3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Fatigue Mats

anti fatigue floor matsAnti-fatigue mats are floor mats made with comfort in mind. They provide a cushioned floor environment for employees who spend the majority of their working time on their feet or walking short distances. These mats are great for any commercial application or location.

Here are three reasons you and your company should invest in anti-fatigue floor mats.

1. Promotes Better Health

Standing all day can be bad for your employees. There are actually many health issues that commonly arise in employees who work on their feet. These include: varicose veins, poor circulation in the feet and legs, swelling in the feet and legs, foot problems, joint paint, circulatory and heart problems, and difficulty with pregnancy. You can reduce these health issues and employee turnover by purchasing anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-fatigue mats are made of closed cell materials. Anti-fatigue floor mats are cushy and comfortable to walk on. This reduces the amount of stress put on the legs and joints because employees are walking on a padded surface instead of a hard floor. Anti-fatigue mats are known for reducing health issues associated with standing or walking for long periods of time. Purchasing them keeps your employees and business healthy.

2. Increases Productivity

Happy, healthy workers are productive workers. If employees are given a comfortable place to work, they will be able to work more efficiently. People who stand for long periods of time tend to take more sick days and even quit due to the health issues mentioned above. This causes a higher amount of turnover, which is something any business wants to avoid. By installing anti-fatigue mats, any business can improve productivity and employee comfort.

Anti-fatigue mats are not only good for your employees, they are also good for your business. They will more than pay for themselves in no time. You will see how your employees work harder and faster when they have a more comfortable surface to walk on.

3. Extra Features

We have heard about the cushion like properties of anti-fatigue mats. We know they reduce health issues associated with standing for long periods of times. But did you know that anti-fatigue mats come with an assortment of special features that make them even better?

One such feature is an antimicrobial treatment. This treatment slows down the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so your workplace smells fresh. They also have the ability to stand up to harsh chemical environments. Also, if your work environment gets wet or greasy, anti-fatigue mats can fight that as well. This is perfect for businesses like restaurants.

Anti-fatigue mats can come in interlocking and modular sections. This makes for easy placement over a large surface, easy rotation to reduce wear paths, and easy cleaning.

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