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  • 4 Key Areas in Fitness Centers that Require Floor Mats

    In our recent blog posts, we discussed how fitness centers could promote safety among their patrons by using the right floor mats in their facilities. Assuming that you already have the appropriate floor mats for your space, now we’re going to share the most important areas in your facility (other than the workout area) that require the same materials.

    Here’s where you should have floor mats laid down:

    1. Entrance

    This seems to be the most obvious area that needs floor mats; it keeps dirt, moisture, and grime from getting into your space. Understand, however, that entrance floor mats are not just for maintaining cleanliness—they are also effective in promoting your business image and brand. How? The answer is custom logo mats. You can build a great impression for customers and strengthen your brand just by placing customized mats that bear your brand logo at the entryway of your center. At Floor Mat Systems, we use topnotch tools to replicate images or typefaces precisely. Our materials are made of durable rubber and superior quality textile, ensuring that the floor mats will stay in tip top shape even with heavy foot traffic.

    2. Behind the check-in desk

    Your front desk staff are the first ones to make an impression on clients. A team of vibrant, vigorous and accommodating employees sets you apart from other gyms and they are sometimes the reason why clients keep coming back. It is crucial that you provide a comfortable environment for employees so they stay happy and productive in helping clients. Our anti-fatigue mats are effective in reducing stress for employees standing for long hours.

    3. Under locker room benches

    Place floor mats not just in shower rooms, but also in changing areas. Bacteria are present in these spaces, especially along the floor surfaces under lockers and benches. We highly recommend placing locker room mats to avoid germs and moisture in these areas and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Our products are made of durable materials and easy to clean and maintain.

    4. In the administration office

    Office chairs in the admin office can create scratches on your floors when you slide them around. It is important that you keep the polished finish of your floors by placing the right floor mats. We offer a range of chair mats you can choose from. We encourage you to browse through our website.

    Knowing where to place floor mats in your fitness center will ensure safe experience for customers, comfortable working environment for employees, and clean and functional space for everybody. Contact us for your floor mat needs.

  • Help Keep Your Home Cleaner with These Tips

    Recycled Commercial Floor MatsNo matter where you live, it’s impossible to avoid tracking dirt into your home but there are ways to cut down on the amount of dirt that gets tracked in. Dirt, grime and moisture can cause serious damage to your floors in a short amount of time and it can cause other problems, too. Therefore, keeping as much of it out of your home is a priority for homeowners.

    You could insist that everyone entering your home remove their shoes as soon as they enter and leave them at the doorway. Providing a bench, shoe rack and slippers for family members will make it easier for everyone to remember to do this.

    However, this practice can be inconvenient at times such as when you’re carrying in groceries or when you have guests over because it makes some people feel very uncomfortable. There are other ways to help keep your home cleaner and protect your flooring.

    Keeping Your Porch Clean Will Help Keep Your Home Cleaner

    Sweeping often to keep the dirt and debris from collecting on your porch is a great way to help keep the inside of your home cleaner. Each time you step onto your porch, you’re bringing all the dirt and other debris stuck to the soles of your shoes with you. On top of that, the wind blows dust, leaves and even dirt onto your porch. By making a habit of keeping it clean, you’re greatly reducing the amount of dirt tracked into your home.

    Use both Indoor and Outdoor Floor Mats

    In addition to keeping your porch clean, use indoor and outdoor floor mats. Outdoor scraper mats will pick up the majority of the dirt and grime before you even step foot inside. Good quality mats are tough and designed to use in all types of weather. They won’t curl up on the ends when the temperature changes nor will they crack or fade and they do a great job of keeping the dirt out.

    On the inside, use indoor floor mats to catch anything left behind on the shoes. You have a wide selection of indoor mats to choose from that vary in style, shapes and sizes. For example, you can use message floor mats to rely inspirational messages to your family members and guests or you can choose floor runners to cover more of the flooring.

    If you’re looking for ways to incorporate green living into your home, we even have a wide variety of eco-friendly floor mats to choose from that will help protect your floors. Be sure to use floor mats at all entrances and clean them regularly for maximum protection.

    Avoid Using Carpet at Entrances

    Carpets create a warm and inviting space within your home. They’re great for bedrooms and living rooms but they do have a tendency of collecting dirt. This is why expert designers recommend you don’t use carpet at entrances. Instead, choose a flooring that is easy to clean such as tile, linoleum or even hardwood floors that you can vacuum and mop easily to remove the dirt and debris that does enter your home.

    Following these simple tips will make it easier to keep your home free of the dirt and debris that gets tracked in daily and they’ll help protect your flooring.

  • Rubber Floor Mats Have Many Uses

    radialvinylrunnerblackRubber mats are some of the most versatile floor mats sold today. These mats are strong and durable enough to last for years and they’re perfect for all types of environments both indoors and out. Another great thing about these floor mats is that they’re easy to clean. Just wash them off with a mild soap and water and they look good as new.

    There are several different styles to choose from so it’s important to pick the right type of rubber mats for your specific needs.

    Types of Rubber Floor Mats

    The different types of rubber floor mats are designed for different types of environments. Before choosing a style, go over your different options to look for the one that suits your specific needs the best.

    Below are 5 of the most popular types of rubber floor mats available today:

    1. Scraper Logo Mats- These outdoor rubber mats won’t curl or crack even when used in extreme weather and the high quality imaging will make the details of your logo stand out beautifully. They are slip resistance and durable enough for high traffic areas.
    2. Dura Shock Sport Rubber Mats- Perfect for the gym these rubber mats absorb the impact of heavy weight equipment while protecting your flooring. These thick, solid rubber slab mats with textured surfaces provide extra traction. The weight of the mat keeps them in place so they will not curl or buckle under pressure and they muffle vibrations and noises.
    3. Comfort Flow Drainage Mats- These all rubber mats are perfect for kitchens where the floors stay wet or greasy most of the time. They are lightweight, flexible, have anti-fatigue properties and the anti-microbial agent inhibits fungi and bacterial growth.
    4. Traction Hog Slip Resistant Mats- These mats are also great for kitchens but they work well in garages and other areas where grease and oil is present. They’re durable and won’t slip or slide around so they help prevent accidents.
    5. Comfort Scrape Anti-Fatigue Mats- These rubber mats work great in most any kind of work environment. They’re slip resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and they resist oil, water, grease and chemicals in addition to their anti-fatigue properties that offer more comfort for employees.

    Here at Floor Mat Systems, we believe in providing our customers with quality mats that will hold up to heavy traffic. Browse through our wide selection of all rubber floor mats to find the ones best suited for your business.

    Choosing the Right Mats for the Job Is Important

    Choosing the right mat for the job is very important because it will make a difference in how well the mat performs. Determining how and where you plan to use the mat will help you decide which type to use. For example, if you need a great outdoor mat and you want to help promote your business at the same time, the Scarper Logo Mat is a great choice. On the other hand, if your goal is to make your employees more comfortable while reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents, the anti-fatigue mats are the best choice.

    Rubber floor mats have been around for many years and they are used in all types of environments. Choosing the right mat for the job will ensure you get the most from your purchase. Give us a call and our representatives will be happy to go over the different options with you to ensure you pick the right mats for your business.

  • Types of Flooring for the Modern Home

    types of flooringWhen you walk into a home what is the first thing you notice? Chances are it’s the floors. The reason for this is because floors cover such a large area that they automatically draw your attention to them. The right type of flooring will create a warm and inviting interior that welcomes your guests into your home. However, old or outdated flooring can be an eyesore and take away from the rest of the décor.

    If your floors could use a makeover, you’ll be happy to know that you have more options today than ever before.

    Types of Flooring for the Modern Home

    The more you know about your different options, the easier it will be to choose flooring that suits your décor and lifestyle perfectly. There are many more options available today than ever before, so it’s a good idea to spend some time researching the pros and cons of each before making a decision. This way, you’ll know how well each type of flooring holds up to traffic and what will work best in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and so forth.

    Types of flooring used in modern homes include the following:

    • Carpet
    • Stone
    • Cork
    • Bamboo
    • Hardwood
    • Terrazzo
    • Tile
    • Concrete

    Don’t choose a type of flooring just because you like the way it looks. This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when remodeling or designing a new home. It’s vital that you choose something suitable for your lifestyle, in addition to a style or design that you like.

    For example, if you have a large family that constantly runs in and out then placing carpet in the living room is not a good idea. It would be difficult to keep clean no matter how hard you try. On the other hand, if you live alone or with your spouse, you can take steps to protect your carpet and enjoy all the warmth it adds to the room.

    Protect Your New Floors

    Regardless of which type of flooring you choose for your home, you want to take steps to protect it as much as possible. One simple but very effective method is to use floor mats throughout the home.

    Entrance mats work well to help prevent tracking dirt, sand and moisture inside the home. The Waterhog indoor/outdoor entrance floor mats are a great choice because they’re durable, work well in heavy traffic areas and they look great. Here at FloorMatSystems.com, we have a wide variety of indoor floor mats that include runners for the kitchen and designer mats that would look great anywhere in the home.

    Floor mats help to prevent scuffmarks and scratches from occurring that can ruin your flooring, especially if you have hardwood floors. Some of the woods used in this type of flooring are soft and while these floors look beautiful, you can damage them easily.

    Using runners in high traffic areas and placing entrance mats at all exits will help keep these floors looking like new. On top of providing protection for your floors, there are many designs to choose from making it easy to find something to match your décor perfectly.

    The flooring is a major part of all modern homes. It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, so don’t make it without carefully considering all of your options. Then protect your floors with decorative floor mats and keep them looking beautiful for many years.

  • Getting First Impressions Right: 3 Ingenious Ways to Promote Your Brand

    New businesses have it tough, especially with the highly competitive business landscape we have today. The need to stand out is greater than ever, but how exactly do you do that? While online and traditional ads can do the trick, you have to go beyond that. The best way to achieve this is by striking the best first impression possible from your customers – and here are a few ways to do just that:

    Speak Out

    Whatever industry you’re in, surely you can find an opportunity or two wherein you can share insights about your particular trade. Use these venues to promote your brand – not blatantly, but through your profound statements about what you do. For new businesses, these opportunities are invaluable.

    Master Customer Service

    One way to promote your brand is to deliver efficient service day in, day out. As long as you perform excellently in your trade, customers will take notice. In the long run, referrals will pour in and the next thing you know, you have doubled and tripled your customer base. This is something that we have practiced here at Floor Mat Systems since we opened our doors, as we believe that the best marketing strategy is to pull off first-class service as consistently as possible.

    Perfect Your Office Design

    Your customers’ first impression of your business starts at the front door, so you have to improve your office design for better brand visibility. Visual appeal, after all, has a lot to do with what your audience thinks about your company. Add a splash of color with the right coat of paint, paired with plants and a custom-made logo floor mat at the doorway. It may seem simple, but the welcoming vibe this ensemble creates goes a long way in striking a good first impression among your customers.

    Let Floor Mat Systems help you perfect your office design from the ground up. With our wide selection of floor mats, you can surely find one that fits your business’s ergonomic and aesthetic needs. Visit us today and let us enhance your brand’s visibility one mat at a time.

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: A Real Problem for Businesses

    scrapemat1Did you know that slip and fall accidents is one of the leading cause of employee accidents that require loss time from work? It’s also one of the main reasons why many companies find themselves in the middle of a big lawsuit. You are responsible for keeping both your employees and customers safe when they’re on your property, so you must do everything you can to prevent these accidents from happening.

    If someone falls in your place of business due to negligence on your part, you may be required to pay the person a settlement that covers their medical bills and the mental anguish they went through due to the accident. Depending on the extent of the injury and the circumstances, this could end up costing a great deal of money.

    Being found liability for an accident can hurt your company’s reputation and cripple you financially, especially if you have a small business. Therefore, it’s vital that you follow the proper steps to protect your employees, your customers and your business. Knowing the leading cause of slip and fall accidents will go a long ways in helping you prevent them from happening.

    What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents

    A number of different things can cause a slip and fall accident. Some of them are out of your control but you can take steps to reduce your risks. For example, poor lighting, items out of place and damp flooring are all things that can cause people to slip or trip and fall but they are things you can fix.

    You must also be aware that sometimes people fake slip and fall accidents and it happens more often than you may realize. People do this in hopes of acquiring a large settlement from the company as a form of income. Fortunately, you can do several things to reduce the risks of both real and fake accidents from occurring in your place of business.

    Tips for Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

    You can reduce the risks of an accident happening on your property by providing adequate lighting throughout the inside and outside of your facility. You should also avoid clutter. Everything should have a place and be kept up off the floor. Keeping your floors free of moisture is also an important part of preventing accidents caused by falls.

    One of the best ways to do this is by investing in commercial floor mats. Entrance mats will reduce the amount of debris and moisture tracked into your establishment, keeping your floors clean and dry. Using commercial floor mats throughout your facility will help reduce the risks of falls even more. However, you do need to invest in good quality floor mats and don’t forget to use wet floor signs when the floor is damp due to spills or mopping.

    Installing cameras throughout the building, both inside and out will help reduce the risk of being the victim of a fake accident. When an accident is caught on film, it’s much easier to prove that you done everything possible to make your establishment a safe place for everyone that enters. This will help prevent you from being found liable in a court of law.

    When you take steps to prevent slip and fall accidents, you’re protecting your business in the process.

  • Should You Rent or Buy Your Commercial Floor Mats?

    Commercial Entrance MatsCommercial floor mats are used in all types of businesses and they serve multiple purposes. The most common type of mat used is the entrance mats. These help to reduce the amount of dirt, debris and moisture tracked into your establishment by visitors and employees, which keep your floors cleaner and safer for everyone.

    Commercial floor mats come in a variety styles, sizes, colors and shapes and you have the option of renting or buying them. There are advantages to both depending on what type of business you have and the following information can help you determine which option is best for your particular needs.

    Renting Commercial Floor Mats

    After you choose a rental service and sign the contract, your floor mats will be delivered to your business. The company will come by every week to swap out the mats you have with clean ones. The number of times the company swaps them out each month will depend on your contract but it’s usually once a week.

    You will need to sweep or vacuum the mats everyday to keep them clean between pick-up days, so they’re not completely maintenance-free even though the company cleans them for you. You should also consider that some rental companies don’t exchange anti-fatigue or kitchen mats, so you’ll need to get all the details up front before signing the contract.

    There are some real benefits to renting over buying commercial floor mats, however. For example, it can be the preferred method in hygienic situations like hospitals. It can also help you if you are looking to be more eco-friendly with your business. There is no upfront investment and there is no inventory to get or keep track of.

    Renting is a simple way to always have continuous clean items in supply and maintain that consistent quality you need for your business.

    Buying Commercial Mats

    Buying commercial mats is a good option with a lot of advantages. For example, you do have a wide selection of sizes, styles and designs to choose from, so you can pick what suits your business the best. Cost is another factor that you should consider. While renting mats is cheaper in the beginning than buying them, this soon changes. The longer you have the rental mats, the more expensive they become because you'll have to pay the rental fee every month. When you buy, you have the onetime fee and that’s all.

    Buying is also more eco-friendly because it cuts back on fuel consumption and it reduces the harmful emission released into the air each week as the company drives around to exchange mats. In addition, these companies often use chemicals that are dangerous to the environment to keep the mats clean. When you buy your mats, you have the freedom to use an eco-friendly cleaner.

    Commercial floor mats can help protect your customers, keep your facility clean and make a good impression on anyone that enters your facility. Buying your mats instead of renting is usually a good business decision for most companies due to the many benefits.

  • Promote and Protect Your Business with Logo Floor Mats

    Commercial Entrance MatsFrom hiring employees to managing your finances, it takes a lot to keep daily operations running smoothly. There are many things you need to take care of and logo floor mats can help in two of the main areas. You can use these mats to promote and protect your business at the same time.

    Floor mats are such a common item that many people don’t think about the impact they can have on your business. However, when you put some time and thought into your purchase, they can be very beneficial when it comes to promoting your business.

    How to Promote Your Business with Logo Floor Mats

    Advertising is what draws in the business and it takes many different forms. From giving out promotional items to paying for commercial airtime on the TV and radio, companies must find ways to draw attention to their brand. Custom logo entrance mats will help you accomplish that goal. Custom logo mats are a great way to promote your business in a subtle but very effective manner.

    It’s easy for people to remember images. Therefore, logo mats help consumers remember you when they need the products or services you offer since they're the first and last thing they see when visiting your facility. They also help to build up your company image and enhance brand awareness. Using colorful floor mats help to create a warm and welcoming environment for your visitors. It also shows them that you really do care about their well-being because you’re taking measures to make your facility safe.

    Reduce the Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

    Floor mats play an important role in helping to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, which is the leading cause of injuries reported by all types of businesses. They also account for a huge number of the lawsuits companies face every year.

    Your company is responsible for paying the medical bills and in many cases, a settlement if you’re found liable for the accident. However, when you take steps to keep your guests safe, you can protect your company from these lawsuits. It could literally save you thousands of dollars that you can put back into your business.

    Unless you have carpet in your establishment, slippery floors can be a major problem but entrance floor mats can help. When it’s raining or damp outside, moisture is carried into your facility on the bottom of the shoes of everyone that enters. Floor mats absorb the moisture, preventing your visitors from tracking it onto the floor causing a slippery mess. This helps to create a safer environment for everyone that enters your facility.

    Floor mats may seem like a small thing but they can make a big impression on all your visitors. Most people notice and appreciate the small steps you take to make your business safe for them and something as simple as a mat can mean a lot. Logo mats are colorful and they help create a friendly environment that welcomes your visitors while promoting your company in a way that people will remember. Any way you look at it, logo floor mats are a great investment.

  • How Hospitals Comply with Health and Safety Standards

    Health and Safety Standards The need to control contamination in hospitals is of the utmost importance. These facilities must continuously work to maintain a clean and germ free environment to help protect patients and visitors from infections that can spread from one person to another.

    While it’s impossible to eliminate all germs and bacteria, hospitals do a good job of keeping them under control and preventing them from spreading to critical surfaces that could endanger the health and well-being of the patients. Hospitals use a variety of methods to control contaminations such as installing a good ventilation system.

    Adequate Ventilation Is Top Priority

    Preventing contaminates from spreading through the air is one way hospitals maintain a clean and safe environment. To keep the air clean hospitals must install an efficient heating and air conditioning or HVAC system with proper ventilation. These systems have filters that help reduce the risks of contaminates spreading through the air and depositing on surfaces. They also keep the hospital cool to prevent the growth of bacteria that grow in warm, humid conditions.

    Contamination Floor Mats Protect Clean Rooms

    Contaminates are everywhere but especially on the floor. This is why cleaning the floor is just as important as keeping any other part of the facility clean. Walking or even the air circulating can stir up the containments on the floor and redeposit them onto surfaces and equipment within the clean rooms, which can result in infections and similar problems.

    Hospital staff sweep, vacuum and mop the floors often throughout the day to keep them as clean as possible but some areas, such as the pharmaceutical sector and operating rooms need extra protection. Most facilities use contamination floor mats in these areas to help them comply with the guidelines for protecting the safety and health of health care workers, patients and visitors.

    These mats help to prevent cross-contamination by reducing the amount of containments that enters the room from floor level. They clean the bottom of the shoes as the doctors, nurses and other staff members walk into a room. They also pick up dirt and contaminates from the wheels of trolley carts and stretchers.

    You place contamination control mats in a non-skid, no-trip frame and attach it to the floor in front of the doorways leading into the clean rooms. Contamination mats are designed with layers of ultra-thin sheets of adhesive that trap anything that touches it, which keeps you from tracking the contaminates into the room. You peel each layer off as it gets dirty exposing a clean sheet. You can also use other floor mats in front of these to eliminate most of the dirt and debris before touching the contamination mat.

    Hazard Waste Management

    Disposing of hazard waste is also a vital part of keeping hospitals clean and free of containments. Every facility has a well-structured disposal system that includes using red canisters and bags for hazardous waste. All staff members are trained how to handle and dispose of hazardous waste correctly in addition to learning what can and cannot be recycled.

    Following proper waste management procedures, maintaining adequate ventilation and using contamination floor mats are all excellent methods used by hospitals to help them comply with health and safety regulations.

  • Keep Your Pool and Locker Rooms Safe for Your Visitors

    pool matsThere is no better way to spend your free time than lying by a pool, sipping on your favorite beverage as you relax in the beautiful sunshine, which is why so many people hit the pools as soon as they open every year. When people visit your establishment, they don’t want to think about anything but having a good time and they shouldn’t have to. It’s up to management to make sure the pool and surrounding areas are safe for all visitors.

    Protecting your visitors should always be your first priority and you need to focus on several different areas. For example, providing security for your visitors is a top priority. They need to feel safe and know that if they have any problems, someone is there to help. There should always be at least two attendants watching the pool and the locker area even during the slow periods. This way, if a guest needs something that requires them to leave the area, there is still someone there keeping an eye on things. It’s also a good idea to consider keeping lifeguards on duty, especially during peak hours. Accidents happen even to the best swimmers and this will help to ensure the safety of your guests.

    Other options include placing cameras inside and outside the facility to discourage intruders from entering your establishment and to discourage dishonest acts. You also want to provide plenty of lighting especially in hallways to eliminate dark areas that could create a dangerous environment. Installing panic buttons throughout the facility is another great idea that will give your guests a way to alert management in the event of an emergency. Below are a few more ways to keep your pool and locker rooms safe for visitors.

    Maintain Your Pool Correctly

    It’s vital that you keep the pool water clean and that you mix all the swimming pool chemicals correctly. If you don’t use enough chemicals, bacteria and algae can grow in the water and this is not healthy for your guests. Using too much of any chemical can burn your eyes, damage your hair and cause skin irritation, so you must mix everything correctly.

    Invest in Locker Room and Pool Mats

    Slip and fall accidents are a major problem around pools and in locker rooms due to the wet, slippery floors. One way to reduce the risk of someone falling and injuring themselves is to invest in good quality floor mats for the locker rooms and around the pool. The drain-through mats are great for these areas because the water drains through the mats leaving the surface dry.

    The floor mats should also be anti-slip so they don’t slide around on the floor causing a safety hazard. Be sure to have plenty of caution signs in clear view reminding your guests the floors and around the pool area is slippery and reminding them to not run in these areas.

    You are responsible for the safety of your guests and these are the main areas that need your attention but anything that you can do to ensure your guests are safe will enhance your business.

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