Protect Your Flooring with Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial Entrance MatsUsing commercial floor mats have many benefits and they’re a great investment for any business. They help to keep your visitors safer by reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents but they offer another benefit that you don’t hear as much about. They have the potential to help keep your floors looking like new and to save your company money on maintenance. Replacing damaged flooring can be very expensive and using floor mats is the first step in protecting your investment.

The appearance of your establishment is very important because it says a lot about your company. You want to make a good impression by having a clean, well-maintained facility and using floor mats will help. When your flooring looks neat and clean, your facility will look well organized and professional but a scratched up old looking floor will have the opposite effect.

Maintenance Issues

Normally, flooring will last for many years but that’s not the case when it comes to businesses. It takes a lot more effort to care for these floors and they wear out quickly due to the excessive foot traffic they receive on a daily basis. In order to maintain a good appearance and keep your facility presentable, you need to keep your flooring in good shape.

This often requires stripping the floors and re-finishing them to bring back their original luster. Overtime, even this won’t restore their look and you’ll need to replace the flooring. This type of maintenance takes up a lot time and it’s also very expensive. However, using floor mats can make a difference by helping your company make a good first impression.

How Floor Mats Make a Difference

Floor mats are designed to protect your flooring by absorbing the majority of the dirt and debris tracked in every time someone walks through your doors. Dirt, sand and other types of debris stick to the bottom of your shoes and when you walk across the floor, you grind all of this into flooring. This wears down the finish and scratches up the floors leaving them looking dull and worn out.

If you have carpet, the dirt and grime gets ground in and it won’t be long before it looks dirty and worn. Now, think about how many people enter your establishment each day, week or during a month and you can imagine how much damage it’s doing to your floors. It’s easy to see why they wear out so quickly but floor mats can help protect them.

Placement Matters

Where you place your commercial floor mats, will make a difference in how well they protect your flooring. To achieve maximum protection, you’ll need to have outdoor entrance mats at every doorway leading into your facility and indoor entrance mats on the inside. The outdoor mats are your first line of defense and they’ll absorb most of the dirt and debris. The indoor mat will clean most of what’s left greatly reducing the amount of damage your floors receive.

Using commercial floor mats will help protect your floors and keep them looking new much longer than they would without this protection. Following a daily cleaning routine will protect your floor mats and combining the two, will greatly lower your overall maintenance costs and keep your floors looking like new.

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