• Three Benefits of Appearing More Professional

    floor mattingEntry floor mats are good for more than just preventing accidents. A business can convey a strong sense of professionalism to customers the second they walk in the door with clean entrance mats that bear large company logos proudly. The high level of professionalism that the right floor matting can convey goes a longer way than you'd think. Here are a few reasons to consider an investment in top-quality, branded floor matting.

    1. Make a Good First Impression. 
    You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and you've got to make it count. While most think a smile, a friendly greeting, and a firm handshake are enough, there are other factors that a business owner can easily control that set them up for a successful first impression. Business owners can control every aspect of their customers' experience from the moment they first show up. Having clean, branded floor matting can impress the customer, making it easier to create a good first impression.

    2. Be More Persuasive. 
    Once your floor matting's conveyed just how professional your company is, the customers will be more likely to hear your employees out. After all, professionalism equates to authority. Once they get the idea that your business is an industry leader, customers will allow themselves to be persuaded more easily. Essentially, being professional lends credibility to your business.

    3. Generate More Brand Awareness. 
    Marketers agree that it takes about eight to 10 exposures to a business's brand before a customer will consider purchasing goods or services there. This sounds like quite a lot, but all it takes to expose a potential customer to your brand is to simply get your company's logo in front of them. Just because someone is in your store doesn't necessarily mean they'll buy, either. Use that as an opportunity to generate more brand awareness, which will help get them to make purchases.

    With professional, high-quality floor matting, your business can make a good first impression, be more persuasive, and generate more brand awareness, all of which leads directly to more sales. And who would've thought that you could do all that with your floor matting? If you have any questions about logo mats, feel free to ask in the comments.

  • Enhance Brand Awareness with Computer Print Logo Mats

    Computer Print Logo MatsAre you searching for a new way to enhance your facility and create a good first impression for your customers? Have you considered investing in computer print logo floor mats? Sometimes, a simple change can make a big difference and you’ll be amazed at how colorful logo mats can brighten up your building. The main purpose of using floor mats is to create a safe environment for your visitors by reducing the risks of accidents but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple and plain.

    You can use computer print logo mats as a way to create a welcoming environment and establish your brand in a unique and fun way. These are a great option because the images are created by advanced dye-injection technology with precision control. What this means for you is that you’ll receive quality products with clear, vivid images that stand out from other types of designs. It also offers you more color options so you can match your company’s logo and color theme perfectly.

    How Using Computer Print Logo Mats Can Benefit You

    Computer print technology offers a wide variety of vibrant colors with the ability to create detailed patterns, color gradations and 3-D effects. It even offers photographic effects that are sure to grab the attention of anyone that walks into your business. This sophisticated technology is so advanced that people can’t help but notice the colorful and vivid artwork.

    More importantly, many of them will remember your logo whenever they need the products or services you offer, making these floor mats a great investment. Computer print logo mats are a great choice for any company looking for a way to make a good impression on your customers. It’s an excellent way to draw attention to your brand and you get the added benefits of creating a safer environment for your visitors.

    Tips for Creating Your Custom Design

    After selecting a company that can provide you with quality services, you’ll need to create your design but there are a few things you need to consider that are unique to floor mats. The angle from which the visitors see the image is the main difference. Since they’ll be looking down at the design, you have to make sure your message is clear and that it looks good from this angle.

    You also have to consider the location of the mats so you can determine if you need to use the portrait or the landscape orientation for the design. This will ensure the image is not sideways when your visitors look at it. You also want to create a simple design since your customers will only have a few seconds to see it as they go in and out of your building.

    When you choose computer print logo mats, you’re putting your brand in a location that your visitors are sure to notice as soon as they step inside your facility. Combine this technology with durable, high quality floor mats and you have an eye-catching design that will get consumer attention, enhance brand awareness and reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents.

  • Benefits of Entrance Floor Mats for Your Home

    Entrance Floor MatsYour home is a huge investment so you want to protect it in every way that you can, which includes protecting your flooring. If you have to replace the flooring in your home, it can be incredibly expensive but there is a very simple and affordable way to keep those floors looking like new and it’s called entrance floor mats.

    Residential entrance mats can be outside or inside your home or if you want the ultimate in protection, use both. These mats are perfect for hardwood floors, tile and linoleum that can easily get scuffed up from the dirt and debris that can stick to the bottom of your shoes. Simply wipe your feet before coming inside and again on the indoor mat and you should be able to walk across your flooring without worrying about scratching it up.

    Here are some more of the benefits you can expect to receive when you use entrance floor mats in your home.

    They Keep Your Home Cleaner

    Entrance mats are designed to clean off the dirt and debris that your shoes pick up throughout the day. Many things can get stuck in the ridges of the soles of your shoes such as pebbles and sticks. When you walk straight into your home, you carry all of this trash with you. This debris damages your floor as you walk across it.

    When you wipe your feet on the outside mat, it loosens up this type of dirt and debris and it falls out of your shoes before you step inside. Once you step inside your home, you need an indoor mat to clean off the remainder of the dirt and debris that the outside mat missed. This leaves the bottom of your shoes clean enough to walk throughout your home without doing damage.

    They Can Help to Reduce Accidents

    Using entrance mats at all of the doors leading into your home can help reduce the number of accidents caused by slipping and falling on a wet floor. How many times have you or someone you know ran into the house to get out of the rain only to slip and fall when you hit the floor with your wet feet?

    It happens a lot and even if you’re trying to be careful, tile, linoleum and even hard wood floors can be very slick when you walk on them with wet shoes. However, when you wipe your feet on an entrance mat, you’re cleaning off the water as well as the dirt and debris and this will make it safer to walk around your home.

    They Add a Touch of Style

    Entrance mats have undergone a lot of changes throughout the years and there are many elegant designs available for you to choose from today. You can find indoor mats in all types of shapes, sizes and designs created to enhance your decor, not take away from it. For this reason, you can enjoy the protection these mats have to offer without sacrificing style.

    Choosing entrance floor mats for your house is a great idea that will help protect the flooring leading into your home but why stop there? You can buy floor mats for every room in your home to keep your flooring in excellent shape. Some of your options include chair mats, floor runners and designer decorative mats with attractive designs.

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