Help Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents with Entry Floor Mats

entry floor matsSlip and fall accidents are among the leading cause of injuries and lawsuits establishments face today. Regardless of what type of business you own, slippery floors are a problem that needs to be addressed. If someone falls in your establishment, you could be liable for their medical bills and more if you did not take precautions to help prevent the accident. The best defense against slippery floors is entry floor mats because they help to create a safer environment for your visitors.

Some types of flooring may be a little more slick than others are but all non-carpeted floors have the potential to be slippery, especially when wet.

Factors that Contribute to the Problem

Some factors that can contribute to slip and fall accidents include poor lighting, displays that block the view or that are distracting and uneven flooring. You can reduce the risks of these potential slip and fall accidents by keeping your facility clean and organized with all displays properly placed and by providing signage that alerts visitors of uneven floors. However, the actual flooring itself often contributes to falls in public facilities.

Everytime someone walks into your facility and it’s raining or has recently rained, they carry moisture into your business from the soles of their shoes. The more traffic you have, the wetter the floor becomes causing it to be very slippery. Putting caution signs out will help to remind visitors of the potential for falls but it’s not going to help solve the problem.

Another problem that you have no control over is the type of shoes your visitors wear. Some shoes are designed with slick soles that make it difficult to walk on anything other than carpet and if the floor is a little damp, it’s going to escalate the problem.

The Best Solution to Slippery Floors

Some accidents cannot be prevented no matter how hard you try but your company can reduce the risks by placing an entry floor mat at all entranceways and non slip floor mats throughout your facility where needed. These mats stay in place and help to create a safer environment for your visitors.

They will absorb the moisture and other debris from the bottom of the visitors shoes to prevent tracking water onto the floor that poses a safety hazard. Strategically placing non-slip floor mats throughout your facility will provide your visitors with added protection and it can even help reduce the risks of falls due to slick shoes.

Accidental Falls are a Real Problem

Slip and fall accidents are a real problem that all businesses should take measures to prevent. According to the National Floor Safety Institute or NFSI, “Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of total falls.” Many of these occurred in public facilities and could have possibility been prevented.

Don’t let your business become a statistic! Take steps to help prevent slip and fall accidents in your facility by investing in good, quality non-slip entry mats for your business. Entry floor mats can make a difference and they could save you the inconvenience and financial burden that a lawsuit could cause. has a wide selection of entry floor mats, logo mats and more to choose from to help protect your business from slip and fall accidents.

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