Restaurant Floor Mats and Runners: Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

welcome6Protecting your customers is a big responsibility for restaurant owners so you want to take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of your visitors. This includes taking steps to reduce or prevent slip and fall accidents. The restaurant industry is at high risks for these accidents because the floors often get greasy and slick even in the lobby area. Another problem is that customers often drop food and spill beverages on the floor and someone else will walk by and slip before an employee has time to clean it up.

Slip and fall accidents are responsible for all types of medical problems that include sprains, broken bones and serious hip and back injuries, so it’s important for business owners to take steps to reduce the risks of accidents as much as possible. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but you can lower the chances by following a few safety guidelines and investing in restaurant floor mats and runners.

How Floor Mats and Runners Help

Having entrance mats at the doorways will help reduce the amount of moisture tracked into your facility, which will help to keep the floors clean and dry. Placing floor mats around drink machines where customers often spill beverages will help absorb the spills and keep the liquids from running onto the floor where it can cause someone to slip.

Runners protect your customers in the same way but they cover a wider area so they work well when placed around buffet tables, salad bars and in front of counters. You can have runner mats custom cut to fit the area you need to cover to ensure maximum protection and to enhance the décor. In addition to utilizing floor mats throughout your facility, following good maintenance procedures will also help prevent slip and fall accidents.

Good Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Your restaurant should have good maintenance procedures in place and you can set up classes to train employees on proper cleaning to help maintain a safe environment for your customers. Simple steps employees can take include cleaning up food and spills right away.

If for some reason you can’t get to it immediately, put out wet floor signs warning the guests there is a potential hazard in that area so they’ll be more careful. You’ll also need to use these signs when mopping during business hours or when it's snowing or raining.

Teach your employees proper cleaning procedures for restaurant floors to make sure they’re using the right products on the floor. Some cleaning supplies have the potential to make certain types of floors very slippery, so you want to avoid using these when cleaning.

Install Cameras in Your Restaurant

Since the risk of someone faking a fall to try to receive compensation is becoming more common, you can add extra protection for your business by installing cameras to monitor your visitors throughout your facility. It may be hard to believe that someone would fake a fall but it does happen more often than you might think and anything you do to reduce your risk of both fake and real slip and fall accidents will help protect your business financially.

When you protect your customers, you’re ultimately protecting your business. So, teach your employees proper maintenance and cleaning procedures, install cameras and invest in quality floor mats and runners to help protect your customers from slip and fall accidents.

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