How are Eco Friendly Floor Mats Made?

eco friendly recycled floor matsEco friendly mats are attractive and durable, and they come in many different sizes, designs, and colors. Do not be put off by the fact that they contain recycled materials. We assure you that most of the time, your visitors or clients will not even realize that what they are stepping on is, in fact, an eco friendly product.

How Eco Friendly Floor Mats are made

In truth, many recycled floor mats are made from old water or soda bottles and used car tires. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive after reading that, then allow us to put your mind at ease by helping you understand the process that these bottles and tires go through in order to become your new floor mat.

  1. 1.    Collection - Water bottles, soda bottles, and car tires are collected and brought to processing plants. More often than not, these plants only specialize in a certain reusable material. For example, one plant for used plastic bottles and another for car tires.
  2. 2.    Sterilization - All materials are thoroughly washed and sterilized. Clean materials are not only more sanitary, they also ensure the materials are ready to be used again in another product like floor mats.
  3. 3.    Processing - Next, the materials are processed for future use. Bottles are shredded, cleaned to remove any paper or plastic labels and glue, and then melted down into pellets that can be used in other projects.
    Car tires are shredded, cleaned, and then packaged for reuse. It is important to note that car tires are incredibly durable and create great traction. This is also true of the floor mats made from old recycled tires.
  4. 4.    Manufacturing - After all the materials are prepared and sent to the floor mat manufacturers, they can then use the materials to create beautiful and environmentally friendly floor mats. The plastic and tire materials are melted and formed into everyday floor mats that can be used for any environment: outside, inside, private home, or public office or business.

Why Go With Eco Friendly Floor Mats?

Eco friendly floor mats are an especially good use for old tires. Although tires are very reusable, many countries still burn them for fuel. This is not good for the environment, but with the massive amount of used tires out there, it is necessary to get rid of them somehow. If more and more individuals and businesses buy floor mats made from recycled tires, less tires will be burned. It is a win-win scenario. You get great looking floor mats and more tires are being reused. has a wide variety of eco friendly floor mats to choose from. Take a look at our website to see which floor mats will fit your needs. You can also contact one of our trained professionals and they will be able to help you.