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  • Start the Year off Right with New Custom Design Floor Mats

    DSCN0054Are your floor mats starting to look old and worn? Do they still look dirty even after daily cleaning? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to give your business a new look and start the year off right with custom design floor mats. Once floor mats start to get old and worn, they no longer perform the job they were intended for and that’s bad for business.

    Commercial floor mats are designed to help create a clean and welcoming environment for visitors. They help reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents and the custom logo mats can be a great way to increase brand awareness but old, worn out mats will have the opposite effect.

    Problems with Old Floor Mats

    Your company’s floor mats are the first thing that people see when they walk into your place of business, so they are a reflection of your company. If they’re old and outdated, consumers and associates might get the impression that your business is a little outdated and that can hurt your company's image.

    Another problem with old floor mats is that they can easily turn into a safety issue. If the corners are beginning to curl up or the edges are torn, it greatly increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. When the non-skid backing wears out, the mats will begin to shift and slide around when someone steps on them, which can also cause serious accidents.

    Over time the dirt and debris can grind in so deep that you can’t get them clean and the fabric becomes worn and slick. When this happens, they won’t absorb the water or scrape off the dirt and debris very well, so they no longer do the job they were designed to do. Instead of making your facility safer for your visitors, old worn out commercial floor mats can actually create an unsafe environment and a poor company image.

    How New Custom Design Floor Mats Can Enhance Business

    New custom design floor mats can give your business a fresh, new look that portrays a modern and friendly environment and the importance of first impressions in business can’t be stressed enough. Each time someone steps foot inside your facility, you want them to have a pleasant experience that will help to build a positive image for your company. New custom floor mats can help you accomplish that goal.

    They make your facility look modern and clean while making it safer for visitors by reducing the risks of accidents. It shows visitors that you care about their safety and they’ll be impressed by the effort you put into creating this safe and welcoming environment. It will also help to build credibility and trust between your company and all those you do business with because they’ll expect this much commitment in every area of your business.

    If your floor mats are beginning to show their age, make the commitment to start this year off on the right foot by replacing them with good quality, custom design floor mats. Your visitors will notice and appreciate your efforts.

  • Protect Your Commercial Floor Mats throughout the Holidays

    Logo Floor MatThe holidays are a busy time for consumers and businesses. Many people are out shopping for gifts for loved ones and friends and many others simply enjoy window-shopping this time of year. For whatever reason consumers are getting out more, it’s great for your business but it can be really rough on your floor mats.

    The extra heavy foot traffic will increase the amount of dirt and grime tracked into your facility and if you don’t take extra steps to keep them clean, it’ll get ground into the mats. The more it’s ground in, the harder it will be to get them clean.

    If it goes too long, you won’t be able to get all the dirt and grime out and this will make your mats wear out much faster than normal. As a result, you’ll have to replace your floor mats much sooner than normal but a simple change in your cleaning routine can help to protect your mats and compensate for the extra traffic.

    Benefits of Increasing Your Routine Maintenance

    Adding to your routine maintenance schedule may seem like a lot of extra work during an already stressful time of year but these few extra steps can help protect your investment. Any time of year that you see an increase in business, your flooring and floor mats will suffer the most.

    By cleaning the mats more often, you’re removing a lot of the dirt and grime before it has a chance to do any damage. It will also remove the dirt trapped between your mats and the floor, which can scratch up and damage the flooring the more it’s walked on. It’s important to protect your flooring because you don’t want to replace it too often due to the expense.

    Tips for Cleaning Floor Mats in High Traffic Areas

    Working in an extra cleaning step is easier than it sounds. If you normally clean your commercial floor mats twice a day, you can add an extra cleaning time about halfway between the scheduled cleanings when business is at its slowest. This will help to pick up the access dirt on top of the mats before the next rush hits, which will prevent it from being ground in deeper from everyone walking on it.

    Reducing the amount of ground in dirt makes it easier to clean the mats at the end of the night. This will save you a lot of time and aggravation later. At closing, rinse down the floor mats with a water hose and scrub any stubborn areas clean with a mild soap and scrubber designed for the type of mats you have. Rinse out all the soap and hang them up to dry overnight.

    Be sure to clean under the mats at least once during the day to pick up any dirt that’s made its way through to the floor and then again during the final cleaning. Adding this extra step to your maintenance routine will help to extend the life of your commercial floor mats and reduce the damage the extra traffic can cause. It will keep them looking like new much longer and working in an extra cleaning step, only takes a few minutes.

  • Protect Your Flooring with Commercial Floor Mats

    Commercial Entrance MatsUsing commercial floor mats have many benefits and they’re a great investment for any business. They help to keep your visitors safer by reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents but they offer another benefit that you don’t hear as much about. They have the potential to help keep your floors looking like new and to save your company money on maintenance. Replacing damaged flooring can be very expensive and using floor mats is the first step in protecting your investment.

    The appearance of your establishment is very important because it says a lot about your company. You want to make a good impression by having a clean, well-maintained facility and using floor mats will help. When your flooring looks neat and clean, your facility will look well organized and professional but a scratched up old looking floor will have the opposite effect.

    Maintenance Issues

    Normally, flooring will last for many years but that’s not the case when it comes to businesses. It takes a lot more effort to care for these floors and they wear out quickly due to the excessive foot traffic they receive on a daily basis. In order to maintain a good appearance and keep your facility presentable, you need to keep your flooring in good shape.

    This often requires stripping the floors and re-finishing them to bring back their original luster. Overtime, even this won’t restore their look and you’ll need to replace the flooring. This type of maintenance takes up a lot time and it’s also very expensive. However, using floor mats can make a difference by helping your company make a good first impression.

    How Floor Mats Make a Difference

    Floor mats are designed to protect your flooring by absorbing the majority of the dirt and debris tracked in every time someone walks through your doors. Dirt, sand and other types of debris stick to the bottom of your shoes and when you walk across the floor, you grind all of this into flooring. This wears down the finish and scratches up the floors leaving them looking dull and worn out.

    If you have carpet, the dirt and grime gets ground in and it won’t be long before it looks dirty and worn. Now, think about how many people enter your establishment each day, week or during a month and you can imagine how much damage it’s doing to your floors. It’s easy to see why they wear out so quickly but floor mats can help protect them.

    Placement Matters

    Where you place your commercial floor mats, will make a difference in how well they protect your flooring. To achieve maximum protection, you’ll need to have outdoor entrance mats at every doorway leading into your facility and indoor entrance mats on the inside. The outdoor mats are your first line of defense and they’ll absorb most of the dirt and debris. The indoor mat will clean most of what’s left greatly reducing the amount of damage your floors receive.

    Using commercial floor mats will help protect your floors and keep them looking new much longer than they would without this protection. Following a daily cleaning routine will protect your floor mats and combining the two, will greatly lower your overall maintenance costs and keep your floors looking like new.

  • Tips for Creating Custom-Made Logo Floor Mats

    indoor outdoor floor matsCustom logo floor mats make a great investment for any business and they serve multiple functions. They keep your establishment cleaner, help to prevent slip and fall accidents and they help to create a friendly and welcoming environment for your visitors.

    You can use logo floor mats to reinforce your company’s brand name because the logo or slogan you choose is the first and last thing visitors see when entering and leaving your establishment. They are essentially a form of free advertisement with the potential to make a lasting impression. Therefore, it’s important to put some time and thought into your design. You need to create something that truly represents your business and the following tips can help.

    Determine the Placement of the Floor Mats

    The placement of your custom-made logo floor mats will have a direct affect on the design. Therefore, it has to be determined before you create the design to ensure the logo or the slogan you use is positioned correctly. When your guests walk in, you want the design to appear in an upright position, not sideways. The horizontal position is referred to as the landscape orientation and the vertical position is called the portrait orientation. When creating your design, consider the orientation of the floor mat first, so you can position the design correctly.

    Keep It Simple

    Visitors will only have a few seconds to glance at the mats as they go in and out of your facility, so you need a design that can make a good impression on your clients quickly. A simple logo design with vivid colors usually works the best because they are easier to focus on than complicated designs and visitors will be more likely to remember it.

    The color scheme should match your business colors to maintain consistency because this will help visitors associate the design slogan or logo with your company. It’s also important to choose contrasting colors to make sure your design stands out from the background so it will be easy to see.

    Choose the Right Size and Shape

    Take a few minutes to measure the areas where you plan to put your custom logo mats. The mat’s size and shape should fit the area and look like it belongs there instead of giving the impression it’s out of place. Oversized or undersized floor mats will also take away from the overall effect, making them look awkward and out of place. When it comes to shapes, some of your options include rectangle, octagon, hexagon and semi-circles so consider your choices carefully.

    Using custom-made logo floor mats is a great marketing strategy that will help build brand awareness and make a good impression on customers as soon as they walk in. They’ll also help to make your establishment a safer place for your visitors by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Determining the orientation of the mats, choosing a simple design and purchasing the right size and shape for the environment, will all help to ensure your custom-made logo floor mats are well suited for your business.

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