Kitchen Floor Mats For Commercial Use

Kitchen Floor MatsProper flooring ensures that wear and tear on your underlying materials will remain in good condition with minimal damage. Hard wood floors and delicate tile will be protected in high traffic with our kitchen floor mats. If you are in need of kitchen floor mats today, allow us to help serve you.

Good commercial mats & flooring can be expensive and is truly an investment in your business. Traffic that comes and goes from outdoors to the inside can carry dirt and debris that can do more than just make your floors dirty. Such traffic can damage floors by tracking in small rocks and dirt particles that can cause wear and tear on your floor. A commercial kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic and there can be a lot of spills and messes, particular during busy times, so it’s good to have the security of floor mats that are durable and safe.

Kitchens See Heavy Traffic

Commercial kitchens will experience a great deal of wear and tear. With a kitchen floor, traffic can be especially heavy and destructive. It can really add up in expenses if you have to redo the commercial kitchen flooring. It will also cost you if employees slip or fall due to unsafe kitchen floor conditions. Kitchen floor mats that are strategically placed at entryways and along traffic routes can save your expensive and handsome floors, prevent slippage and more.

You can choose from a variety of kitchen floor mats to find the perfect type to meet your needs.

We offer our Deluxe Rib indoor/outdoor entryway mats that are designed to hold up under extreme traffic. This mat is both durable and stylish and features a polypropylene surface with a heavy vinyl backing that makes this mat perfect for hard surface floors.

Different Types of Entrance Mats

Our Waterhog indoor/outdoor entrance mats are a great choice for either hard or carpeted floors. This style of floor mat offers protection from both extreme weather and heavy traffic.

Are you looking for a style of floor mat that is perhaps a bit more elegant or upscale? In that case, our Duramat indoor floor mat is just what you need. Featuring a clean, fresh appearance in a mat that is durable as well as beautiful, the Duramat performs great to trap moisture and dirt while keeping your hard surface or carpeted floors clean.

Perhaps you need a floor mat that will help eliminate dirt and debris before traffic gets into your kitchen. That's where our Scrapemat outdoor floor mat comes in. The Scrapemat is a durable and
tough mat made of 100% Nitrile rubber. This top performer has a safety cleat skid-resistant surface for better safety.

No matter what type of kitchen floor mats you need for your commercial kitchen space, we can help. Call us and allow us to help you determine the perfect mats for you and your needs.

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