Uses for Floor Mats in Elevators

floor mats in elevatorsElevators are among the areas of highest traffic in any building or business. While it’s actually quite rare that you will find an elevator with a floor mat, they are still used in some cases for the purpose of protecting the flooring of the elevator itself, as well as the safety of its occupants in some cases.

Uses for Floor Mats inside the Elevator

In most cases, when mats are actually used inside the elevator, it’s there to protect the flooring from heavy foot traffic.

A good example of this would be during remodeling work, in which contractors may make use of an elevator to transfer materials and equipment to different floors. A combination of dirty boots, equipment and debris can really do a number on the flooring of the elevator if it isn’t protected. That’s where floor mats come in handy. Placing mats within the elevator during a remodeling period will work wonders to safeguard the flooring of the elevator.

Another use would be to place a custom logo floor mat within the elevator. This would be a fairly inexpensive form of advertising, compared to having the logo installed on the flooring itself. During the time that occupants are travelling from floor to floor within an elevator, they have little to do other than look at the floor or the ceiling, so you may consider using this as an opportunity.

Entering and Exiting the Elevator

Although it is uncommon to find floor mats within elevators, there is a good argument for placing a floor mat at the entrance to an elevator. As with any floor surface, dirt, debris and mud from the outside can be dragged into an elevator, especially when there is heavy foot traffic on a rainy day. A wet floor could easily lead to a slip and fall. Slip and fall incidents are a leading cause of broken bones and concussions, and a business is liable for any person who falls on their premises. Keep your workers, customers, and your business safe by placing entrance floor mats at the entrance to every elevator.

There are a wide variety of entrance floor mats. They come in many colors and are made of many different materials like rubber, vinyl, and carpet.

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