Waterhog Floor Mats are the Leading Choice among Businesses

waterhog floor matsThe Waterhog floor mats are one of the most popular types of mats used in businesses today, due to the many benefits they have to offer. The impression you make on your visitors as they enter your establishment is one they’ll remember for a long time. These entrance mats can help make this impression a good one that builds a positive image for your company, while helping to keep your establishment looking neat and clean.

They come in many different styles, colors, sizes and shapes with the most common including the rectangle, the half oval, the two-end oval and the ones designed flat on one end and rounded on the other. Many companies also offer custom-made designs that allow you to create the perfect size and shape for your particular needs.

Some of the features that make Waterhog mats so popular are discussed below.

They’re Durable

Durability is one of the main things that business owners look for when investing in floor mats and you won’t find any other style that is tougher or more durable than the Waterhog floor mats. This makes them a great choice for entrances where the most moisture and debris is tracked into your establishment due to the high volume of traffic entering and leaving the building.

The material used to make Waterhog mats are a polypropylene fabric that dries very fast and you never have to worry about it rotting, mildewing or fading. This all-weather crush proof material will stand up to heavy traffic for many years. It’s also environmentally friendly making them an even greater investment for any company.

They’re Very Effective

The clever waffle design and reinforced bi-level rubber nubs aggressively clean the dirt and debris from the bottom of the shoes of everyone that enters your establishment. This design works all of the debris it picks up below the surface of the mat, so they always appear clean and inviting to anyone that visits.

The molded rubber edges also traps moisture underneath the surface of the mat, so they don’t look wet and soggy during inclement weather. The rubber backing prevents the moisture and debris from spilling out onto the floor and they keep the mats from sliding around when stepped on. All of this helps to maintain a clean appearance for your business, which helps to create a good first impression for visitors.

They’re Easy to Clean

Waterhog floor mats are easy to clean. Simply vacuum up the dirt and debris or rinse them off with a water hose and hang them up to dry. You can also steam clean them occasionally to help maintain the mats original luster. Proper cleaning will keep your mats looking new even longer and it will help to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

Using a Waterhog door mat inside and outside of your entrances will help to create a welcoming environment, while protecting your flooring. They’ll also keep your establishment cleaner and safer for your visitors and they’re durable enough to last a very long time. Waterhog floor mats are the leading choice among businesses and they make an excellent investment.

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