High Traffic Office Areas & How to Keep Your Employees Safe

High traffic areas in the office are most probably where employees exchange ideas, work and socialize. Still, these areas can be the most dangerous place for them. The dirt that comes from the shoes of people in the building can cause illnesses, which will lead to less productivity.

This can greatly affect employees, the company itself and most importantly, the income. At Floor Mat Systems, we provide high quality mats for safety purposes. Our matting solutions are the perfect addition to protect surfaces from damage and dirt, while providing a touch of style to your space.

Here is a list of areas that would need floor mats:

Reception area

The main function of a reception area is to greet visitors and applicants as they arrive. Due to the number of guests each day, you can’t prevent dirt from coming inside the office. You can’t exactly ask your visitors to take off their shoes before they go in. By having floor mats in your reception area, you make sure that they at least have a way to wipe their shoes.

Contamination control mats are perfect for reception areas. This can help avoid the transfer of filthy materials from one place to another.


Apart from the number of people that goes in and out of the pantry, this is one of the areas that would call for a mat the most because this is where employees eat. Studies show that bacteria contaminate half of surfaces in workplace kitchens.

Make sure your pantry has a kitchen floor mat made of rubber, so in case of spilled water, it can keep your employees safe.


No one gets in the office without walking through the entrance door, which is why it’s important to have an entrance mat. Experts advise to use all weather mats. In case it rains, you don’t have to worry about getting your floors all muddy.

Use floor mats to keep your company clean and your employees more productive. At Floor Mat Systems, we offer high quality floor mats that provide extra surface protection on high traffic areas whether it is in your office, home or industrial facility.

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