Four Tips for Choosing Customized Commercial Floor Mats

Four Tips for Choosing Customized Commercial Floor MatsFloor mats can be an essential part of your business's interior design. Having a welcoming entrance will set a tone for your customers, and it's important that they have a positive first impression of your company. Mats can help customize your space, as well as trap or hide dirt. What type of custom commercial floor mats will your company need? Here are four tips to help you figure that out.

1. For Industries That Want Customization

How can you make your salesroom stand out from floor to ceiling? Many companies choose entry floor mats with customized company logos. This is a good choice for entryways that will not be "busy" in nature, allowing the logo to be a focus point, rather than ignored. Work with a business that sends you a color proof for approval before printing your logo -- otherwise, the mat might not turn out the way you hoped it would.

2. Industrial Floor Mats

If you work in an environment prone to slippage, or where slips are especially important to prevent, such as food service, industrial floor mats can help keep water away from your soles. Textured surfaces help to keep feet firmly rooted in place. These are often made from rubber or PVC.

3. Why Use Entrance Mats?

When you have heavy traffic coming into your office, floors can quickly become covered in dirt, mud and water, depending on the weather. Entrance mats can be made with edging to trap water within the mat, keeping wood flooring and carpeting safe. Entrance mats can help your floor continue to look new and clean, while reducing how often you need to actually vacuum or sweep the area.

4. Renting vs Buying Floor Mats

People often wonder whether it's a better idea to rent their floor mats, or buy them. If you are having a one-time event where you expect many people and want floor mats for the occasion, then renting probably makes sense, as you will have little need for them after, and they would take up considerable storage space. If, however, you plan on using floor mats long term, it makes more sense to buy. Just a small entrance mat can cost $5 a week to rent -- which adds up to about $260 over the course of a year. And many businesses will need more than just one floor mat.

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