Floor Runners - Rolls

If you need commercial floor runners or full rolls for your business activities, we offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and features to meet the most demanding requirements. Our ample inventory includes commercial runners and rolls ideally suited for rugged, all-weather outdoor applications; elegant, refined indoor decors; wet/dry industrial environments; and high-tech, high-traction flooring applications, just to name a few. We are extremely flexible as far as matching commercial runners and roll sizes to fit your specific needs, and we offer our products in a wide variety of colors. In addition, rest assured that all our commercial floor runners are designed for optimal safety and ease-of-maintenance. If you have a question concerning commercial mats runners, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Commercial Floor Runners

Why try to cover an extended floor surface piecemeal with a string of floor mats, when you can opt for a continuous floor runner or roll instead? You can add beauty, safety, practicality, and protection to your business hallways, landings, and long entrances by installing floor runners and rolls, versus a collection of standard-size floor mats. We carry a large selection of runners/rolls for just this reason. Our runners/rolls are available in a variety of standard and custom widths and lengths, providing the flexibility needed to help you customize a set of runners or rolls for your business needs.

A floor runner or roll affords several advantages over a line-up of individual floor mats. The most obvious advantage is that a runner/roll provides one continuous non-slip surface, with a minimum number of edges. This vastly improves workplace safety by reducing tripping and slipping hazards. Another advantage is simply aesthetics: a continuous runner or roll will keep its shape, maintain its straight line coverage, and resist curling and edge wear. In addition, runners and rolls are actually easier to roll up and maneuver during routine maintenance of your floors.

We have runners and rolls for almost every application: rugged, all-weather outdoor use; versatile indoor/outdoor runners/rolls to make the transition between indoor and outdoor traffic; elegant, low-profile indoor mats; chemical and bacteria-resistant commercial kitchen use; dry/wet industrial use; dual-use for logo and brand advertising; and for decorative use. In addition, we are proud to note that many of our runners/rolls are made with environmentally-friendly, post-consumer, recycled materials, making our contribution to landfills smaller, and reducing our carbon footprint.

All of our commercial floor runners and rolls feature the same high-quality construction, safety, and dirt removing properties as our standard floor mats. Our runners/rolls are constructed with the finest of flooring materials, and promise years of product life. They are engineered to efficiently wick debris and moisture from the surface of foot and wheeled traffic, and quickly channel it away from the working surface.

We are always available for consultation, and welcome the opportunity to assist you in selecting a set of runners and rolls to suit your specific business needs and decor.