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  • Non Slip Floor Mats Create a Safe Environment

    Non slip floor matsNon slip floor mats are more than just another item to check off your business' OSHA safety requirements, they genuinely help create a hazard-free and welcoming environment for your employees and customers. Slippery areas account for 19-percent of all workplace injuries, including same level falls and slips or trips without falling. So it just makes sense to bolster safety precautions with non slip floor mats where shoes may not gain as much traction as they need to firmly grip flooring.

    Here is a rundown of some areas and situations where your business will want to consider adding non slip floor mats to ensure customers and employees alike are moving around your business safely:

    A Safe Entry is a Welcoming Entry

    Ever come in out of the pouring rain only to step onto tile or some other slippery surface? You may have had to quickly right yourself after sliding a bit – or worse sustained a fall – but it was enough to encourage you to enter businesses with care during foul weather. So when you walk into an establishment that has ensured you can come in safely, there is a bit a relief and appreciation. You feel welcomed by their caring enough to make sure you don't fall while in their care.

    That sense of safety isn't just for customers coming in the front, but also extends to employees arriving through back or service entrances. Non-slip floor mats at necessary entry points will ensure employees can come into work without falling before they can even clock in.

    Businesses can also place heavy-duty rubber or vinyl outdoor mats on any outside slick surfaces or ones that may become so in rain or snow.

    Keeping Play Fun with Non Slip Pool Mats

    There's nothing worse than the cries of an injured child when they've slipped and fallen after getting out of the swimming pool. It's not so much fun when it happens to an adult either. A lot of these injuries can be prevented by specially made non slip pool mats.

    The extruded vinyl and looped construction of quality outdoor pool mats ensure that fun time remains happy. And let's face it, very few people are going to return to a community pool, hotel or spa where they have to be cautious or worry about injury. However, if those same places provide a safe, care-free environment for them to experience, they will likely become returning customers.

    Pool and gym showers are other locations where non slip floor mats come in handy. In these areas you'll want a non slip mat that elevates customers away from dangerously slick surfaces by allowing water to drain away from their feet. At the same time, you will also want a vinyl design that will also be comfortably cushy on bare feet.

    Working in Water, Oil and Grease with Confidence

    Wet kitchen workstations, such as dishwashers or kitchen sinks, are obvious places for non slip flooring. But just upping the safety in these areas won't necessarily be enough to make kitchens a safe working environment. Grill and fryer area floors are notoriously oily, which can cause accidents. Especially for workers who have been in wet areas or are coming in from outside and may still have moisture on the soles of their shoes. Non-slip kitchen floor mats will reduce accidents and company liability.

    Kitchens aren't the only work locations that have slippery floors. Bars and factories can also get dangerously slick. Especially for machines that operate with grease or need to be hosed out with water or coolant. Slip-resistant, durable and anti-fatigue floor mats help create a safe work environment in these types of situations.

    Do you have potentially dangerous slick area in your business? No matter what type no slip floor mats you need for your business, we can help. Call us and allow us to help you determine the perfect mats to fit you and your specific needs.

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