Not all Commercial Floor Mats are the Same When it Comes to Quality

Commerical Floor MatsYou may know that commercial floor mats have many advantages for both your employees and your visitors but you may not realize that not all mats are the same. If you’re a new company or business owner buying floor mats for the first time, it would be to your advantage to take some time to learn more about them before you buy.

If you think it’s not a big deal because it’s just a floor mat, think again. Buying floor mats for your business is no different from buying any other type of merchandise or equipment and doing some research first will help to ensure you make a wise decision.

Choosing a style or design for your floor mats is a big decision because there are so many different options available. However, before you get into choosing a style, finding a company that offers good quality products should be your first concern. Here are a few of the main problems you’ll most likely experience if you purchase poor quality floor mats.

Poor Performance

Poor performance is big reason why you need to avoid poor quality commercial floor mats. They just don’t seem to perform their job as well as they should especially after a few months. For example, entrance mats may not absorb the water and debris as well as it should, leaving your floors damp and slick, which is big safety issue.

Poor quality anti-fatigue floor mats won’t provide the same amount of protection as the ones made from good quality materials do. As a result, Your employees could experience more pain in their legs, back and joints than they should. This can result in more lost time from work and slower production. Purchasing good quality anti-fatigue mats won’t guarantee that your employees will never miss work due to problems caused from prolonged standing but it can reduce the chances more than poor quality matting will.

Safety Issues

Poor quality commercial floor mats may look good at first but after a few short months, you’ll begin to notice a big difference. One of the main problems associated with poor quality mats is that they become a safety issue, instead of helping to create a safer environment. Some mats will curl up on the ends, which can cause your customers and employees to trip and fall.

Another problem is that the bottom of the mats can become slick causing it to slip and slide when you step on it, especially if they’re damp. If you’ve ever had a rug or mat slide out from under you before, you know how dangerous this can be for your customers. Once they begin curling up or sliding around, they’ll need to be replaced right away or you may find yourself dealing with a slip and fall accident that could have been prevented.

They Cost More in the End

You can expect to pay a little more for good quality floor mats up front but they’re well worth it. When you begin experiencing the problems mentioned above, you’ll have to replace the mats as soon as possible. If you invest in good quality mats to begin with, they will last you much longer and perform better making your investment a good one. In fact, good quality commercial floor mats can last three or four times longer than poor quality ones, depending on your location, amount of foot traffic and how well you take care of them.

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