats is one of the smartest moves your company can make and who knows, it could save you a lot of headaches on down the road.

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