Protect Your Entrance with Waterhog Floor Mats

waterhog floor matsOne of the best ways to protect the entrance to your business from sand, dirt and moisture is with Waterhog  mats. These are the most common type of floor mats sold today because they are so durable and they work great. In fact, they are considered one of the best floor mats to use in high traffic areas because they’re made from crush-proof material. As a result, they will continue to hold their shape for many years regardless of how much traffic they endure.

The Waterhog Floor Mat Secret

Here’s the secret that makes Waterhog floor mats so popular. When visitors walk across the mats, the waffle-design material works to loosen and clean the dirt and debris from the bottom of their shoes. This keeps the floor looking neat and clean throughout the busy day without constant sweeping or vacuuming. It also absorbs moisture to help keep the floor dry on rainy days, which will help keep customers safer by reducing the risks for falls but that’s only half of it.

Once the dirt and debris is removed from the shoes, it doesn’t sit on the top of the mat creating an ugly mess for all to see. Instead, this type of material and design brings it downward to the bottom of the mat, leaving the top looking neat and clean. It also helps the mat to look dry even when moisture is trapped below the surface. Having clean, dry floor mats help to create a good impression that your visitors will remember.

They’re Safe to Use

Have you ever stepped on a floor mat and have it slide underneath your feet causing you to lose your balance? You’ll never have that problem with a Waterhog mat. The backing keeps the mats securely in place so they never slip and slide underneath you making them safe to use on all types of floors. This rubber backing also keeps the moisture from leaking out through the bottom of the mat so the area around the mats stay dry.

They’re Easy to Clean

Cleaning these rubber mats is also easy. Just run a vacuum over them a few times and it will pull all the dirt and grime out, so you’re ready for another day. Since they are made from quick drying material, you can wash them out with a water hose and lay them out or hang them over a railing to dry when needed.

They’re Very Stylish

The Waterhog door mat is more than just a floor mat. They are very stylish and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so they’re perfect for any area or any size business. You can also have your mats custom made with your company’s logo or colors to enhance brand awareness.

When you’re searching for durability, style and quality, the Waterhog floor mat has it all. In addition to these qualities, they’re also affordable so even the small businessman can take advantage of them.

You can have it all when you protect your entrance with Waterhog floor mats and we have a great selection to choose from. Call today to find the best style and size for your business.

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