COMFORT SCRAPE Commercial Anti-fatigue Floor Mat

COMFORT SCRAPE Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat (IM0004)

National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) Certified


The Comfort Scrape floor mat was designed for maximum employee comfort and safety. Its 100 percent high density, closed cell rubber cushion construction provides unsurpassed comfort during long periods of standing and walking, as well as maximum safety in wet, slippery, or greasy work areas. In addition, these light, flexible mats are easy to clean with a water hose, or with a pressure washing, depending on the amount and nature of the debris and other contaminants.

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Standard Sizes (Sizes are approximate)

Sizes Price
1 - 10
11 - 19
2' x 3' $40.00 $38.00 $36.10
3' x 5' $81.00 $76.95 $73.10
4' x 6' $127.85 $125.25 $124.35
3' x 9' $157.50 $155.61 $147.42
  • Recommended for any wet, dry, slippery, or greasy work area
  • Constructed of 100% Nitrile rubber
  • Anti-fatigue: Closed-cell sponge rubber design eases fatigue
  • Anti-Slip: Cleated surface for safe, non-slip footing
  • Scraper cleat design ensures maximum cleaning power
  • Low profile, graded borders to facilitate wheeled traffic
  • Lighter weight for easy handling, cleaning, and moving
  • Welding safe
  • Several sizes available to fit most floor configurations
  • 3/8" thick approx.
  • 100% high density closed cell nitrile rubber
  • Weight:  17oz per sqaure foot
  • Backing Type:  Alternating bars, no holes
  • Thickness:  3/8" thick
  • Durometer:  50 to 55
  • Color:  Black
  • Static Control:  Pass AATCC 134-1996 Electrostatic Propensity of carpets and pass ASTM F-150 IBM Surface to Ground requirements
  • Flammability:  Exceeds requirements for FF2-70 standard for surface flammability of small carpets


Comfort Scrape should be cleaned daily by sweeping or brushing to remove loose soil and debris.  These impurities can cause excessive wear on the surface of the mat and shorten product life.  The floor under the mat should also be kept as clean and dry as possible to protect the bottom of the mat and reduce mat movement.


On a regular basis, Comfort Scrape should be cleaned with water-based cleaners to remove oil and grease where needed.  We do not recommend the use of solvent-based cleaners.  It is important to use cleaners strong enough with proper agitation to remove fats and other food related oils.  Research has shown that even grease-proof rubber can be affected by grease and oil if the grease and oil are allowed to remain in contact with the mat for extended periods of time.  We recommend thorough cleaning at least once a week to avoid prolonged contact of grease and oil with the rubber.