Fitness Centers Need Commercial Gym Mats

gym matsWhen you own a fitness center, the safety of your clients is at the top of the priority list and one way to protect your members is by using gym mats. You’ll need a variety of different commercial floor mats inside fitness centers and gyms because they serve different purposes. This is why the floor mats in the weight lifting area should be different from the ones found in the workout area. Here are some of the ways that gym mats can improve your fitness center.

They Help to Reduce Injuries

Many high impact aerobic exercises and floor exercises are performed in the fitness center. Floor mats act as a barrier between the clients and the floor cushioning the impact on the spine, back and legs of the patrons as they perform their routines. Usually, the anti fatigue mats are used in these areas because the material they’re made from gives just enough to absorb the impact but they are firm enough not to interfere with balance. In short, they help reduce the strain on the body and makes exercising safer and more enjoyable.

They Help Reduce Accidents

Another major way that commercial gym mats can improve your fitness center is by helping to reduce accidents. A very popular mat style often used in these facilities is the interlocking tiles. This is because they are so versatile. They’re easy to install and you can move them around to different areas of the gym without difficulty. Most have molded beveled edges and a pebble grain finish that help to prevent tripping and slippage within your gym, which adds to the safety of your clients.

The heavy-duty mats are recommended for weight areas because they are extremely tough. They can help keep your heavy equipment sturdy so they don’t slip and slide on the floor when in use. In addition, they are strong enough to support the equipment so the corners won’t curl up or buckle under the extreme weight of the machines. They also provide traction for the weight lifters.

To Protect Your Flooring

Gym mats not only help to make your facility safer for clients but they also protect your flooring. Exercise equipment can leave scratches and scuff marks on your floor that makes them look old and worn. Heavy equipment can dig into the flooring leaving holes and cracking certain types of floors. When you protect your floors with commercial floor mats designed for gyms and fitness centers, they will last much longer saving you money.

Using commercial gym mats have many uses and they definitely help to make your clients more comfortable and safer while protecting your flooring. It’s also a good idea to use safety mats in the locker rooms. These areas are prone to slips and falls due to the excessive moisture. Using mats throughout the locker room will help create a safer environment.

Use entrance mats to help keep your facility cleaner and to reduce slips and falls during bad weather. Logo entrance mats can even help increase brand awareness while keeping your patrons safer.

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