Establish Your Brand with Custom Logo Floor Mats

logo-floor-matEstablishing and making your brand known to attract more customers is a priority for all businesses. Consumers will identify you by your brand and if you make a good enough impression, they’ll remember you the next time they need the products and services your company provides. Using custom-made logo floor mats is a good strategy that can help your company gain more consumer attention.

When someone walks into your facility, the first and last thing that person will see is your logo. Even though they may only glance at it for a few seconds, it will still make an impression and help consumers remember you. Below are a few tips to help you get the most from your investment.

Colors and Clarity are Important

When creating your custom made logo floor mats, make sure your logo, website address and any other information reads clearly. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective and consumers could identify your brand with another company with a similar logo. The colors you use should be consistent with your overall color scheme.

For example, if your logo is a light blue, then it should appear as light blue on the mats, not a dark blue. Another thing to check is the base color of the mats because you don’t want the logo and other information blending in with the base color or your customers won’t to be able to see it clearly.

Size and Shape Does Matter

Choosing the right size and shape mats is also important. The rectangular mats are the traditional shape but other options include the oval, circular patterns and shapes that are flat on one end and round on the other. Put some thought into it so you can choose the size and shape that best suits your logo and the area where it will go.

Quality and Design Make a Difference

Your logo floor mats should look professional with close attention paid to the minor details as well as the overall design. Look for mats made from good quality materials with slip resistant backing and choose the right type of mat for its purpose. For example, don’t put an indoor mat outside an entranceway because it’s not designed to hold up to elements the way the outdoor mats are. It will wear out much faster and it won’t provide as much protection for your customers.

Make a Positive Impression

It’s important to make a positive impression on your customers every chance you get and well-designed, well-placed logo floor mats can help you do that. These mats are vibrant, colorful and they show your company pays close attention to detail and that you care about your customers. They help to build an environment where customers feel comfortable doing business and they help people remember you the next time they need your services or products.

You spend a lot of time creating the perfect logo that’s simple but unique, so why not take advantage of using it every chance you get. Investing in quality logo mats will help make your logo the first and last thing customers see when visiting your establishment and this will help to build brand awareness.

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