How to Balance Flooring and Floor Mats

People face many choices when they’re designing the interior of their homes. Should the curtains match the carpet? Does a couch look better in the middle of the room, or to the side? Still, even with all those questions, not many people ever consider what to do with what’s beneath their feet. Homeowners have many choices between carpets, flooring and floor mats; most of the time they only choose one option, not realizing that it’s possible to strike a balance between multiple options.

The thing with floors is it’s difficult to divide into sections. The easy way is to cover everything in whatever works for even a small part of the room. Using multiple options is a risky move because knowing whether it works or not can only be known once the entire thing is done. This means homeowners are gambling a significant amount of money on something most visitors would never even notice or comment on.

Achieving and maintaining floor balance between multiple options is a special thing, and we have the tips to help you do it. First, consider the elements you want to use in the floor plan. Will it be flooring and carpet, flooring and floor mats, or some other combo of whimsy and imagination? Second, consider if those combinations would actually work, a good rule of thumb is that the elements of the floor should have contrasting properties; this allows a better transition between materials when people walk over them.

For example, using carpets and floor mats isn’t a good idea; both are considered floor coverings. Carpets would easily eat the floor mats, and they might as well not be there, which brings us to the third and final point: strategic placing. Floor mats are great for this step because it’s easy to know where they belong. Knowing where one element goes makes it much easier to decide where everything else goes.

Flooring isn’t easy, but there are ways to make it bearable without shelling out a lot of cash; one of those ways is getting in touch with us right now. Our teams are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our products and services.

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