Ways to Reduce Foot Pain in the Workplace

Close-up of a Caucasian physical therapist giving a foot massageFoot pain is a common problem that many people suffer with, especially when their job requires them to stand for long periods. When your feet hurt, you feel miserable and it can make you hurt all over. Not only is this very uncomfortable but foot pain can be serious and it’s linked to a wide variety of medical problems.

People tend to shift their feet around and put pressure on other parts of the body to try and relieve some of the pain in the feet, especially if one hurts worse than the other. This can lead to knee, hip and back pain along with varicose veins, joint degeneration and bone misalignment.

Standing for long periods can also cause fatigue, sore muscles and a decrease in blood flow, which can create even more medical problems. For these reasons, it’s vital that you take steps to reduce foot pain in the workplace and the information below can help.

The Right Shoes Can Help Reduce Foot Pain in the Workplace

The shoes your employees wear can cause foot pain if they don’t fit properly or if they’re worn out. You also need to wear the right kind of shoe or it can create even more problems. You can help by educating your workers on how important it is for them to wear the right type of shoes.

Wearing the right shoes can help to reduce foot pain and lower the risks of suffering from the problems caused by standing for long periods. For the best results, the shoes should have good support and plenty of padding to absorb some of the pressure created when standing.

Invest in Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats are a great investment for any company that has employees who stand all day. These provide a cushion underneath the feet so workers are not standing directly on the hard flooring. They also encourage slight movement as the person shifts their weight, which relieves some of the stress on the body and increases blood flow. If you need help, our dedicated staff can go over the different options with you and help you choose the best type of anti-fatigue floor mats for your business.

How Reducing Foot Pain Can Increase Production

When someone’s in pain, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. All you want to do is find a way to make the pain stop and that makes it very difficult to do a good job no matter what type of work you do. When you can’t concentrate and stay focused on your job, you make mistakes that could lead to poor products or it could even lead to accidents.

Employees that deal with foot pain often miss work because they need to rest their feet. Some people even become unsociable and have bad attitudes due to the pain and these workers often lose interest in their jobs. While this is understandable, it’s a big problem for management because you need your employees to put forth their best efforts every day.

Encouraging your employees to wear proper shoes and using anti-fatigue floor mats throughout your facility will help reduce foot pain in the workplace. As a result, there will be fewer accidents, fewer missed days and you’ll see an increase in production.

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