Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Make a Difference

Anti Fatigue Floor MatsUsing anti fatigue floor mats in your establishment will make a huge difference for you and your employees. Standing in one spot for any length of time is very hard for anyone but when your job requires you to stay in the same spot for hours, it can result in a wide array of health issues. It won’t take long before the employee begins experiencing fatigue and their feet and legs will start to ache and swell due to the restricted blood flow. Standing can also cause lower back pain.

Over time, employees can begin suffering from a wide variety of health issues such as knee problems, plantar fasciitis, stiffness in the shoulder and neck, bunions and varicose veins. However, using commercial mats designed to help reduce the impact of standing all day in the same spot can help to reduce many of these problems.

Here’s How They Work

Anti fatigue floor mats help to cushion the areas around employee workstations and this particular type of mat also encourages subtle movement. The subtle movement helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the lower half of the body, which prevents the blood from pooling in the lower regions.

This subtle movement also relieves some of the stress on the body created by standing still for long periods. As a result, workers don’t ache and hurt as much and it reduces the risk of employees developing some of the health problems mentioned above.


There are many benefits associated with anti fatigue floor matting. The main benefit is that they help to reduce the stress on the feet, legs and body of employees whose job requires them to stand for long periods. As a result, it reduces the number of injuries workers suffers from that can result in lose time from work.

They can also help to reduce your company’s absentees and it helps to keep employees happier because they are more comfortable. Usually, when workers are happy, they are more productive and that will certainly benefit your company.

Quality Matters

Anti fatigue floor mats come in a variety of styles and quality. It’s important to choose good Anti Fatigue Floor Matsquality mats for several reasons. They will last longer, so you get your money’s worth when you invest in good quality mats but more importantly, they work better. Good quality commercial floor mats will provide more protection for your employees, which means they are more likely to help reduce the health problems associated with standing for long periods.

Keeping your insurance rates from rising is another benefit that your company can enjoy. These floor mats help to reduce back injuries, foot problems, accidents and a variety of other health issues. By reducing some of these problems, your insurance company won’t have to pay out as much and this helps to keep your rates down.

We have a variety of anti fatigue floor mats for you to choose from and we will be happy to help you find the right style for your business. Give us a call today!

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