How To Identify The Right Floor Mat For Your Building Entrances?

There are three basic types of floor mats that will protect your entrance floors in the most effective way.  Each type is available in different sizes, colors and materials in order to suit your specific needs:

  • Type 1: Scraper Action
  • Type 2: Scrapper/Wiper Action
  • Type 3: Wiper Action

Type 1:  Scraper Action Floor Mats – First Step of Defense

Scraper floor mats are designed to stop mud and larger particles of dirt from being tracked inside the buildings.  These mats provide aggressive scraping action and trap dirt and debris in recessed areas until the mats are cleaned.  Scraper mats are usually placed outdoors and should be used in combination with a Type 2 and Type 3 mat.  Typical Scraper Action entrance floor mats are:

Type 2:  Scraper/Wiper Action Floor Mats – Second Step of Defense

Wiper/Scraper floor mats are designed to provide scraping action and wiping to further stop dirt and moisture from entering a facility.  These mats are typically made of tough fabrics.  These mats channel and retain dust in recessed grooves while absorbing moisture in the fabric face.  Wiper/Scraper floor mats are primarily used inside but may be used outside as well.  Typical Wiper/Scraper Action entrance floor mats are:

Type 3:  Wiper Action Floor Mats – Third Step of Defense

Wiper entrance floor mats are designed to stop any remaining dust and moisture left after using the Scraper mat and the Scraper/Wiper mat.  These mats are made with carpet facing to complement most interiors.  These mats are for indoor use and when used in combination with a Scraper mat and a Scraper/Wiper mat, they can stop as much as 70% to 80% of dirt and grime from being tracked into a building.  Typical Wiper Action entrance floor mats are:

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