TILE LOCK SPORT Rubber Interlocking Tiles for Commercial Flooring

TILE LOCK SPORT Rubber Interlocking Tiles (GF0001)

Ideal for Weight Tooms, Sport/Leisure Environments


This unique interlocking rubber tile system is perfectly suited for lining the floors of weight rooms, sports arenas, locker rooms, ski resorts, and any sport or leisure area. A small pebble-grain surface provides superior traction, as well as an attractive, textured product appearance. The Tile Lock’s built-in interlocking tiles are easy and quick to install, and do not require additional equipment or adhesives. The beveled edges along corners and end pieces provide additional safety by minimizing slippage and tripping.

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Standard Sizes (Sizes are approximate)

Sizes Type Price
2' x 2' Center Tile $31.50
1' x 2' End Tile $16.40
1' x 2' Corner Tile $21.00
  • Ideal for weight rooms, gym floors, and any sport/leisure environment
  • Made of solid rubber compound
  • Molded, beveled edges along corners and end tiles reduce slippage and tripping
  • Pebble-grain surface for added traction
  • Center tile measures 2' x 2'
  • Corner and end tiles measure 1' x 2'
  • Approx. 3/8" thick
  • Available in black