Keep Your Pool and Locker Rooms Safe for Your Visitors

pool matsThere is no better way to spend your free time than lying by a pool, sipping on your favorite beverage as you relax in the beautiful sunshine, which is why so many people hit the pools as soon as they open every year. When people visit your establishment, they don’t want to think about anything but having a good time and they shouldn’t have to. It’s up to management to make sure the pool and surrounding areas are safe for all visitors.

Protecting your visitors should always be your first priority and you need to focus on several different areas. For example, providing security for your visitors is a top priority. They need to feel safe and know that if they have any problems, someone is there to help. There should always be at least two attendants watching the pool and the locker area even during the slow periods. This way, if a guest needs something that requires them to leave the area, there is still someone there keeping an eye on things. It’s also a good idea to consider keeping lifeguards on duty, especially during peak hours. Accidents happen even to the best swimmers and this will help to ensure the safety of your guests.

Other options include placing cameras inside and outside the facility to discourage intruders from entering your establishment and to discourage dishonest acts. You also want to provide plenty of lighting especially in hallways to eliminate dark areas that could create a dangerous environment. Installing panic buttons throughout the facility is another great idea that will give your guests a way to alert management in the event of an emergency. Below are a few more ways to keep your pool and locker rooms safe for visitors.

Maintain Your Pool Correctly

It’s vital that you keep the pool water clean and that you mix all the swimming pool chemicals correctly. If you don’t use enough chemicals, bacteria and algae can grow in the water and this is not healthy for your guests. Using too much of any chemical can burn your eyes, damage your hair and cause skin irritation, so you must mix everything correctly.

Invest in Locker Room and Pool Mats

Slip and fall accidents are a major problem around pools and in locker rooms due to the wet, slippery floors. One way to reduce the risk of someone falling and injuring themselves is to invest in good quality floor mats for the locker rooms and around the pool. The drain-through mats are great for these areas because the water drains through the mats leaving the surface dry.

The floor mats should also be anti-slip so they don’t slide around on the floor causing a safety hazard. Be sure to have plenty of caution signs in clear view reminding your guests the floors and around the pool area is slippery and reminding them to not run in these areas.

You are responsible for the safety of your guests and these are the main areas that need your attention but anything that you can do to ensure your guests are safe will enhance your business.

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