Non-Conductive Floor Mats and Matting are a Great Investments for Many Industries

Non-Conductive Floor MatsHow many times have you reached for your car door or touched someone else and without warning, got quite a shock from static electricity? It happens often because your body picks up static charges very easily. The simple act of walking across a carpeted floor can send sparks flying. While static electricity is harmless in most cases, it is a problem for certain types of industries, which is why non-conductive floor mats and matting make such an impression.

Industries that specialize in electronics deal with sensitive equipment that requires special attention. Dust and static electricity can cause damage to many types of electronics, which means that businesses need to take special precautions to keep their work areas clean and free of static electricity.

Industries that deal with flammable liquids and chemicals also need to reduce the amount of static charges in the work areas. Static electricity can cause a spark that could actually start a fire, so it’s vital to take precaution to prevent this from happening.

Using non-conductive floor mats throughout your workstations help to reduce static electricity making it safer to work in these types of industries.

How They Work

When employees step onto the non-conductive floor mats, it absorbs the static charge from their bodies and this prevents static shock from occurring. They also help prevent the body from building up more static electricity, which makes it safer for the employees to work with sensitive electronics and flammable materials.

Non-conductive floor matting is a little different. Industries with employees that work with high voltage electricity use this type of floor mats. They create a barrier between the employees and the ground that reduces the risk of electrical shocks.

Benefits of Non-Conductive Floor Mats

Non-conductive floor mats and matting have many benefits that make them a valuable investment. They protect your electronics from static electricity that can cause damage to sensitive equipment. This can save your company money and help to increase production. They also reduce the risks of serious injuries or even death for employees that work with high voltage electricity.

Types of Non-Conductive Mats

When purchasing non-conductive floor mats, you’ll find several different styles to choose from designed for different purposes. For example, the Stat-Guard Work Surface Matting is designed for desks and workbenches. They are specifically designed to protect small electrical parts like silicon chips from being rendered virtually worthless by static electricity.

The Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting is designed specially to protect employees working with high-voltage equipment from the risk of electrocution. Some styles of non-conductive floor mats like the Electrically Conductive Anit-Fatigue floor mats help to promote good health for the employees by reducing the amount of stress on their bodies that standing for long periods can cause.

They also help to pull the static electricity from the employees to create a safer work environment. Regardless of which type of mat or matting you choose, it is important to make sure you keep them clean of dirt and debris to achieve maximum protection.

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