Anti-Static Mats

  • Three Ways Floor Mats Can Help Your Business

    indoor outdoor floor matsBusiness owners are always looking for ways to enhance business and even little things can make a big difference. For example, maintaining a clean establishment and always providing good customer service will greatly enhance your business. Both will help draw in more customers and help your company build a good reputation. Another way to enhance your business is to use floor mats throughout your facility.

    Floor mats have been around so long that many people take them for granted. They don’t think about the many ways they help enhance business but they do play a very important role. In the beginning, they may have only been something to wipe the dirt off your feet with before entering a building but today, they do so much more. Below are three ways floor mats can help your business.

    They Protect Your Visitors

    The most important job of the floor mat is to protect your visitors. It’s your duty as a business owner to make your establishment as safe as possible for everyone. Protecting customers and employees is so important that many companies put a lot of money into sophisticated surveillance cameras and alarm systems to enhance safety.

    Floor mats are less expensive than these complicated systems but they are just as important. They help to keep your floors clean and dry throughout the day and that will help to reduce injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. Customers and employees appreciate all of your efforts to help make your business a safe environment, which is why even something as simple as a floor mat can help build trust and loyalty.

    They Enhance Branding

    Branding is very important and using floor mats with your logo on them is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand. Custom logo entrance mats will display your logo to all who enter your building. You can also place them at all of the entranceways throughout your establishment to draw even more attention to your brand.

    You can use message floor mats to help create a pleasant and friendly environment or to direct your visitors to different locations within your facility. Both logo and message floor mats will help to enhance your marketing efforts and establish your brand.

    They Help Your Company Save Money

    The original use for floor mats was to protect the flooring by reducing the amount of dirt and debris people track in on the bottom of their shoes. Thanks to modern technology, they perform this job even better today. Floor mats are more durable and easier to care for, so they last longer reducing the need to replace them as often and that saves you money.

    Floor mats help protect your flooring from scuffs and scratches, so they save you money by reducing maintenance costs and the need to replace the flooring as often. Since they also help to reduce accidents from falls, they save you money by reducing the risks of being involved in a lawsuit resulting from slip and fall accidents.

    Floor mats enhance branding, protect your visitors and employees and they can help save your company money. This makes them a sound investment for any business.

  • Anti Static Floor Mats

    Non-Conductive Floor MatsDrag your feet across a carpeted floor and you can expect sparks to fly when you touch a door handle or even someone else? Most everyone can relate to this type of static electricity and it can be very annoying but it’s also a big problem in the work place, which is why all companies should invest in anti static floor mats.

    These floor mats are designed to pull the static from the worker, eliminating the charge. It can also help to prevent more static electricity from building up as the person moves around, so they don’t have to worry about getting shocked when they touch something. Static electricity can be very strong and cause many problems for your company and your employees.

    Problems Caused By Static Electricity

    No one enjoys getting shocked by static electricity and when it happens repeatedly, it goes from being irritating to frustrating and it can even hurt when you get shocked. Workers become hesitant to touch the equipment because they know they will probably get shocked when they do and this interferes with production. They’re wasting time worrying about whether or not they will feel that shock instead of concentrating on getting the work done.

    Nobody wants to work with equipment when you know it's probably going to shock you every time you touch it but that’s what you’re asking your employees to do if you’re not using anti static floor mats. When you think about it that way, you can see how it slows down production.

    If your company works with sensitive equipment such as motherboards and computer components, static electricity can cause damage that leaves these items useless. This could result in a huge amount of lost revenue for the company but it’s a problem easily solved.

    Many chemicals and gases used in certain types of industries are flammable and the sparks caused from static electricity is enough to ignite them, causing fires to break out randomly such as the one CBS reported on at Barton Solvents Des Moines facility in Iowa. If this happens, your employees could be harmed or the fire could spread causing massive damage but anti static floor mats can help prevent this from happening.

    Types of Anti Static Floor Mats

    There are different types of floor mats available designed to eliminate static electricity. Many of these mats have anti fatigue properties that help to take some of the strain off the legs, hips and ankles of the workers. This makes standing for long periods more comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries.

    The non-conductive switchboard matting is another type designed to prevent electrical shock when working with high-voltage. The stat-guard surface matting was created for desks and similar work areas and they help to protect sensitive components from being damaged by a simple shock.

    Anti-static floor mats are designed to absorb the static electricity and prevent the worker from transferring the charge from his body to the equipment he is working on. Anti static floor mats are a good investment that will help to keep your employees safer, increase production and save your company money.

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