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  • Commercial Floor Mats Have Many Benefits

    commercial floor matsWhen you own a business, time is precious. You have so many things to take care of such as attending business meetings and dealing with clients that you probably have little time left for anything else. This makes it easy to overlook things within your business that do not require your immediate attention, such as keeping your facility in good shape. However, this is something that is very important to the future of your business.

    When customers walk into your place of business, the first thing that stands out is the flooring. They will notice the scratches on your hard wood floors, the cracked tile or the stains on the carpet. These things seem to jump out as soon as you walk in and it makes people wonder what else needs replaced or repaired. It gives off the impression that you don’t really care about your company or your customers and that will hurt business.

    Keeping your facility clean and well maintained is vital to the success of your company and keeping your floors in great shape will help you do that. One of the best ways to protect your floors is with commercial mats.

    How Commercial Floor Mats Can Help

    Every time someone enters your facility, they track in dirt, sand and even moisture that can wreak havoc on your floors. The more traffic you have, the more damage occurs. New flooring can begin looking old and worn out after a few short months if you don’t protect them.

    This is where commercial floor mats make a difference. When you place entrance mats on the outside and inside of all doorways, they catch most of the debris that gets tracked into your facility. This is your first line of protection and it makes a huge difference. Using runners and mats in other high traffic areas will provide added protection and catch what the entrance mats miss.

    Floor Mats Can Save Your Business Money

    Floor mats can save you money by reducing maintenance costs. You won’t have to steam clean your carpets or buff out and refinish your hard floors as often. Since they will help keep your floors looking new for much longer, you won’t have to replace them as often and that will save your company a significant amount of money.

    In addition to the savings, floor mats can also help you create a warm and welcoming environment by brightening up the place and you can use logo mats to advertise your business. They also create a safer environment by helping to prevent slip and fall accidents, which will help you save money. If someone falls and is injured you may be liable for their medical bills and you’ll need to compensate them for their injuries if you haven’t provided a safe environment.

    A facility that looks old and run down can leave a bad impression on your customers and many of them may not return. On the other hand, when customers walk into your facility and everything looks neat and clean, they instantly feel confident that they made a good choice by choosing to do business with your company. It helps you make a good impression and build consumer trust.

  • 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Tidy

    It’s acceptable not to be obsessed with cleanliness in your home, but being a neat freak is necessary when it comes to your commercial property. As customer satisfaction is a top priority in the industry, you should go more than just quality food and services. Make sure your restaurant is presentable, as well.

    A tidy space plays a key role in generating a good first impression with your customers. Dirt-free surfaces will make your store appealing and attractive. You will likely see your customers back in the place if they had a good time during their first visit. You must exert more effort in eliminating the mess, which is among the biggest turnoffs.

    Focus on the Floor and Surfaces

    According to research, about 50% of customers look at the floors of an establishment when determining its cleanliness. Step your best foot forward by starting on the spot where customers would first step in: the doorstep. Place a quality floor mat that can effectively collect the dirt from their footwear and keep it from coming inside. Sweep and mop the floors thoroughly right before you open and before you close.

    Maintain Cleanliness in the Restroom

    It’s a common scene in restaurants wherein customers frequently go to the restroom. Maintain this area’s cleanliness throughout the day. Make sure every spot is clean; don’t let the tissue boxes or the hand soap dispenser run empty.

    Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Sanitized

    Customers may not be allowed inside the kitchen, but the cleanliness of this room is manifested through the food you serve. This is a common sense for this type of business. Implement hygienic policies to your employees. They should disinfect all the kitchen supplies and equipment before using them.

    Assign an Employee Solely for Cleaning

    If you have the means, it’ll be beneficial to assign an employee or two solely to cleanup all day. It’ll be their responsibility to keep things tidy from opening to closing to ensure the safety of everyone.

    You will need the right materials to keep your commercial property clean and pleasant for your customers, as well. At Floor Mat Systems, we offer quality commercial entrance mats & runners, which are your best allies in keeping the floors of your facility clean and safe, reducing maintenance costs. Contact us now and get one of the essential maintenance materials right on your doorstep.

  • Three Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

    Logo Floor MatsAs a small business owner, you rely on advertising to get the word out and let people know about your company. With so much competition, it’s easy to go unnoticed if you don’t find ways to draw attention to your business but that can be difficult when your funds are limited.

    Small businesses simply can’t spend thousands on ads to gain recognition like larger corporations do. However, there are ways to advertise your small business that will get you the attention you need without draining the bank account.

    Advertise Your Small Business Using Social Media

    Social media is thriving and all types of businesses are using it to draw attention to their company. Social media puts you in direct contact with your customers. You can share information about your business in a way that is interesting to consumers.

    People don’t pay as much attention to ads as they once did but they enjoy leaning more about the personal side of businesses. That is why using a social platform like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is so effective.

    However, it’s vital that you make a good impression on your customers so you do have to be careful how you use them. If you don’t have any experience using social media platforms for business, it would be wise to seek the help of a professional.

    Use Logo Floor Mats

    Another excellent way to advertise your small business is to use logo floor mats at all of your physical locations. It may seem like a small thing but these mats have the potential to make a big impact. They help build brand recognition through repetition. When customers see your logo as they enter your place of business, throughout the facility and again when they leave, it helps them to remember you.

    We provide custom logo mats here at Floor Mat Systems and our Waterhog logo indoor/outdoor floor mats are an excellent choice for entrances. The super absorbent polypropylene surface and rubber-molded borders are designed to keep debris and moisture off the floor.

    Using quality floor mats will also keep customers safe when visiting your facility by reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents. Showing that you care about the safety of your customers will help build a positive image for your company so logo floor mats serve multiple purposes.

    Take Advantage of Promotional Items

    Giving away promotional items is an old marketing technique but it’s one that stills works great today. People love getting free gifts and they enjoy carrying them around with them and showing them off to others. One of the greatest things about promotional items is that you don’t have to give away some extravagant gift to get attention. You simply need to choose a quality item that people actually use.

    For example, a hardware store could give away promotional rulers. This is something that your customers would use and enjoy. Other items that can gain businesses a lot of attention include lighters, mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts and hats.

    Using social media, logo mats and giving away promotional items are simple ways that small businesses can make a huge impact on consumers. They can help you compete with other businesses in your industry while staying within your budget.

  • Three Ways to Protect Your Clean Room from Contaminants

    tackymat1From the medical field to electronic and computer manufacturers, many industries have special areas within their facilities called clean rooms. The environment inside these rooms must be carefully controlled to maintain a contaminant-free work zone.

    Some clean rooms such as the ones used in the medical field must strive to keep out all intrusive particles, which is why they normally require workers to wear suits and gloves when working. Hair, sweat and skin particles can be a problem for these industries and this type of gear will help prevent contamination.

    Other industries such as the electronic and computer manufacturers only need to eliminate dust and similar airborne particles that can damage small computer chips and similar devices. Below are three ways these industries can help keep their clean rooms free of contaminants.

    Ventilation Systems Will Help Protect Your Clean Room from Contaminants

    Having a good ventilation system is vital to keeping dust particles and other contaminants out of your clean room. Some systems use HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters and others use ULPA or ultra-low penetration air filters because these are the most reliable and efficient filters available today.

    The air entering the room must be monitored for contaminants and to make sure the temperature and humidity levels remain within the specified range. Therefore, it’s very important that you choose the right system for the job.

    Use Contamination Control Mats

    Using contamination control mats is another way to protect your clean room from contaminants. A large portion of dust and other debris is tracked into the room from the bottom of your shoes and on the wheels of the carts carrying equipment and supplies. To prevent these contaminants from entering your room, use these specialty mats.

    You can rest assured that all of our mats here at Floor Mat Systems are designed with quality and efficiency in mind to ensure the best possible results. Place the mats on the outside of all entranceways leading into you clean room. When someone walks over it, the sticky adhesive will pull the dust particles and other debris from the soles of your shoes and anything else that touches it. When the top sheet of adhesive becomes dirty, peel it off to expose a new sheet.

    We can help you choose the right size and color contamination mats for your clean room. We can also provide you with useful tips on how to use them correctly, so you’ll receive the full benefits these mats provide.

    Clean and Sanitize the Room

    It may sound simple, but cleaning and sanitizing the room is a necessary step to keeping your clean room free of dust and other contaminates that can affect your products. Create a cleaning schedule and have everyone that cleans the room sign off on it. This will eliminate any confusion over who is responsible for doing the cleaning and ensure that the room is being cleaned regularly.

    Keeping your room free of dust and debris will protect your sensitive equipment and help save your company money. Installing a good, quality ventilation system, using contamination mats and cleaning the room regularly will help keep your clean room free of contaminants.

  • Restaurant Kitchen Safety Tips

    Commercial Entrance MatsThings move fast in the restaurant business and working in the kitchen area is certainly not as easy as many workers make it look. You’re often working under a lot of pressure and it’s vital that you don’t make mistakes. Giving someone the wrong order can hurt business but making a mistake when handling, preparing or cooking the food can result in serious complications.

    This is why restaurants require strict guidelines, exceptional management and dedicated workers. When you have good employees, you need to take care of them because you can’t keep your business afloat without them. Making sure your employees have a safe work environment is the first step and there are several ways to accomplish that goal.

    Restaurant Kitchen Safety Tips for Preventing Burns and Cuts

    Burns and cuts are two dangers employees encounter when working in commercial kitchens. Employees handle knives and equipment with sharp edges that pose a risk for cuts and there are many hot surfaces such as ovens and deep fryers that can cause serious burns. The fast-paced environment makes it difficult to concentrate on safety at times. You get in a rush and accidents happen.

    It’s easy for anyone to get distracted or even careless in this type of environment when the pressure is on but it’s even easier for someone with little experience. Since many restaurants employ teenagers and young adults, the risk of someone getting cut or burned increases because they’re not used to the hectic environment.

    Restaurant kitchen safety tips include providing your employees with the proper equipment and tools to do the job safely. You also want to make sure everyone is properly trained before allowing them to work in the kitchen, especially during rush hours. Make it a point to let all employees know that safety comes first, even if it means getting a little behind on orders.

    Use Kitchen Floor Mats

    If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, you know how greasy and slick the floors can be. There is no way to keep the food, grease and other debris off the floor. This creates a dangerous work environment but you can’t stop and clean the floors, especially during a rush. To keep your employees from slipping and sliding around, use good quality floor mats.

    The Ring Mat heavy-duty drainage floor mat is a great option for kitchens where grease is a problem. The thick design is durable and the anti-fatigue properties provide extra comfort for employees, which make it easier for them to concentrate on their job. Here at Floor Mat Systems we have a large inventory of commercial floor mats designed to help create a safer environment throughout your facility.

    Encourage Teamwork

    Employees handle a lot of heavy items in the kitchen especially when moving the stock around. Encourage them to work together and help one another with the heavy items and it will help protect them against back strains and other injuries caused from lifting something heavy. Make sure all workers go through a training session on proper lifting techniques, as well.

    Keeping your kitchen area safe is top priority. Provide proper equipment, floor mats and training for your employees to help keep them safe but have an accident action plan in place, too. This way, if something does happen, everyone will know what to do.

  • Accident Prevention Tips for Rainy Days

    Eco Friendly Entrance MatsWhen the weather takes a turn for the worse and the rain just keeps coming down, business owners need to think about keeping their customers safe. Slip and fall accidents are a serious problem for any business that has a physical location and rainy days contribute to this problem. As soon as someone walks through your doors, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to ensure their safety.

    For this reason, you need a plan to help you maintain a safe environment for your customers and your employees. Below are a few accident prevention tips to help reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents in your place of business, especially on rainy days.

    Accident Prevention Begins with Awareness

    Hold meetings to make your employees aware of the problems associated with rainy weather. In many cases, workers don’t think about someone slipping and falling until an accident occurs. Making them aware of the dangers in advance will help ensure they take the proper steps when needed. Assign someone every shift to inspect the floors and mop up any excess water tracked in due to heavy traffic. Be sure to keep your wet floor signs out for several hours after the rain has stopped while you’re waiting for everything outside to dry out.

    Use Entrance Mats and Runners

    Using commercial entrance mats and runners will help to keep the moisture out of your facility. The entrance mats will catch the bulk of the water and trap the moisture before it’s tracked inside. The runners will catch anything that the entrance mats don’t pick up. This double layer of protection will go a long ways in keeping your customers safe on rainy days when the risk of having a slip and fall accident increases. We have a nice selection of all weather commercial floor mats to choose from suited for any type of business. Feel free browse around our site and check out some of your options.

    Use the Right Floor Cleaners

    Did you know that certain types of floor cleaners could make your floor slicker than it should be? It’s for this reason that certain types of floor cleaners are recommended for different types of flooring. Using the wrong type of cleaners can greatly increase your risks of slip and fall accidents anytime but the risks are even greater when it’s wet outside. It’s imperative that your employees know what to use on the floor and why it matters. This is the best way to avoid mistakes that could result in accidents.

    Provide Umbrella Stands for Your Customers

    When it’s raining, many people like to use umbrellas but carrying a wet umbrella around your facility can create a problem. There is no way to prevent the water from dripping onto the floor and if you’re busy, it may not get cleaned up in time to prevent an accident. Having a couple of umbrella stands with bags is a great way to prevent this problem and your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    When it comes to accident prevention, sometimes the little things make the most difference such as keeping your floors clean and using proper floor cleaners. Simply providing customers with umbrella stands and investing in entrance mats and runners are also excellent ways to prevent slip and fall accidents, especially on rainy days when the risks are higher.

  • Upgrading Your Facility Can Help Increase Business

    Commercial Entrance MatsWhat do your customers think when they walk into your place of business? Is your facility fresh and modern looking or is it time for an upgrade? It can be difficult to put money into your décor especially if you’re a small business but the impression you’re leaving on your customers is very important. If they don’t like what they see, they may not return. First impressions are vital to your success, so take a few minutes to look around your facility to see if anything in particular stands out. This will help you decide whether your facility needs a make-over or not.

    Upgrading your facility can help increase business because it shows that you care about your company and your customers. When customers see that you are willing to put money into your company to make it more modern and convenient for them, they are more willing to do business with you. It makes them feel appreciated and makes you look more professional. When you’re ready to begin your upgrade, below are a couple of areas that you should include in your new design.

    Flooring Matters When Upgrading Your Facility

    You may not think too much about your flooring but if it’s discolored and old looking, you’re leaving a bad impression on all of your visitors. Talk to a professional designer to see what options are available and make plans to replace that old, outdated flooring with something more appealing. While you’re at it, consider replacing your floor mats.

    If you’re still using old, worn out boring floor mats, consider something a little more interesting to grab the attention of your visitors. There are many different options available today that can give your facility a fresh, new look. Indoor and outdoor entrance mats are more durable and better looking than ever before allowing you to protect your new flooring in style.

    Using custom-made logo floor mats is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers that will help them remember you the next time they need your products or services. The vibrant colors will stand out and help you make a good impression on your customers that will go a long ways in building up your clientele.

    Upgrade Your Equipment

    When updating your facility, don’t overlook your equipment. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, if your equipment is old and outdated, it makes your company look old and unreliable. Install new computers or a new checkout system that will help get your customers in and out faster. Whatever type of equipment you use, investing in modern designs will help make your business run smoother and more efficiently.

    Both small and large businesses need to make a good impression on customers. It’s the only way to get them talking and telling others about your company. If they are happy with the service, they’ll share this information with their friends and family and word of mouth advertising is the best you can get.

    However, you don’t want your visitors to tell others that your equipment is outdated and your facility looks like it’s ready to fall down. If it’s been awhile, give us a call and we’ll go over all the options with you and help you find ways to update your facility and increase business.

  • High Traffic Office Areas & How to Keep Your Employees Safe

    High traffic areas in the office are most probably where employees exchange ideas, work and socialize. Still, these areas can be the most dangerous place for them. The dirt that comes from the shoes of people in the building can cause illnesses, which will lead to less productivity.

    This can greatly affect employees, the company itself and most importantly, the income. At Floor Mat Systems, we provide high quality mats for safety purposes. Our matting solutions are the perfect addition to protect surfaces from damage and dirt, while providing a touch of style to your space.

    Here is a list of areas that would need floor mats:

    Reception area

    The main function of a reception area is to greet visitors and applicants as they arrive. Due to the number of guests each day, you can’t prevent dirt from coming inside the office. You can’t exactly ask your visitors to take off their shoes before they go in. By having floor mats in your reception area, you make sure that they at least have a way to wipe their shoes.

    Contamination control mats are perfect for reception areas. This can help avoid the transfer of filthy materials from one place to another.


    Apart from the number of people that goes in and out of the pantry, this is one of the areas that would call for a mat the most because this is where employees eat. Studies show that bacteria contaminate half of surfaces in workplace kitchens.

    Make sure your pantry has a kitchen floor mat made of rubber, so in case of spilled water, it can keep your employees safe.


    No one gets in the office without walking through the entrance door, which is why it’s important to have an entrance mat. Experts advise to use all weather mats. In case it rains, you don’t have to worry about getting your floors all muddy.

    Use floor mats to keep your company clean and your employees more productive. At Floor Mat Systems, we offer high quality floor mats that provide extra surface protection on high traffic areas whether it is in your office, home or industrial facility.

  • Shopping Accidents Increase During the Holidays

    scrapemat1With some of the biggest holidays of the year approaching, businesses will see a big increase in the number of shoppers and in the number of shopping accidents that occur this time of year. The combination of having more people visiting your store each day, along with the fact that many of them are rushing around trying to find everything they need as quickly as possible, is a recipe for accidents.

    In most cases, customers will have minor injuries that don’t amount to much but sometimes, serious accidents can occur that require the individual to seek medical care.

    Some of the more serious injuries include the following:

    • Sprains
    • Neck Injuries
    • Broken Bones
    • Soft Tissue Injuries
    • Head Trauma

    There have even been accidents so serious that they resulted in the death of the injured person, making this a problem that business owners should be aware of at all times.

    Common Causes of Shopping Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of shopping injuries. However, they can also be caused by merchandise falling off shelves and people tripping over something dropped in the floor. Sometimes, it can be due to simply having too many people in the store at the same time. This can lead to people being trampled by others or by customers fighting each other over the merchandise.

    Regardless of the reason for the injury, you can be held liable for the medical expenses and compensation if it’s proven that your company was at fault. For this reason, you need to make sure that your store is safe and ready for business.

    Do Your Part to Prevent Accidents In Your Store

    To avoid being found liable for a shopping accident, you must do your part to make your store as safe as possible. Start by monitoring your store to make sure everything is clean and in order at all times. You can have an employee or two walk around the store to clean up spills and to put merchandise back on the shelves when they are knocked off.

    Make sure wet floor signs are out and clearly visible when it’s rainy outside or when the floors are wet due to spills or cleaning. This is also a good time to check your floor mats for excessive wear. If you’re in need of replacements, contact us here at and we will be happy to assist you.

    If you have a large store, having someone constantly monitor the cameras will help you see potential safety hazards much quicker. This way, you can take care of the problem before an accident occurs. Taking these precautions will ensure that anything out of the ordinary that could pose a safety hazard, is taken care of immediately. It will reduce your risk of being held liable for any shopping accident that does occur in your store.

    You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but taking extra steps to accommodate for the increase in shoppers will make a difference. Help make this holiday season a happy and safe one for your customers and for your business. Do all you can to prevent accidents from occurring in your place of business.

  • How to Prepare for Holiday Shoppers

    Holiday Shoppers As the holidays approach, retail stores will see a significant increase in the number of customers visiting their stores. This is your opportunity to turn these shoppers into loyal customers and one way to do that is by maintaining a safe and friendly environment throughout the holiday season.

    This is your chance to show consumers that you have a lot to offer not just during the holidays but also all year long. Offering good deals and a great shopping experience will increase sales and help your business grow. There are many ways to prepare for holiday shoppers but it starts with safety.

    Prepare for Holiday Shoppers by Evaluating Safety Procedures

    Safety is always at the top of the list but the holidays are a great time to evaluate your current safety procedures to see if you need to make any changes as you prepare for more shoppers. Depending on your particular type of business, you may need to increase security to keep your customers safe and to discourage theft, which also tends to increase during the holiday season.

    Check the lighting throughout your store to avoid having dark areas that could pose a safety issue. With the increase in shoppers, you’ll need to order more merchandise so make sure you have enough employees to put up stock as it comes in. You don’t want boxes sitting around on the floor where they could cause someone to stumble and fall.

    This time of year is an excellent time to replace worn floor mats that could also cause a safety issue. Worn entrance mats and runners cannot perform as well as they should. Combine their poor performance with the increase in shoppers and it can contribute to slip and fall accidents by allowing excessive dirt, debris and moisture to be tracked into your store.

    You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit because someone fell and injured themselves so take precautions to protect your business. Here at, we have a wide variety of floor mats available to suit any type of business. Replacing worn mats and adding extra security will go a long ways in protecting your customers and your business.

    Schedule Enough Workers to Handle the Crowd

    Managing the crowd is a very important part of preparing for the holidays. Tensions are high this time of year. People are stressed out and it don’t take much to make someone upset. As a result, tempers flare and arguments break out between customers. Crowd management will help keep your shoppers happy and reduce the risks of these altercations and similar incidents from occurring.

    Having extra employees will also prevent shoppers from standing in line for long periods when checking out or walking around the store looking for someone to help them when they need assistance. Talk to your employees about providing friendly and efficient customer service at all times and it will go a long ways in encouraging repeat customers after the holiday season ends.

    Having enough workers to handle the crowd and creating a safe environment for your shoppers will help you prepare for the holidays and create a better shopping experience for your customers.

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