5 Things You Don’t Know about Commercial Entrance Mats

commercial entrance matCommercial Entrance Mats are not just pretty floor mats that sit in your lobby. They play an important role in the overall effectiveness of your building and business.

Listed below are five things you may not know about commercial entrance mats.

1. They Protect Your Employees and Customers

The entrance of your business is the most common area where your employees or customers may slip, trip, or fall. Falls are a serious matter for all businesses because you are liable for any injuries the person who fell may have sustained during that fall.

That may not seem like a big deal. What is the worst that can happen from a fall? A couple of bruises? Actually, one of the leading causes of broken bones and concussions is slip, trip, and fall accidents. Protect your employees, customers, and your business by purchasing commercial entrance mats.

2. There are Outdoor and Indoor Entrance Mats

You can buy a commercial entrance mat that is made for inside or outside use. There are even mats that are made to function in both areas. The more mats you have in place, the more water and dirt is picked up before people start walking on your flooring. This reduces the amount of cleaning needed.

3. Commercial Entrance Mats Protect Your Flooring

Many people come in and out of your business daily. All of this causes wear and tear on your flooring. Water and dirt speed up this process and that will require you to replace your flooring more often. This is especially true of flooring near the entrance.

Commercial entrance mats will collect water and dirt from your customers’ shoes as they walk in. This means less water and dirt on your floors and less damage.

4. Eco Friendly Commercial Entrance Mats

There are many eco friendly commercial entrance mats available for purchase. These mats come in many different colors, styles, and are very fashionable. They also send the message that you, as a company, care for the environment and make environmentally friendly choices.

These mats are made from recycled car tires and are very durable. They will last a long time and serve you well.

5. You Can Customize Commercial Entrance Mats

What is better than a commercial entrance mat that protects your customers and your flooring? A commercial entrance mat that is imprinted with your company’s name and logo. This is a real entrance mat option. Logo Entrance mats come in both indoor and outdoor models. They provide free advertising for your company as people walk by and perform the regular duties of normal commercial entrance mats.

With regular care and cleaning, your commercial entrance mats will serve you and your business for a long time. Nothing says “welcome” better than a nice entrance mat for customers to walk on as they enter your business. They provide extra safety and protect your floors. They come in many different shapes and styles to match your design needs. You can buy an eco friendly floor mat or customize your own with your company name and logo.

Floormatsystems.com has a wide variety of commercial entrance mats to meet your every need. Come check us out today!