HEAVY DUTY TROOPER Commercial Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat

HEAVY DUTY TROOPER Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat (EM0013)

All-Rubber, All-Weather Floor Mat Ideal For Snow and Mud Conditions

Application: OUTDOORS

This rugged, environmentally friendly mat is constructed of 60 percent high quality, recycled rubber materials. Its traditional fingertip design provides superior scraping and dirt trapping qualities, as well as a reliable, non-slip surface. This mat, designed with safety in mind, is optimal for use in medium to high traffic outdoor areas, and is ideally suited for snowy and muddy environments. The Heavy Duty Trooper all-weather mat is easy to clean by simply shaking, sweeping, or hosing off.

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Standard Sizes (Sizes are approximate)

Sizes Price
1 - 2
3 - 5
24" x 32" $28.62 $27.19 $25.83
32" x 39" $41.43 $39.74 $37.75
3' x 5' $64.68 $61.45 $58.38
3' x 6' $76.92 $73.07 $69.42
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Weather resistant floor mat suited for outdoor use
  • High quality, rugged 60% recycled rubber materials
  • Fingertip design guarantees efficient removal of snow and debris in high traffic areas
  • Thickness of 3/8"
  • Safety first with rubber construction and beveled edges
  • Cleaning is easy: shake or hose down
  • Available in several standard sizes
  • Available in black