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  • Types of Non-Conductive Mats

    radialvinylrunnerblackIndustries that work with electronics or high voltage electricity need non-conductive table and floor mats to help protect sensitive equipment and employees. There are different types of mats available to serve different purposes. Surface mats for example, are the ones you place on top of worktables and desks to protect small electrical components against static electricity. These come in various sizes to accommodate any need.

    The shock that you feel from static electricity is called electro static discharge or ESD. You’re feeling at least 3,000 volts of electricity when you encounter static shock. You know how uncomfortable this can feel but you might be surprised to learn that it takes a lot less than that to damage electronic components such as computer chips and semiconductor devices.

    Static electricity can occur simply from walking across the floor so you can’t eliminate it from the workplace but non-conductive surface mats can stop it from damaging your inventory during the manufacturing process. Technology is helping to make electronic components smaller to help meet consumer demand for smaller, more convenient devices. As a result, the need to protect these parts from ESD increases even more.

    Non-Conductive Mats with Anti-Fatigue Properties

    Electrically conductive mats are a type of floor mat designed to protect sensitive equipment and make the work area more comfortable for your employees. The static dissipative anti-fatigue smooth top mats are a good example of these. The anti-fatigue properties will reduce worker fatigue and lower the risk of injuries caused from standing in one spot all day while the non-conductive properties protect the equipment from ESD.

    These mats have a metal scrim embedded in the surface that causes the static electricity to dissipate by draining it from the workers body before it can pass to the equipment. They’re very effective and can save your company lots of money on damaged merchandise. You’ll need to use the ground cord accessory with this particular mat for it to work properly. Simply connect the terminal to the screw located in the nearest outlet cover and you’re all set to go.

    Switchboard Matting

    Another type of non-conductive floor mat is called switchboard matting. These have the most important function of all because they’re designed to protect employees that work with high voltage electricity or equipment. They are insulated to form a barrier that protects employees from being grounded, reducing the risks of electrical shock that could result in serious injuries or even death.

    Switchboard matting varies in thickness, which provides varies degrees of protection so it’s vital that you choose the right mats for your particular facility. If you need help choosing the right thickness, give us a call. Our representatives will be happy to go over your specific needs and help you choose the right mats for the job.

    Whether you’re trying to protect sensitive equipment from static electricity or save the life of an employee, non-conductive mats are proven to be effective. They offer many benefits, making them a smart investment for any company that works with high voltage electricity or sensitive equipment that can be damaged by the ESD caused by static electricity.

  • Keep Patrons Coming Back to Your Gym with These Tips

    gym matsThe gym is one of those places where many people want to go but only a few actually do. For this reason, you must do everything you can to encourage visitors to join and then to keep these patrons coming back. You can start by providing excellent service to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

    Going to the gym is difficult for many people and nothing will give them an excuse to not return faster than rude or unprofessional service. Below are a few more tips to help keep patrons coming back to your gym.

    Keep Your Patrons Coming Back By Providing Modern Equipment

    If you want to compete with other fitness centers in your area, you must have modern equipment in your gym. It’s what people look for and expect. If you don’t, it appears as though you don’t care about your patrons and many of them will get discouraged and stop coming. Modern equipment is also more advanced so it will provide better workouts than older equipment.

    Provide Personal Trainers

    Another way to keep people coming back to your gym is by offering personal training sessions for anyone that needs help meeting their fitness goals. Having a personal trainer motivates people to push a little harder even when they don’t feel like working out, so offering these services will give them a reason to come back.

    Gym Mats Can Make a Difference

    Gym mats have many benefits that will make your facility stand out. They may seem like a small thing compared to the equipment you carry and the services you provide but they make more of an impact than you might think.

    For example, they help you make a good impression by showing you care about the health and well-being of your patrons because they can make your gym a safer place. Of course, you do need to choose the right mat for the job so you need to be familiar with the different types of mats available.

    Here are the most common types of gym mats and how they can benefit your facility:

    • Entrance mats- When used at all entrances they help to keep the floors cleaner and dryer, which helps to prevent slip and fall accidents
    • Anti-fatigue mats- These help to prevent injuries caused by high impact aerobic exercises by providing a cushion to take some of the pressure off the legs, back and spine. Most often used in the fitness center of your gym.
    • Heavy Duty Mats- Used in weight rooms to absorb some of the impact from this type of equipment. They also protect your floors from scratches, scuffmarks, chips and holes heavy equipment can cause.
    • Interlocking tile mats- Place these throughout your facility to help prevent falls even in areas where patrons are not working out. Since they interlock, they’re easy to install and move around when needed.

    Everything you do to make your gym stand out will help increase business and keep your patrons coming back. Even something as simple as providing a variety of gym mats can make a difference. Contact us to learn more about the different types of mats available and to receive advice on which ones would be the best for each section of your gym.

    Providing good service, modern equipment and personal trainers in addition to using a variety of gym mats throughout your facility will encourage visitors to join your gym and help keep them coming back.

  • Commercial Floor Mats Have Many Benefits

    commercial floor matsWhen you own a business, time is precious. You have so many things to take care of such as attending business meetings and dealing with clients that you probably have little time left for anything else. This makes it easy to overlook things within your business that do not require your immediate attention, such as keeping your facility in good shape. However, this is something that is very important to the future of your business.

    When customers walk into your place of business, the first thing that stands out is the flooring. They will notice the scratches on your hard wood floors, the cracked tile or the stains on the carpet. These things seem to jump out as soon as you walk in and it makes people wonder what else needs replaced or repaired. It gives off the impression that you don’t really care about your company or your customers and that will hurt business.

    Keeping your facility clean and well maintained is vital to the success of your company and keeping your floors in great shape will help you do that. One of the best ways to protect your floors is with commercial mats.

    How Commercial Floor Mats Can Help

    Every time someone enters your facility, they track in dirt, sand and even moisture that can wreak havoc on your floors. The more traffic you have, the more damage occurs. New flooring can begin looking old and worn out after a few short months if you don’t protect them.

    This is where commercial floor mats make a difference. When you place entrance mats on the outside and inside of all doorways, they catch most of the debris that gets tracked into your facility. This is your first line of protection and it makes a huge difference. Using runners and mats in other high traffic areas will provide added protection and catch what the entrance mats miss.

    Floor Mats Can Save Your Business Money

    Floor mats can save you money by reducing maintenance costs. You won’t have to steam clean your carpets or buff out and refinish your hard floors as often. Since they will help keep your floors looking new for much longer, you won’t have to replace them as often and that will save your company a significant amount of money.

    In addition to the savings, floor mats can also help you create a warm and welcoming environment by brightening up the place and you can use logo mats to advertise your business. They also create a safer environment by helping to prevent slip and fall accidents, which will help you save money. If someone falls and is injured you may be liable for their medical bills and you’ll need to compensate them for their injuries if you haven’t provided a safe environment.

    A facility that looks old and run down can leave a bad impression on your customers and many of them may not return. On the other hand, when customers walk into your facility and everything looks neat and clean, they instantly feel confident that they made a good choice by choosing to do business with your company. It helps you make a good impression and build consumer trust.

  • Office Chair Mats are Not a Luxury Item

    chair matsOffice mats are not a luxury item that you can do without. Instead, they’re a very important accessory for any office. Chair mats help you create a better work environment for your employees. Certain types of flooring, especially carpet, make it difficult to move your chairs around your desk. These mats provide a smooth surface that allows the chairs to move easily.

    Your employees won’t have to strain and pull on the chairs when getting up and down or when moving to different sections of their desk. As a result, they will be happier and more productive and that benefits everyone.

    How to Choose the Right Office Chair Mats

    Choosing the right mats for your office is very important. It’s not as simple as just picking a style. You must consider a few details before ordering your mats. This is the only way to ensure that you choose the right ones for your particular office.

    Before you purchase chair mats for your office, ask yourself the following questions:

    • What type of flooring do you have? If you have carpet, then you’ll need mats with cleats to keep them from sliding around on the floor. The cleats dig into the carpet fibers and keep the mats secure. For any other type of flooring, you’ll need the mats with a smooth backing.
    • What size and shape do you need? To determine the size and shape of the mats, look at the area under the desk and take measurements. It needs to be large enough to cover the entire area where the chair will roll but small enough to fit between the legs of the desk. You don’t want to place the mats under the desk legs because it can damage them.
    • Is your workspace oddly shaped? If so, then tradition size mats probably won’t fit correctly under your desk. In this case, you need to order custom chair mats cut to fit your work area perfectly. We offer custom mats here at Floor Mats Systems. Simply provide us with the correct measurements and we’ll take care of the rest for you.
    • What thickness will work the best? You’ll need to decide which thickness to buy based on your own personal needs. However, it is important to note that the thicker the mat, the more support it provides. Therefore, if you want the most protection, choose the thickest option available.

    The answers to these questions will ensure you choose the best mats for your office. If you’re having trouble deciding which mats to use, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you choose the best options for your office.

    Chair Mats Have Other Benefits, Too

    Office mats do enhance the work environment and make it easier for employees to maneuver around their desks but they have other benefits, too. For example, they can enhance your décor and make your office look more professional.

    Another benefit is that they will protect your floors. Rolling chairs around all day can do a lot of damage to your floors. This will cost you more in maintenance and it will make it necessary to replace your flooring more often than you would if you protect them with mats. If you’re not already using mats in your office or if you need to replace them, now would be a good time to place your order.

  • 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Tidy

    It’s acceptable not to be obsessed with cleanliness in your home, but being a neat freak is necessary when it comes to your commercial property. As customer satisfaction is a top priority in the industry, you should go more than just quality food and services. Make sure your restaurant is presentable, as well.

    A tidy space plays a key role in generating a good first impression with your customers. Dirt-free surfaces will make your store appealing and attractive. You will likely see your customers back in the place if they had a good time during their first visit. You must exert more effort in eliminating the mess, which is among the biggest turnoffs.

    Focus on the Floor and Surfaces

    According to research, about 50% of customers look at the floors of an establishment when determining its cleanliness. Step your best foot forward by starting on the spot where customers would first step in: the doorstep. Place a quality floor mat that can effectively collect the dirt from their footwear and keep it from coming inside. Sweep and mop the floors thoroughly right before you open and before you close.

    Maintain Cleanliness in the Restroom

    It’s a common scene in restaurants wherein customers frequently go to the restroom. Maintain this area’s cleanliness throughout the day. Make sure every spot is clean; don’t let the tissue boxes or the hand soap dispenser run empty.

    Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Sanitized

    Customers may not be allowed inside the kitchen, but the cleanliness of this room is manifested through the food you serve. This is a common sense for this type of business. Implement hygienic policies to your employees. They should disinfect all the kitchen supplies and equipment before using them.

    Assign an Employee Solely for Cleaning

    If you have the means, it’ll be beneficial to assign an employee or two solely to cleanup all day. It’ll be their responsibility to keep things tidy from opening to closing to ensure the safety of everyone.

    You will need the right materials to keep your commercial property clean and pleasant for your customers, as well. At Floor Mat Systems, we offer quality commercial entrance mats & runners, which are your best allies in keeping the floors of your facility clean and safe, reducing maintenance costs. Contact us now and get one of the essential maintenance materials right on your doorstep.

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