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  • 3 Commercial Environments that Should Have Contamination Control Mats

    contamination control matsContamination control mats are designed for the purpose of removing contaminants from shoes or carts that pass over their surface. This helps to reduce contamination and cross contamination when employees walk from room to room.

    According to studies performed by 3M, about 80% of all contaminants enter a room at or near floor level. Therefore, contamination control mats are an excellent choice for all commercial environments that need contamination control. Continue reading

  • 3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Fatigue Mats

    anti fatigue floor matsAnti-fatigue mats are floor mats made with comfort in mind. They provide a cushioned floor environment for employees who spend the majority of their working time on their feet or walking short distances. These mats are great for any commercial application or location.

    Here are three reasons you and your company should invest in anti-fatigue floor mats. Continue reading

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