4 Key Areas in Fitness Centers that Require Floor Mats

In our recent blog posts, we discussed how fitness centers could promote safety among their patrons by using the right floor mats in their facilities. Assuming that you already have the appropriate floor mats for your space, now we’re going to share the most important areas in your facility (other than the workout area) that require the same materials.

Here’s where you should have floor mats laid down:

1. Entrance

This seems to be the most obvious area that needs floor mats; it keeps dirt, moisture, and grime from getting into your space. Understand, however, that entrance floor mats are not just for maintaining cleanliness—they are also effective in promoting your business image and brand. How? The answer is custom logo mats. You can build a great impression for customers and strengthen your brand just by placing customized mats that bear your brand logo at the entryway of your center. At Floor Mat Systems, we use topnotch tools to replicate images or typefaces precisely. Our materials are made of durable rubber and superior quality textile, ensuring that the floor mats will stay in tip top shape even with heavy foot traffic.

2. Behind the check-in desk

Your front desk staff are the first ones to make an impression on clients. A team of vibrant, vigorous and accommodating employees sets you apart from other gyms and they are sometimes the reason why clients keep coming back. It is crucial that you provide a comfortable environment for employees so they stay happy and productive in helping clients. Our anti-fatigue mats are effective in reducing stress for employees standing for long hours.

3. Under locker room benches

Place floor mats not just in shower rooms, but also in changing areas. Bacteria are present in these spaces, especially along the floor surfaces under lockers and benches. We highly recommend placing locker room mats to avoid germs and moisture in these areas and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Our products are made of durable materials and easy to clean and maintain.

4. In the administration office

Office chairs in the admin office can create scratches on your floors when you slide them around. It is important that you keep the polished finish of your floors by placing the right floor mats. We offer a range of chair mats you can choose from. We encourage you to browse through our website.

Knowing where to place floor mats in your fitness center will ensure safe experience for customers, comfortable working environment for employees, and clean and functional space for everybody. Contact us for your floor mat needs.

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