Commercial Floor Mats: General Maintenance Tips

Commercial Floor MatsCommercial floor mats provide many benefits for all types of businesses. Quality floor mats look great, offer protection for your guests and staff and logo floor mats are great for advertising. When you invest in good quality, you can expect your floor mats to last for a long time but when you apply general maintenance tips to care for them properly, you can greatly extend the life of your commercial floor mats.

Vacuum for a Quick Cleaning

For quick cleaning in-between customers, run a vacuum cleaner over your commercial floor mats to pick up the excess dirt. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it will help to keep your facility looking neat and clean throughout the day.

Hose Down the Mats

Depending on the type of business you have and where you’re located, your floor mats may only collect minimal dirt and debris, so vacuuming may be beneficial most of the time. However, when the pile in the carpet surface style floor mats lay down or look matted together or when they begin to look a little dirty even after vacuuming, you can simply hose down the floor mats at the end of the day. After washing out all the dirt and debris, hang them up to dry and they’ll look like new again the next morning.

Clean with Soap and Water

If you own a business such as a restaurant, where the mats get greasy or when they collect lots of dirt and grime due to high traffic areas, you can clean your commercial floor mats with soap and water. Use a gentle cleaner and a floor brush to scrub the mats to remove all the grease, dirt and grime from the mats, rinse and allow to dry. You can also use any method that is recommended for carpeted floors on the styles that use pile carpet surfaces. Just remember to use a neutral, solvent free cleaner to avoid causing damage to the floor mats.

For Hard to Clean Stubborn Stains

Occasionally, your floor mats may become stained and soap and water or a neutral, solvent free cleaner just won’t do the trick. In this case, you can use a neutral cleaner to scrub the stain. Just be sure to test a small inconspicuous area of the mat first to check for color change and then make sure you rinse the mats thoroughly to remove all of the cleaner before allowing it to dry.

Clean Under the Mats

Before you put your commercial floor mats back in place, take the time to clean the flooring underneath where the mats go. This will help keep the interior floor mats cleaner in addition to helping protect your flooring from scratches that dirt and grime buildup can cause. It will also allow the underside of the floor mats to grip the floor better, preventing slipping and sliding.

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