9 Dangerous Situations that can be avoided with Safety Logo Mats

safety logo matsSafety is important for any business and safety logo mats can help promote safety in your workplace. Safety logo mats are colorful mats each printed with a memorable phrase about the importance of safety. They are made of nylon carpeting and an anti-skid rubber backing. Safety logo mats are exactly what you need to keep your employees and customers safe from the following dangerous situations.

Water on Floors

Excessive water is a common workplace issue. This can occur from people walking in on a rainy day or right after a recent mopping. Water on floors is dangerous if people do not know it is there. A safety logo mat can help warn these customers of wet floors.


When there is water, a common issue customers and employees have is slipping. Slips that do not cause a fall are still serious matters. When you slip, you tense up and your heart starts to race. This can be serious for people with chronic muscle or heart issues. Prevent slips with a safety logo mat.


Trips are similar to slips in that both can occur without a fall but still cause injury. A trip can cause foot, ankle, and/or leg pain. This is because many people will move in unnatural ways in order to stop themselves from falling. Warn customers of potential obstructions with a safety logo mat.


Falls are a leading cause of broken bones and concussions. It is important to prevent falls whenever possible for the safety of your customers and your business. Make falls almost non-existent with safety logo mats.

Overhead Obstructions

It has happened to everyone. You are walking along and something you do not notice hits you in the head. This can cause serious injuries. Place a safety logo mat under any low hanging overhead obstructions to help people notice them.


Sometimes customers venture into areas where work is performed with machinery. Machinery has a tendency to jut out in odd angles that could easily catch a person who is walking by unawares. Warn customers of potentially dangerous areas with safety logo mats.


Not all flooring is perfect and sometimes there are divots that can cause an employee or customer to stumble. Use a safety logo mat to emphasize these areas so people know where to look.

Leg, Joint, and Back Pain

Employees who have to stand for the majority of their job should have a floor mat to walk or stand on. Although not as effective as anti-fatigue floor mats, safety logo mats are comfortable and do not slip. Anyone would feel comfortable walking or standing on them.


The most dangerous situation in any workplace is apathy. If workers aren’t mindful of their safety or the safety of their customers, that is a big issue. Safety logo mats will remind workers of the importance of safety and why they should be mindful of unsafe situations.

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