Three Ways to Protect Your Clean Room from Contaminants

tackymat1From the medical field to electronic and computer manufacturers, many industries have special areas within their facilities called clean rooms. The environment inside these rooms must be carefully controlled to maintain a contaminant-free work zone.

Some clean rooms such as the ones used in the medical field must strive to keep out all intrusive particles, which is why they normally require workers to wear suits and gloves when working. Hair, sweat and skin particles can be a problem for these industries and this type of gear will help prevent contamination.

Other industries such as the electronic and computer manufacturers only need to eliminate dust and similar airborne particles that can damage small computer chips and similar devices. Below are three ways these industries can help keep their clean rooms free of contaminants.

Ventilation Systems Will Help Protect Your Clean Room from Contaminants

Having a good ventilation system is vital to keeping dust particles and other contaminants out of your clean room. Some systems use HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters and others use ULPA or ultra-low penetration air filters because these are the most reliable and efficient filters available today.

The air entering the room must be monitored for contaminants and to make sure the temperature and humidity levels remain within the specified range. Therefore, it’s very important that you choose the right system for the job.

Use Contamination Control Mats

Using contamination control mats is another way to protect your clean room from contaminants. A large portion of dust and other debris is tracked into the room from the bottom of your shoes and on the wheels of the carts carrying equipment and supplies. To prevent these contaminants from entering your room, use these specialty mats.

You can rest assured that all of our mats here at Floor Mat Systems are designed with quality and efficiency in mind to ensure the best possible results. Place the mats on the outside of all entranceways leading into you clean room. When someone walks over it, the sticky adhesive will pull the dust particles and other debris from the soles of your shoes and anything else that touches it. When the top sheet of adhesive becomes dirty, peel it off to expose a new sheet.

We can help you choose the right size and color contamination mats for your clean room. We can also provide you with useful tips on how to use them correctly, so you’ll receive the full benefits these mats provide.

Clean and Sanitize the Room

It may sound simple, but cleaning and sanitizing the room is a necessary step to keeping your clean room free of dust and other contaminates that can affect your products. Create a cleaning schedule and have everyone that cleans the room sign off on it. This will eliminate any confusion over who is responsible for doing the cleaning and ensure that the room is being cleaned regularly.

Keeping your room free of dust and debris will protect your sensitive equipment and help save your company money. Installing a good, quality ventilation system, using contamination mats and cleaning the room regularly will help keep your clean room free of contaminants.

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