TRACTION HOG Slip-Resistant Floor Mat (FS0004)

Perfect for slippery environments


This floor mat offers superior grease, oil, and chemical resistance for the most demanding of commercial kitchen and industrial applications. The Traction Hog is engineered with an exclusive diamond pattern grit top, which ensures maximum traction and long-lasting wear in wet and greasy environments. In addition, the Traction Hog contains an embedded, permanent anti-bacterial agent that impedes growth of odor-causing microbes, and cannot be rubbed or washed off. High-density, closed cell rubber cushions provide anti-fatigue properties as well.

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Standard Sizes (Sizes are approximate)

Sizes Price
1 - 10
11 - 19
3' x 5' $95.92 $90.59 $85.26
3' x 9' $191.84 $181.19 $170.53
  • Provides grease, oil, and chemical resistance
  • Ideal for kitchens, cold storage areas, and industrial applications
  • Diamond Patterned Grit Top ensures a safe, anti-slip surface in both wet and oily conditions
  • High Density Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Cushion contains 15% recycled content
  • Welding safe
  • Low-profile, beveled edges prevents tripping
  • Permanent anti-microbial treatment prevents odor-causing bacterial growth and degradation
  • Back of mat designed to reduce slippage on the floor surface, even with cart traffic
  • Available in two sizes: 3' x 5'¬†and 3' x 9'
  • Available in drainable and non-drainable versions